Jenn Flight Update

Monday, May 16th


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It's. Simple. It's Jesse James shall Carnegie Hall. In general it's filled with anxiety on Friday because she was flying to. Indiana ranked Illinois Illinois and whatever whether I states Iowa some like that and issue who's going to an ice states where there has been. And we've their two kids both of whom are under the age of force she's gonna. Three year old and nine month old. And it was our nine month old reasons very first flight so I was really nervous about it. It is never wanna be those parents that are so destructive perhaps screaming kid art you know Qichen is back at the scene or whatever so. We were just on full anxiety parenting mode and I have to say. Every sing great she sits at easy going baby anyway today where. The lord knew I could not handle too challenging children and so are three year old very opinion dated a lot when she's young adult she is. Mr. independent but as a thirty hurled it makes it very difficult for our baby is just go with the flow and maybe it's because we're more relaxed parents or maybe it's because she's a second child but she was fantastic easy going boasted slept on the fly. But I will say there Ambac. They slept so late there that way back they were more awake but. He was great she was find strike or that X air radio I'd. I know that you may be years she may be fine for the next eighteen years it used to be horrible bit I do have to funny stories from our three girl does worry about the baby yeah there are three year old so those you don't know this yet Jeff but on the umbrella stroller which is an easy simple travel with stroller when we got its that are three year old ride it through the airport and beat quick. Right while she decided she wanted to push it through the airport so there was no game and it it was like giving her and it would have been trying to be the cats can't write like. When I get in it that. Decided that she need to put her doll and it and push it through the airport so that was fast. I was really quick getting through on my guys security and don't negate I'm going to be so on the train I'm gonna he passes he gave him anything else because she was. Pushing a stroller refusing anything else and was like flipping out unless she was able to push that baby in stroller you can't negotiate an all right. No no negotiating at all and then on the flight home. She was remembering the flight there where she took a nap in the seats so we had that we were on the side with two seats and she was next to me. And really allowed for all the passengers around ST here she goes. I know why your so belly it's perfect for her pillow. Okay I'm an. Yeah he's nice and soft. Like dubbed hello. I'm gonna let hey. I'm very need to get back to. A who heads. So that happens throughout your graduation so let's just. She now. Or one.