Jenn Encounters the Hot Waiter!

Monday, May 16th


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Thanks for being a part of it. Saw saw. People lost. Jen there might be a competition brewing to pump I think so you may have started some things fantastic. Both an off handed comment to you when you're out to dinner I was like oh my gosh I can tell you the other night I think it's all the hottest server right knowledgeable enough. A minute are you got to explain it jammed away years later and the there on Friday. Well. I met and got an idea if I I want literally cried out I don't want you to explain it lady's plane and the Arab Friday L you explain that you do it. On Thursday when we learn on the radio because. You actually said the words took my breath and. Now I'm just they'll want to meaning. But it happened it has happened to yeah. Without guys can't a guy in a minute this is the double standard I think like I shouldn't have been made either but I did I just ideologues like I just saw somebody who was a server restaurant and he was such a beautiful human that I actually. But couldn't speak for a seconds. I think it's my brother out like wow that is a beautiful human being. And I made eight of course just creature like air wow and I have my friend also felt the same way issue was like own mind. About clockwork so hot. And we sat down and take our friend different joined us later we're like could that be the hottest person that you have ever see your said he curiosity this is girls' night right how many total before girl's name Perry however and how many of those are in relationships currently. To rule and won. Just starting one or two and a half people or relationships. Situation reversed and I came in I'm like me in my views all of as married or related to let you all. Girl with a guy you say you don't admit it you're below I'd net. But since OJ and him saying here's my disclaimer is I think my husband is really not I don't care about this first I was just admiring from afar so Jen who's in and says. This guy who was. Mind blow. And she. That hey how he has to AM January. A couple of okay I don't not. What happens and. They just want to and you really think for hide servers from B don't. Apparently beatle cat is known for their super attractive because I. That is true and may have. Inherited when we guys go around the gravity teachers as we have Brian and his Jared. Brian and their day both of you I hate you right now. Both of you are actors right both your models is that accurate. They get. But one model and you. And you both work you'd be okay. Commercial earth girls night I've ever heard. Nice to me guys. I am totally ready to embarrass an out of my disclaimer is that I am very happily married to a super hot guy eye to that can recognize beautiful beat. If so. It's so who and what have you guys who is and creative move things lossless. It is. So in Kenya bureau very geared usually pick I'd give up. What's the what's the rest of the wait staff there. Like it and appeal as a pretty Kris Allen yeah that makes the difference. It's really it's. Of those with a good restaurants who owns what when I thought about efficient. Yeah that's where and we're in about hot because of the guys receiver. There are a lot of really really attracted you to. Yeah I think Kawhi. Are gonna use this stuff is not lodge and add your cage and I just melt into the flow. Now I'm there and I think we're gonna use this is a lunching pad to actually to do a competition to find the most attractive servers. In north Georgia because people got competitive flat ones Chad that night have really love you ever been in any certain name at all. A huge and the bank and and women who work in other restaurants too you guys I want you guys know this did that way said it be okay you guys are groundbreaking. You're tired and you'll take an. Beats the honorable profession of providing service other people in your Macon. All about looks yeah. Check cease to think that they were the rock stars Brad not so much and my god and thank you guys forget Beverly. And at Madison and others played hours and your progress chances since we appreciate you guys coming in early this morning what did you bring. How many guys it's so nice to coconut cream it is it's a Coke I upon one of our signature desserts at the restaurant. Again it's awesome. Well you guys are going to be service salon is going to be and holly glad on the big screen night. Jenny you could just have an Hannity on them that service to. The Olympic sports pundits say that about the surprise juggernaut and better than you guys that they yes are coming in appreciate just. Just they just. She I'll. Or one.