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Thursday, May 12th


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It's. Simple. Jesse gen shell sorry ladies a lot. Working on momma guilt which way did I go to Canada or work meeting it say about your exact rate after I remind everyone they can win one it. Thousand dollars just by listening to the jets and gen general. At 7 AM today told yesterday that I had that working mom's decision to make do I leave radio station and miss a meeting at work. And go and see our daughters musical performance for a special class she was doing in her school. Or to have somebody film and the reason it was even on the table truly is a debate is because our daughter our three year old has been really. Nervous in the past when she's in school performances so a couple of weeks ago. My husband and I both made all these arrangements to cover ourselves that working go to preschoolers so excited she was an idealist performance and albeit little girl and four are located get a fair. Facing Exxon made their dance. And she was so shy and just flipped out. As she sat in our laps during the entire thing all. Re Mi Tuesday and you've never had a three year older have one you know and I'm talking about it's like refused to go for the class of dinners. And there's not a lot of brokering that right no no and they're too big you can't physically make them do anything. After he got up until via. They are married and hatred able choppered. Fact so you know to avoid some sort of public temper tantrums she's at a level we stayed for the performance. You know whatever but she just flips so. Our debate yesterday it was do we go low and she misses out on the musical performance as she made of the same shot I freaked out reaction. You know or do we ask one of the teachers to film it so many different great opinions Kamen from Jeff intention of listeners yesterday. Saying go in and disguise. Which a thousand. Great idea retirement modeling news in the future I just can't deny it where where you can't. You can't create around a pre K schools. And it's got you look at. I mean I cleric a front desk. At. I love the disguise idea a lot of people saying sneaking in sneaking and where she can't see you know. You know maybe they're doing it in a room that has that doubles side glad I can peer through. I was given your daughter so much credit for her performance. But I was imagining it was like a theater. Like a phone line and and Jen Butte campground can't sneak into a sure he can't win the lot when that's spotlight. It is on the stage you just watch in the back and sit in a row. DD. Shall never noticed or did you Philips Arena right schoolers then thing right and intends like cap it's it's a classroom and the fluorescent lights who's gonna moves investor out of the way I'm fried folding chairs and maronite. And he can't sneaky and clear it's. It's this gauge is just the shelf where they put the paced affair they're put the page over Barack Obama now. Yeah and thinking and but it's great advice that even somebody later in the show yesterday saying you know what she's three like how much do you remember from your three but I like. It hurt her heart that both of her parents are missing she won't know that we're missing because we want her to actually participate right. So anyway there was lots of great suggestions and it came down to the wire yesterday I couldn't. I was haven't really hard time making the decision because as we got closer and closer to when it was like a Yuri there leaving the building now. Or you're not right. I just kept getting more panic and more panic that she would be the only kid without her parents there right and that was the overwhelming thing coming into decisions I went. To build from the radio station. Drove thirty minutes to get there and swept in at the last minute and went into the classroom all the other parents were all sitting around waiting the F. And the music teacher had a really great chat with all the kids like OK we're going. There's going to be no tears he is so great news likeable coach yeah all these little kids and we're just ready to follow him and they he was like. See mom and and we're gonna try and do our performance and men. You have to say goodbye to mom and that's the hard part right because it went our way via their like will momma data here we're going. So he had a great pep talk with them and they all came in and it was awesome she hated dad. I've participated. We actually it was Hamilton right that was the performance they did it hit it. And mayonnaise which owners are actions violate them and actually at level your Macs and the athletic good. It was great island I was really glad I was there because all the other parents were there a lot of so I was really glad she didn't have anybody missing and how'd she do beginning gangs who cheat sheet it there was it was a more of like hands on expense I think that this teacher set up the class for each group was way more age appropriate data. Then actually having them stand in front and perform and there was it was a lot more interactive it was like hands on activity where we built an instrument together coal is like a local crafts for the kids to do with their parents and so it was. A much better experience than and I thought thank god. I did not say. Four meeting we you know and I were treated marinas Irish republic a clip of it so from ranked. And my you know we record a little bit and yeah I asked the 545000. My god lord. So it's this race. Is Jessie.