Jenn and Walter Banks

Monday, April 4th


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The jet engines shells are ansari not before one. If you are a fan of Justin Bieber. And or a fan of Justin Timberlake okay yeah you wanna be listening to this radio station at 8 o'clock this morning. That's all I'm gonna say. Beaver. Timberlake. 8 AM. May cheer to an end. There are true characters and life and you know when you meet them. It's the person who just stands out because they're so unique they're so different they can be character in a movie right. And there's true characters right here in Atlanta too and Walter banks. Is one of those characters and he has been a part of the Atlanta Braves organization before the Braves even came from Milwaukee in 66. He was working for the Atlanta crackers and 65. And Walter banks has been an usher inside Turner Field. Fort nearly every home game that the Braves have had there this is his 52 season that starts today opening day at Turner Field. He always wears down their near the owner's box which is rate on the first base line and just. Between the dugout and the on deck circle section 107 he's always down there and and that's where all the superstars say it. Have you ever seen president Jimmy Carter any game with the Secret Service agents that's Walter section that's who they trust to take care of the resident. And the reason why he's such a true character is because he loves in his heart of hearts he loves what he does. He loves being an Asher he loves taking care of people and he makes friends. Everywhere he you know was. You know what right and really envy about Walter and people at Walter. They find the greatest of every moment. Yeah and and they suggest ramp their heads around it and it's just a positive it every moment is a positive experience. And they they find the joy and all he adds yes great absolutely and Walter ranks has this interesting game he plays with everyone and he's got a number skiing and senator if you give him a number. He will correlated to something usually it's something to do with braves baseball but not always but he plays this numbers game with everybody so. I got to go down to that Turner Field last week talk with Walter sit with him one on one and as soon as I throw out star Manny for a line. He starts rattling off the numbers. Yeah how light this time nine I had to do some of that ninth close of numb about nine folks are basketball floor with nine folksy. Folks. And President Clinton was the president Dan and manifold and Nelson Mandela was inaugurated as the first African American president south African 90. You've got so much knowledge and I know numbers easier staying especially around Turner Field so diehard race fans know about you. Because you've been here for so many seasons I understand this is. The 52. Season. When I started. You photo brace came in the Democrats as it was at the stadium. And 96 the fact they broke ground how does that have when they broke ground eighth to fifty. 1960 fold in the head to seal the sale of and being first he was eight for denying. 96 to fan that was in Milwaukee braves send me. Detroit Tigers and they sedition game when that same day which first hand they head out. Game in said the Yankees played Houston Astros. In Houston S financed the dome open hatred in 1996. He's. It's a bond with numbers he gazing rattles them off so if you re Malta ranked at all this season entered that he had throat number Adam. And you'll come back at that some back story also I had that's Baltimore brings him back to the Braves every single season. Well if this is slack family like this say in all its. Have a remake did you get that via free some good things that I'm going home in new word now people so him mean to each other. And that's what's written about. But so many nice people are so many people did doing and hit enough people when you see people begin the long and him being thought of state and hospitality that lack dilemma. And when somebody from out of town after 23 forwards on the fat years combat can look you have you fear that few. And applaud you kept a mammoth can be a hospitality the city. So this he digs is a series now wants to be not only to usher. At the Atlanta Braves and for his box and and usher for the entire city of Atlanta he's really take that responsibility on he's truly an ambassador he really hits yet affiliates. So as the usher for the owner's box for the majority of the time with the Braves he's become really good friends with Ted Turner's wife asked about him and his relationship with Ted. At seeing his kids grew up and I got a chance 110. He went to get this car and he asked me to walk Jane Fonda today elevator. And I walked into an elevated and that SS well what's he doing this we Casey soon will we don't want that to their ranks in Montana has sold well I think that's a place that night to go one dating thing that myth that it's about them much later. This death and teared columns that. She needed some dates that now be able to go to month and I couldn't believe today it is not me off my feet that was so have been so good read and and I got a chance to go to Bozeman Montana that was in May get a chance to go to a rodeo. And so that's one to be things that happened in my life. If you can't hear about warns you can see it in his eyes and in his smiles that you're headed out to opening day. You're passing by section 107 I'm sure they're gonna have him on the big screen out of the ballpark at some point RA without a doubt definitely keep your eyes open for Walter banks one of the most important characters Avila difference.