Jenn Ghost Hunts and Finds the Neighbor!

Wednesday, April 20th


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You have this show should really be called the jazz and chanting U shelf because we can't do it without you yeah. It's 40474194. Andre thanks to make. Is still in 941. We went ghost hunting and we've found our subject. We can talk to Jason yesterday. And we got some answers perhaps. She's been wondering where did her divorce from oh we were neighbors and best friends. And the couple split and he doesn't continue. Heather did you say you guys lived together for four year live next door to each other for four years. Yeah and heroes in this guy Jason. Was the first. Nine family member. To. Hold. Heather's baby. But that's a big deal right I asked if he came to the hospital. And leisure one of those weird at home after the birth people he came to Coca. He came to the hospital. And held the Arabia right back help. I yelled back up there you know. They're first non family member to hold or are in the hospital. We'll Jane DOJ and got a hold of them yesterday radius from probably as we have answer story. I'm right idea. Umbrage and hold and you can listen in and then we'll level combat you'll get your reaction on that OK okay. I got a tiny ball. There area already pay did howry youth thanks for hanging out that's for a second here we are Colin because we. Have a friend who's been sitting here and her earnings. She has been a really miss nude as she tells so close to you and your now ex wife at some point and they just Kelly you're really special part of their family and since the divorce as things happen people drift apart that they just feel lake. They're not sure if they're allowed to be friends with deal or not. Heather with Sam and her husband reach out on FaceBook via messenger and hadn't heard back from here. So anyway they just asked that we would dose time because you've ghost Saddam and their wondered why there really missing your friendship. Well cracked. The basically. Inge I was got a course in January. And down I'm not just say it was really hard on me and I so I just kinda side of kind of pick up and and move and just kind of do refresher. So now I'm in Orlando on the got a new jobs. And was contrary to like enough start with the new life. And do you ever get back up to Atlanta now like would you want says. Stay friends with them RC them when you come back to visit our aegis are cutting ties with that old life. Now imagine next from amount they paid off definitely China get all the I just turned around insurance CU. Kind of take a break. From gone up there you now obviously it. So pretty soon and I'd be a little while but a shortcut. To make it back up barrel gasoline chariot national. Now Heather was saying that your ex wife has made a couple of comments abouts. They wouldn't wouldn't lead them to believe she doesn't want them to be friends with year. With is there now is there any reason. Now I have no idea no pressured. What should. A pack. Okay cool. Quiet deathly appreciate talking with us and just know that and the difference accurately and I really miss you and just because. You got a divorce come from ex wife they don't once you do divorce entails. Yeah I'm not defining law happen like that all. A check say it well all I got the message out to kind of busy saw that on China to get back down. And can only today. Thank you so much for taking time being Alan S are very wanna play your responses four. And should get some answers that sure it's. Are excellent okay cool thanks avenue when you're welcome from right. That's super dramatic. Kind of basic I did they do is. They're definitive and him target about it being amicable I don't think it was. Yeah news the other might be a little more there there's a little it's going to that there here's what I got out of that one is that he's really kind of still sad yeah Preston need to sandals sad yeah. And number two I over talk when I'm nervous. Because beginning about about all. You can get me going and then we wanna and that's all I was really isn't isn't sure. I just question village and you should hear the unedited talk. We're gonna have. We'll move program Heather here in just a minute we'll have had now we'll see if she is any insight into orbit. Not pretty non dramatic one this week.