Jenn is Getting Surgery and Jeff is Freaking Out!

Thursday, June 16th


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Thank you for making this switch today Jeffrey. You are. Under downplay. It wow I'm I don't know like how. And basically it's going to be but I mean I don't think it's a big deal as you've been. It that the back story is that where it can't look at the beginning of the week where James is although they forgot to tell you something. You know which would be like would you car or. I'm patio furniture Costco. Or. And gets this upgrade in preschool whatever they haven't. That was out. And and a right now town. And it turns out what she was saying issues hey I was into dermatologist and got this weird spot on my nose and he says every move. In two attack on and that's. Because news. I know a Miller everybody knows somebody's mole removed. I examined or something like that it just happens especially. In the south region grow and flower yeah just tricolor kid and yeah so. So that just happens. And it's no big deal but then she said. I wanted to wait a couple of weeks to do it. But they said no. You're gonna wanna get this and you know. This week if you. Yet they said don't wait on this when they relate meaning dead. Schedule it and and getting going in getting out now because it is on my face right and everybody knows that that's. An important part you know you take a chunk can have big scar elsewhere on your body I'm not too worried about it I 96 C sections. Pretty good with scars right there on your face is a different story somehow and what's called nose surgery it's a precise surgical technique used to treat skin cancer so. What they do is they removed the cancer containing skin. And they tested and it progressively remove it until they make sure that the only thing left is cancer free to share data so. Out they taught me to. Being. Actually test Dimitri. Okay what you've. Cool. Girl. Now playing on how. Well it when I hear. We'll hear. From about two different things a wine. I am freaked out because you're thirty. I'm always expecting but it skin cancer present itself like. Home pool. And. And. It so it's changing. Yeah one more obvious but you can't even see years. Like. I. Think way different. Check out. Of that. Part is is freaking out like that that part of the holdings in. The urgency which they say don't wait get it done now. That part is freaking me out the part that I think it's it's freaking you out is. And I'm in Harold and then when they bottoming out as it along and he'll yeah picture. And those well I hate to say about it. I feel a little bit vain about it I'm nervous like I told my husband to buy this morning I was like. Who is the last time you'll see my nose when all all hope we still think I'm pretty. I. I just I think it's funny that were concerned about two things so yeah. You need anything. You writing and he'd like you know myself and myself. Who's been on our earnings. It. Its. Parent you know. Thank me yummy but that's the answer yes I would love to cast that watch your kids. Now. That it no no matter what and the thing. He'd do marriages. You go find me. Do we need to raise them and keep kids out there and go for a new page is. There. Castro would be fantastic. Halftime. I asked agave there. He's really not a big deal I have to make mine I'm gonna be no big deal packed. It can relate it's conveniently yeah I mean I've been getting really awesome well wishes from our listeners on FaceBook because I think. They're afraid like I'm in I have my whole nodes removed today. They're really concerned about it. In America are treated. Thank you for making this switch today Jeffrey Jones Shia on starting 94 watch.