Jenn Couch to 5K

Monday, March 28th


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Good Monday morning didn't. All right so I have to tell you something. Happening until my husband and sneaking something out of the house today okay. So it's covered that rat brain bone chips process. Couldn't have been out. Where Vinny binge eating right so my question I know I can an apt to my bound over a week ago and I have not easy yet. I looms this means coming out of the house today because I'm just. Not sure if I should share or just do it and share it later and it's couch to five K my couch to five K starts today. So usually about this app we're witnessing your being sneaky about that yes I'm beings. So I haven't told anybody Allen started today until rate it's fair amount of cash target because. I just. I don't know what it is but like today like I packed up my workout clothes right I'm play you know after we're done with all of our after show meetings on likened settlement try to start. Date on this app I have no idea how ports has just been sitting on my phones are gathering at me. You know giving me the finger. Everything that area helping you know I feel about it. But like nervous to get going or I don't know I didn't tell my husband I brought workout clothes that snap them out of the house this morning whenever I haven't talked about yet. Because maybe its that I don't one. I just like. Feeling going to launch today instead if you just not doing it by just didn't ever started that nobody would know something bad. I'm saying it out loud because I want to be held accountable I wanna get in better shape mean. Our youngest baby was born six months ago and there's no more excuses why I still have this valley yeah last week our oldest said. Mommy do you their baby in your dialogue. Yeah it's like god bless you for being so low and he's never come into your house. It's not how many babies are in year back after I asked. Are you. You but I mean she said that it was a romance I was like OK I don't have any more excuses. It's time to get back in shape and I just. Don't feel as good as he was also doctor Gibbs says. Conversation with us about Rex making sure you sweat once today do something that makes you break a sweat I'm gonna have not done that in the months and months and months so I just. Don't know. Like one other excuses I can come up where I just don't have anymore excuses so I've got to get to it and now I heard today. I wanna know why. You snuck lake near running shoes out of the house and why you're keeping the secede from from your husband like it's. Really secret but I just didn't want the accountability because he's an exercise guy you'll love that he leg. Wakes up early in the morning get this work out done he's always been a gym person and he. My dad James has been one of the sweetest things that Jen has ever done is she came when I did my triathlon. Because I'm not a fitness guy so I did a trap line. In California in 2012. In Jan and her husband grant came out there and were at the starting laminate to adopt and grab the finish line hi I'm me when I've finished it. And we surprise idea yeah it was great it was fantastic may grant says I'm inspired. I am did you have taken me. He is as big man he's like you did what I did times tank moment yeah. But he's he loves it right feels better he's exercising his mood is bad thankful things that he's one of those people. I am not one of those people. I would much rather not true and are you can't get it done or something today but Ayman try to set aside that our. Because they can't make any excuses anymore. But I just didn't want and economic and legal how would you working headed co what did you feel like a disease that. Big cheerleader and I would have to say if I don't do that I have. And now I brought the shoes and I just looked out of my eight more kids. From left in my capacity CI to move mob the past and see that article my mcdonalds Banc rock hit I chipped away. Got right on top themselves. And UN saying out loud so I have some accountability that house to get moving so do you why and how are you saying this is you want help. Or like you let me ask you because I did they couched if I became the catch McCain thinking things and it's every other day since you want me to ask you. Every other day how went no. And that's got to count and L saying. Now. Do you ever feel this way yeah have you ever felt like when you're like. I'm gonna start a new diet are Imus our guests doing something new it's healthier whatever but you don't really wanted to let you know you're supposed to be doing it you just don't want anybody ask you about it. But public. A week under your belt yeah. Yes I feel the same exact way. The problem isn't that also gives you regular very brave right now for doing this because I am gonna ask you tomorrow let and making you know. And tomorrow at the same exact time I am gonna ask you. It was the same thing like a million years ago and I thought smoking. You know I'm not a million years ago but when I quit smoking for good racquet I might have a couple weeks under my belt no cigarettes sure and then I could say. I have is that for two weeks and then it would Gillick had some momentum going before people start asking me about it. Do you mean by DUN jumpstart motivation do you line. Are you just wanna let account he's talking about this they really don't want hip pocket rockets. But ideal for many and so did case horrible I'm not really sure what we're asking for fun. What if you wanna encourage gen without really being encouraging suck platform may be offering her some tips on how you've got started. Effective because I think your struggle probably is common race for 047419400. Still not really sure what I'm after. I'm Jenny Carroll. Mr. Jiang told us Jane can fast. Just a few minutes together she's doing something so scandalous talk tough. So insane that she actually kept it from her husband grand. And snuck out of the house this morning we have an extra bags packed full of stuff that he couldn't know about it Jane what is this scandalous. Terrible secret that you been keeping. Nothing scandalous and all it's this I'm gonna start to catch a five K today. And I don't know why but I just didn't want to sell my husband I was starting it I didn't want to tell you I was starting him but I felt like. Clinton had a couple hours of waking up I needed some accountability and I think that that's why did last year and I kept secret because. And in whiny like cheerleading over exercise but what does that cheerleading what do its encouragement. Yeah. Let's get it just intimidating a look at this app it's been my phone for what two weeks now and I haven't done anything with it and just opened it week one day one. Thirty minutes and that tells you exactly clearly do you think there's. All these things called. Lou character person cheerleader. Tonight at present it's not at today's the first day of the rest of your life just free to yourself. Can do it. Just seems to know that. A year rose and Smyrna and knows a thing or two about encouragement. Are. Wal-Mart whole. So what is Jen I have to look forward. A panel. I don't say that like. They're big and that gate I haven't made it telling everyone. Yeah yeah I did anybody that I OK so that few years ago. I want a yeah Asians yeah yeah exactly it was a double by and say yeah I I country everywhere I told everybody I'm like. And they are. Twitter. Apps track my mother my mother and everybody just being able to opt out battle like everybody. So that it. Everybody knew everybody and blocking on top eight didn't quite well. When I had where you're like a bit of light up like I I want somebody very close. And I love you like I you know I thought the black and I get kind of like it gave up for awhile if anybody offered you pick them Brit Brit. Well I literally like. And back. And nobody would dare encouraging. Everybody to. People need to finish at a no no I'm actually back our clinic that Harry Warren and backtracked and then you. All. Think about right. And I've lost about right at about compounded by act of political maybe or people. Okay and that you feel like so hurt her advice is to keep record do exactly opposite of what you just it's again. Sharing with us Justin didn't totally cry uncle accountability and Denmark far hey Janet and Dawson bell. You. Date where you're exactly like Jan. Yeah out yet about the backlit by my payment by credit Allah but a lot of weight it appears to have that. Yeah you have to like look at the Mary and saint tomorrow. If not coming have to start today you have to be your own accountability. He you don't need grant and so now after you shared it would everybody he just wasn't listening and then. I Texan Greg he's. How competitive. He and I gang up on it'll be better. While I just screen grab this and I'll post that and it won't be able to say this Smart week one day one it will say something else when I open opinions so you do it. You gotta post it every day at the end of Iran is that he's at home. Yeah I think what we're just don't feel again it's here that I'll just ask you every day. Everybody's getting in shape right now why are you so I threatens the eye and I may give trying to view only because it's trying to make fun of you but I'm the exact same way. Thousand present you want who secretly exercised in a little jumpstart you and then everybody can circle and I had to write a troubled sounds what are you doing and he can be like. Well that's adding two weeks ago now on the first day we haven't done anything right. Hey Muncie. Hi hi. I get so I think yeah and the right tackle ready because you're talking about it so much you're thinking about I mean you are thirty. In regular commitment though that only a couple of things are carriers. Birds don't think about it as I would do that or what we currently do as if they. One day at a time and it only takes you back ten minutes when you are regular gas flows. And after that you debates ago like I feel that every morning when I have to get out. Now I will say to amateur back Muncie yet because most people look at me and they don't think. Oh there's a fitness buff then five I did that I am Helene I've got a couple trap lines I did Brian I have marathon. And I had somebody give me the advice of and it. If you don't feel like doing it at least get dressed like it and it. Like put on the shore but I your teacher at the around and put on your running shoes and on year if you Wear tracker any solar whatever your Edmonds that and go sit in the in the shoot if you run around your neighborhood of an outside if you go to partners on the and a sit in your car. In just sit there for five minutes if you still don't really do make them back inside because for me it was just the once you're getting drug once I was dressed and ready them well. In my past I know that our yeah that was really really at peace of fantastic advice that was given him. And I like what she said too is like. One day at a time because I can I can put wrap my brain around today I've got an hour I'm gonna get him you know I like to say Jan. Is keep moving forward he hit. Texas and I do like Tuesday.