Jenn Gets Advice for Her Friend

Monday, May 23rd


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Jane's friend his being dating a guy for a short time. He was married for ten years and they match after he'd been divorced officially for only. Five months is this a rebound in cheek and Warner friend that if you invested or could this be true. She's afraid of being in the rebound relationship that. It's gone really well now we talked about this a week or two ago when it first came up the new wrinkle is that she's got a big trip planned next month. Well he has now invited my friend to be his date for a wedding coming up this summer. I'm she would mean most of his friends and his parents if she'd get news hey can't. In Douglas know what's out. Area were great now the cause are the exact opposite. What we got when we first talked about this a couple of weeks ago including dollars. I don't think you rebound. And I just happen to me I was going to divorce or injured out with jeers I've filed a 2010. I met my now ballot in 2011. And divorce was finalized 2012 I would Mary to myself into Albuquerque. Got so I feel like. It's like the emotion but it does line up with the legality alliance for the honor that you wonder about what will be meeting and that's really good points and if it's true and candy Smart -- what's that. Paul are you get bored out in November. We we mayor John it would. Huge mistake by in order Buick. They actually you know have that she did not read. My best friend. Actually it is it is now look at why that thread. We have al-Qaeda. Not get our act are actually brokered it was finalized and well. White got add. While I wanted to wait to get. It. Bob Nash and yet. It. Or. Will you call us back and falls apart some confidence from. And this. I'm loving parent I'm not respected that's awesome hey Debbie thanks for college and tension out. Yeah I am yes I would rate ten years and then you look exactly like the course. I'm alive I've met my now husband and how worried that he let my rebound man to gently dispute her bag and we had been married for seventeen years. Incredible that's not seventeen good years or seventeen just okay. Nokia the other eleven mile high lately as you're out at Eckerd and. I lonesome me either way things to heavy I didn't create you know I think this is eighteen years I was the tricky like because on the that's a. I thought it hay and hey Andy there. Many of what's your advice from my friend my friend lives. I was married or. Eight here at the end it would get bore and I had men and current has been the way is married first seventeen year. Four for their hearing he was separated yet living in house with his why why would every pot and because of the children. He wanted to make sure that they aren't the same financial situation and everything and yeah their position where he can keep irks. Working not working at all he had taken care of it in. And the leak started dating. For almost two years talking to each other that day. And then he made out and we continue today her body hearing half. I can't marry this. It's not so you're dating a man who is living in a house with his ex wife. We weren't. I can't think we're physically dating we were seen each other and talking we had a relationship over the Arab email tax. Her well over a year before we actually went up our first state to eat it. Yeah we've been married for our site here he told the wife that we match. And he's actually the one here after the divorce rate he was not happy and we the end lived you do different light. In the same house so my name is out in my later. I met its can't everybody is great and all seven of our kids are off than he ever. I eat if you like from the beginning and I believe in telling your heart from the very beginning if it meant I mean there's a lot of players out there by. They eat them at your heart it it can't happen. That this is the opposite advice that we got our lives from the last time she. It skipped the first time we that I talked about this couple weeks every night. All this time 100% of the calls said it could be love don't hold back go for it. Did you guys see me catch myself and threw something if and when that you've gone with a final question. So can you I doubt but I thought it was a follow up question and I am you to a highly so nice I apologize. Sweet story and yet there there was a report Brady Bunch now offer chapter seven. She now.