Jenn Gives Us An Update On Baby Reese & Our Listeners Share Sweet Words Part 2

Thursday, October 13th


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Arizona where NATO and keeping them. Now back to the 01 story nannies or wants. Gen phones are ringing people wanna say hi. Ace Stephanie welcome to the definition champ. Can I actually went yeah I'm all. I don't articulate why. You know I grew up I would ordinary and noble Georgia I grew up listening to that later radio I was born basically at my parents' car. And I thought would be in Asia and then I literally I came back and I have followed jets and he didn't see your. And coming back in listening to the show it had just been so incredibly. Unbelievable here where shuttle. Especially eager to do it on the show and I need it has really. Great that I agree that yes they're real moments that real she that you are still in Orton. And it's one of those that was early I listen to it every while they didn't switch back for a like. Eat Christian radio station and a lot of it that's inspiring that's true and real that's what should I deal in mortar. Leaving from me in the morning then any of the other reed patient Charlotte and the different you eat diet. From what we're used to be where you were times I didn't expect you to do it such incredible and I just I mean I can't thank you Aetna associate or mourning in Iraq. In my company we've grown up at the salute. That's me am I mistaken shortage huge this casually and error outs that he's. A. They want. So kind as a hate thank you so I don't have had did that today man any day thank you honestly I think it you know. Jill welcome to the Japanese and Shia. I mayor. Count Colin McRae CNN. You are so you're just such an encouraging person will come a long drive to work every morning and I'm never changed our radio station house. And I can't imagine what you're going through with your book. Couldn't imagine that would not child. And honestly tell you. How encouraging you are indiscriminate you know I'm praying for you every day and your little girl and your husband in here maybe. Thank you so you know ate all our art and may and I'm just one foot in front of the others like anybody I would do in this economy and I think I thank you for saying man and I think you. For praying for us we really feel regret I mean I know that sounds cheesy in some way that we know that we really feel that would feel the power that we feel. The unity behind it and everybody really praying for recent every other kid by this battle right now it's just it's a number I am scared that. Yeah. The power of prayer and god will sanction. Being wheeled to insist it will. Well if you heard staff and the hugest called on weekends. Somebody on the other hand it out. There. We are writing I didn't get a reading they show the new new test. Out. I didn't know I hear your stories about the viewing area near girl. And I just now they're just actually on the part it will same thing about her and again never pitched Indian and you know two days later. Human male action. Now that she had cancer. And I thought oh my god that you're you know you're just handling that snow whale. If not you know you're not him that life is a problem or our locker over the marketing inconvenience and yes they. And I love that place that will get better. I would not come into work every day and being able to hear from folks like you and being able laugh and and just crack up at some of that ridiculous stuff that we do it Heatley back. Songs that. Movies of my guys so great mates I look forward to coming to work every day. It's not an obligation I cannot wait to come here because work as people on the world and if so talented and so funny and so uplifting and fun so. I'm enjoying the show who has. A few. Listening and it's and by the way she's referring to. And that our program record I'm. I can John a they are very helpful which you considered and our ability to change moods. Would you consider that maybe a miracle I am certain Anemia. And Adam birds. Wolf that it's an interesting. Die before one thanks for awake enough when Japanese yen.