Jenn Ghost Hunts for Ashley

Thursday, April 7th


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Thanks for being a part of it. Yeah so. All of everybody's been posted a 100%. Of the population of mangoes and and that happened to our listener Ashley she called us because she spent spring break last year. Win a dude they're both teachers in both staying in town for spring break. They were raining and each other at a bar and they are inseparable. For seven days. And then when they went back to their respective school district she never heard from. So and tracked down and I mean finding him. Unbelievable. Yet because his phone number that she had forum where is disconnected but he was on. FaceBook so Andy was still active on FaceBook so. We were able to get. Through to him that way asking for a phone number Jen made a phone call in the reason he disappeared. Fascinating this is part of the phone call Jen made to the guy that work calling Brandon. I think Marley are my note you through this might be about. You got little yeah. And I've heard an identical twin brother that lives in Atlanta. He. Told my W my identity. Sir it is shenanigans and computing goes something like that sinks and I don't believe this is me I don't remember. And I could open the wooden portal last year. OK. So this is happened before her weird. Happens all the time this. It's kind of ridiculous I don't really talk to my brother that much building until about a I don't. I would be glued together product information but they did could come back it's not that you've been. I try to put some identity theft so easily able to reenter into the Calder and look at the moment. Hanging okay is it is he charged or your identity theft. Oh yeah Eddie Goodell he stole from college kids ideas. I don't really know the old beat those other guys that are docked on that much anymore but I it's loosening kind of ridiculous than he is getting. Okay and also wanted to our troops. Oh my gosh okay so. You what's your brother's name can she called him my fake name wind. She called us. At pac are right so would you be able to give us number and we can maybe China and tracked him down. That's good that you value currently waiting for into the offensive things or identity theft. Susan yeah yeah yeah. Are waiting sentencing. People in jail right now and now we've got to go to you you've been there the trouble and I can't make bail could look. We've got to get back at them and again he didn't make much money you've got to do couldn't feed not a peopled. We own identity and any other people he uses my that they got Glenn and I on the I understand that. 1000000%. Did not see that coming. Totally did not see that coming. But I did get in new favorite phrase of the whole thing put it dirt bag their candidate is best and where did you think somebody if you don't like him I'm just put that in my language for ever and certainly we made that call I had two days here three days ago and then yesterday we played it. For Ashley she was actually on hold while we played that back and then we get to pick her up and find out how she feels about the whole thing. The court that would have. But he can I have got that black. So I just got to make trainer Stan as you meet this guy where wherever bar whatever you guys start talking. And use it he says he's a teacher. Probably because you say you're a teacher or whatever ray and so he starts talking about that and because. He's an identical Twain. Wing he gives you his brother's name so when you stop him and so from media or whatever you see his brother's. Profile. How did you miss that yes is my question what was there aren't. I don't believe that all I don't know maybe I've just got a blip you said that IBJ. I turned out maybe aliens infatuated. Without the previous game like an identical twin brother who is just let me. Was there are no discrepancies between like his social media lights and the staff. He was telling you that would that raised a flag at all. Learn that I got TJ you know let us immediately kind of keep that without love BK yeah he didn't even without I didn't really. Think anything about it that you try to keep our got let him. The only thing that would have been a red flag would have been that the twin brother lives in Tampa. And actual brother that she had a relationship with that he lived in Atlanta an Atlanta in a different school district from hers. But a lot of people posts Florida pictures like from vacation whenever. Or eight I think why obviously didn't. They'd give meaning how about that it could not be head. Well. Well I got the answers you wanted at least they know. Take heed it knife to his widely felt but that feel late. Kinda crappy day. And it crap being news. And I'm really she's yeah the head that buried there is the understatement of the day. When you find out the guys you are now we've for an entire week is actually an identical twin and being an impostor. Kind of practice and real guy that you're making now it is now in jail.