Jenn Gives Us An Update On Baby Reese & Our Listeners Share Sweet Words Part 1

Thursday, October 13th


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We'll switches on installing a new. And show them. Jan as you know his game they've gone through some families after the past. Among the Q their youngest daughter and priests. Who is under re pair of doctors at children's. It. But. That means a lot of doctors appointments a lot of days and there's really good news. It is bad news Sunday's there's. News right calculate here yesterday news is that news. And there's still have day and I think we're learning some pretty big lessons here about being flexible nothing is set in stone. Greece has a solid mass tumor in her abdomen and you were on those. The battle to beat it and so she's receiving chemotherapy treatments and then in between chemotherapy treatments if you've ever known anybody in your life your family it's about cancer. Blood counts are big thing. And so we're learning about how your next plan depends on your last. Blood test so we went for blood tests yesterday and her counts are really low but it's because we changed one of the medications. Anyway not to get too technical. Is that now the thing you learn a lot of medical jargon and a lot of knowledge he never thought you would learn. There's a lot of times where policy Chan and Holler and her office in the morning and I'll ask her about Reese Magnus myelin through a lot of words that a lot systems available so odd because. Obviously she thinks I look like me dreamy fundraiser in. Its overall medical stuff on an item. I figure you're Smart enough you're picking and as we owning a lot tonight tiger's totally and I admitted it yesterday. IE. Sometimes. Sound bite you the worst possible thing you can't sleep that. Some are. Device use weights you have more right. And I late to learn things. And said the other day the surgery was gonna have opinion hurt album an image removed are now. We have Elba and let's seriously like and 15 and I am like why do we have albums. That Google. You're like oh we use to pay hills that took us. I guess that's all that good all this thing and yelling and going down that theory of evolution rather bowl. I am two hours later I have more earned knowledge rate now about the structure of the humans album and then I. But it's only use buying him and that it. Our. And edited that kind of like this. Reason. As I haven't and all of us having tale yeah yesterday was just a dig at her accounts are really low so we don't know if she'll be in the hospital next week or if it will have to delay it because if you're. Platelets are low means he can't fight off anything prosecutor proceed mark in a Petri that's the basic. In the chemotherapy is will bring down. Naturally brings on your immunities Wellesley and answered it by healthy stuff there right so. So we just you know we have my family coming up from Florida tick ever so it's a lot of being fluid and being able to change plans and you know I'm not gonna. I am pretty Taipei and I like everything to brand. I am well oiled machine but it's just not possible we have to let things go and and be flexible and try to do our best of pulled together and still go to work and you you all the things here. Do you think. On the other side when Reese's as well. And chemo was over and the surgery has happened and cancer is gone. You'd think. Yeah or. Policy control and that's an awkward when Ayatollah trying to be called controlling your need to be structured yeah it do you think your need to be structured. Well. Be gone well now gone away or are you craving getting mad at you like when she is well. You know sometimes. I think we're all built the way we're built. And I am somebody who likes to be organizer light things neat and clean and neat and tidy house and people that just roll with it doesn't bother them all if there's close on the floor and they don't see. You know if there's dirty dishes in the days and missing for a couple of days or whatever. That would keep me and I literally would not be asleep if there are gross dirty dishes everywhere for two on the economy and I think that. It's just who I am. So I think I will always be very you're gonna get credit AJ comes with a level of acceptance of yourself yeah I'm just expecting that that's. As those things are important and that's just the way around. Unity nine years old tired you know after Ethel you remain partners and now and I I was ill will slip out the. All. I had to get your week off if things pan. And then because grant is the same way you as you know and allow. I mean he's just a champion dat I mean I'll start crying I talked about him and he's site. The best husband and father racquet ever imagined. It yeah eight and I'm Eric has finished. Listen we get everybody to admit everyday that this is. People care about and it's like in a turbulent it good at bats and he's he's he's happy tears you guys are the best team ever haze the past. And so. That's awesome. You say your lucky. And that's it and at rate and it puts. A lot of respect for. I had spoken about it before and there is a huge difference between. Problems and inconveniences and I'm guilty of this were Olga. That a lot of times people label things that are inconveniences. Problems. You run and tied an athlete tour. The purse here at lunch with canceled at the last you're right cleaner lost miniatures. Those aren't problems those. And if you just remember that Al so I I don't and and that. I don't think you. Being sad right now it's putting anybody in Batman it's giving everybody perspective. And realize that everybody's gone through something. Everybody deserves patience everybody deserves kindness. And him and most of all. Everybody's got obstacles. You know so. And I just wish for everybody facing obstacles that they could have partners as. Can we get it is it. All very. Smart and I've gotten a government. And she I'll still are far.