Jenn Ghost Hunts for Mattie

Wednesday, April 13th


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They just changed jobs or hunts are not before one. Yesterday we heard it from Matty she worked at an office. Sales office and one of the people she worked with for about a year suddenly just quit. We just called her Amanda and she became really good front they relayed it is that the sales job there were rumors swirling around her. Machines one home for lunch when they never came back yeah and then the next bare desk has cleaned up and the next day the memo came out. We will Sherlock and her future endeavors that's when it always says we wish we wish luck in the future and then she was gone. And so many just wanted to know. What happened which she go now just some background. There is a rumor that. Amanda who is dating a dude named Michael the sales manager sales manager but she never confirmed it. And then Michael rein them Lee. Quit or got fired about a month after. Amanda laughed at both coasted and he'd vanish as well but nobody really cared about him. So I think Matty wanted us to find Amanda Jane did find Amanda in the and some of the scandal. Some of the drama that. Mattie had heard about involving. Dating in Iran as being. Financial. And doesn't know embezzlement W. Some of that effort in there and truth is some of those rumors that Mattie had caught wind does and we cleared it up by getting a hold of Amanda now Amanda's her fake names so you'll hear me. It'll be bleeped out when I call her her real bright and big guy is possibly doubts that raises that that's why we're on I'm a man leaps and there all right so. Didn't do we now that is that act is that accurate Matty. Yes that is accurate and wow. I don't really know what it's ever accurately count could. While we're gonna play the call for alien named. And then we'll get your feedback so I'm gonna put you on hold and you'll hear the call and then we'll come back Kentucky efforts okay. And I eagerly anticipate ear candy and a half hour. This is James called to Amanda yesterday afternoon. It they haven't done. Murray. I'm gad I'm Janet Jenkins and show once darn handy for a one and we talked different Matty recently. And she wanted to catch up with you and see what's been going on toes and in a packet it's no he would ask a couple of questions and may be plea for her your responses. Yeah I I am. And lapsed at one day and I. Wasn't able to come back from. Can you explain why why to leave the company. So I intend. I have been seeing. One at manager's error. We. We get. Skated firm of little Lyle and thing happened with him and addict in Iowa has. And it in the situation learned like I could and it would be in trouble and so I I took it upon myself you know. To leave before things got entirely absent. That she's she tried to ask you about that relationship when you. We're dating him because it was like the new dating policy at that office. And she felt like you could trust serve but he never you never told her about the relationship never admitted to even though people Kanye. Yeah I mean it has and it's probably pretty obvious thing we can move in there I'm sure that some people know about it I guess maybe they can turn it on the fact that it. So what they've earned Illini to head with you and Nadine. Why did you have to leave you city were hit into some trouble I thought it was from that. Yet since he achieved not it the company anymore from what I understand either there is. Canada and scandal he can have confided in me that there may be some counseling her role that he had chicken from the Colonia and that phone directly from the comfortable and that's something that I just I didn't wanna be associated lynching effort separately dealers. Not such a big PR and then when they're sort of looking into the open bar and realize that should actually. A very big deal from that you had. Kagan has considerable. Amount of money from the company and return flight should be about him stated options. You know I was in the Atlantic saying you know news. Some of its parent says and let you know that we can find out 'cause we're right. I haven't calculating exactly what he'd been doing it turned out to be a pretty. Exorbitant sum. Did you. Take off from their relationship at that point. Yeah I mean I bet that plane I eight. And try to do my dad my grandfather's aware which as you kind of sank in a unique talent there and immediately be church should just not a good situation of the results that you absolutely. Yeah it was not in the market so it was really just best that I can cut ties with everyone and it wasn't easy that I'm doing okay now so. You. It's good ball partying. Yeah bought riots that I mean like overt. Very light 25000 dollars. A kind. And he was blackmailing you or somebody else that the company. Who is blackmailing me kicking your I I was the one person that you told that you kind of joined us and you try to articulate to the Al. When he figured out that Pete Carroll. He will not happen Arab psyche that threatened this year people law. Your personal photos that we had. Threatened yeah he's making up rumors that the office of the thick completely as is not a good situation all around. So is better for you cut ties. With everybody. Including me and it. We have instead is too bad because I think we had a nice. And make connection but unfortunately it again I was just it's not in my interest sustained contact with the local office. So since and is under investigation in your far away from him parlay from the company now. He's now a company anymore can you and Matty reunite. I I would like to see her. I was bad I would leave she'd get true I wouldn't get permission and. Okay well will letter now and thank you for hanging out with us and talking to us appreciate that. Okay take care or pay. Coming out now. Just please just. Get a get a Mac user reaction. Scandalous. Going on she's going to be the superstar in the office to solve and administering okay. We'll have really exciting block ice. And apple won't. We're all good we are having is Marlins brought us chicken salad yesterday I don't know being sanity excitement and there's aren't you for a while and problematic Canada's next shipment into.