Jenn Disciplines Another Kid

Tuesday, July 19th


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Conversation at 4047. People under false start any or all out. If you're snagging it and scored those 5600. Tickets tomorrow morning 8 AM and. I disciplined somebody else's kid. So. And I need your help. Parents. That make him the right way. I did. This struggle. Is justified in disciplining missed at 40474194. Under. I would like to start this diversity and asking how you feel about other people this year. Well I think it depends on the situation. But I think if the situation were reversed yeah I was in and somebody does in my kid. The way that I did yeah dignity and yes it is. 040474194. People feels wrong. Yes well it's. It's summertime I everybody's out about it. And we recently eighth splash. Splash at all grades for executed in the summertime tanked so much fun. And actually I think more funding going to this swimming pool because. In this same dangers and always on guard it's mindful nervous about it because kids are onions and swim and that's things. I'd super fast can you I'd just. You know it's into the Olympic park where they have accountants shoot up from grounds yes on its turnaround plan that they've formed a splash for accidents and splashed on different parks around town they have. Now wire parks. Splashed. Rights advocates complain a lot. And it went to cool off. And buckets whatever fair now this particular splash pad where we where was filled with its top I would say the majority of kids were there plane. Where a war and on and can't pay. So. Markets just isn't one years old tunnel. There now plan. In typically playgrounds and set up by age group. You know or that it's gonna hang out one area that needs. To act and here's where I find. We need parents knew little bit more attention when you have always. Playing around the little guy. Caught up what they're doing and they're not in attention at the have a couple of eight year olds were acts pompano over for exactly so it happened one time and I watched this kid I'm guessing around seven dates yet. And he had younger siblings so that's why they were there but mom and dad were not paying attention to the world. At all. So he's getting rough and rambunctious and running through the big fountains and have a great time he's just hit he's not paying attention. But he should be taught to pay attention and he whole lot. Like three different toddlers that when they went over bowling green's yes exactly. Lincoln's and it personals lol and yeah I was approximate and help another parent helped them all and second time to a little bit older kids. And when it happened in my nephew. That's my stance and I was like OK this third escape clobbered at nothing and and and that is not making it so. An advocate was like hey body. I was like you got to care about and I say exactly what you said I was at adding. I was like you gotta be careful there's a lot of little kids around here and got to be you know just be more careful watch where you're going and he can't look at me like. This lady has anything to me and he did he say anything and just kind of wander off and then. But he did slowdown in its are paying attention you can't buy I didn't feel like it was this evening and Wednesday. That third Katie ran over I was like. I. Think that you have an obligation. My thinking would be if that kids running around like crazy like maybe the parent is there with some toddlers. And the toddlers are taking his or her attention. Away from that decade so. The if so. If that parents attention toddlers. In this case in rambunctious like vehicle assembly on money and time right I just feel like you if you. Burn them out. Aren't you never physically do anything to anybody else is can I mean I have them pushed the point that. I would never physically touch anybody else's kid but if I felt at a rapper is kick it happening over and over again. And I never did see his parents like saint meeting to hammer figure out which parent was his because they were let it while Jon is I don't blame the kid. Yeah. If you saw the parents. Which use that to news apparent over the kid. He Gainesville and Visio. Our thoughts and Jane. Yelling and screaming. Child. And public. A lot quality that they bank could. And yet that day are very near Albany and let that I have add and I me you know. Let their entire hour it is not an amount not in pain in it. Bright it's like if that happens once the mistake rampant is the third kid OR I get a chin I guess I don't even have kids now go to the parking on the field on the hey Connie welcome to the champ. You absolutely 100%. Do not as far as a plan might approach nights out. Might have and lacking committed a felony or murdered and they don't company. I talked to me about the way at. Eight year like it makes his living I'd rather cool are they that you actually. So Connie let me ask you this is obviously very passionate about it. Our use somebody who is keeping a close watch on your kids at all times. Yes and I they have ruled it so I may. Parenting. Doesn't match your world view our parents saying. It is accurate that the let my talent I'm not happy about it laying can't let when you look down and are talking them. It at all. I met a question let's say were all it like swimming pool or something right. And and Jane is standing rate next year child who pushes. James Donner. Can she tell your child the leave her daughter alone. That at comic epidemic. Anybody you don't it's been around you know not a stranger you know any discipline by stranger. Your problem you can come to me but it better be a real actual. Shoving and other kid is a real problem. But James braid my point is the other adult is rape air. Why don't you went without telling my children how to actor kind of yeah. I can understand the difference is but if your child is doing something wrong in that moment and you're not bear. I feel like the other parent right there sure she disciplined. Not physically but should say something kids get at the moment five minute let them get. It's hard. To answer that question because my children would never be back. In Vienna pop like it you don't talk to the child you become pop it. And it better or agree. Okay thank you for the they talk. 4047419400. If you have the odds of the here them. Injustice in shells. Sons are not before one.