Jeff's Weekend Horror Story

Monday, August 22nd


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Thanks for making this list of suggestions. On star not before one. If you're the type of person who likes to skip ahead in relation to the punch line before they know the joke and you can go to my instant Graham rate now. And you can hear you see a picture of the intruder. It was in my house. On Saturday night. It's knives a gram name is Jeff dollar easy enough right there if you want it if you wanna see the intruder. He can have it in your head as I tell this story. Go for if you just wanna enjoy the journey as I did I don't look just yet. I write this myself. I'm Kelly cheese and him and we're talking about a week and she was pumped she's got this big girl's weekend plane and she was like comedy ensues outside. What do you didn't. Well I. Nancy's. I am so. Saturday in the world is waste. And he would never Iowa and well with Iowa and go where I want. They would probably gonna happen is and allied animate out round 9 PM and then. I go out I'm gonna have to put pants and that's. And their all the way upstairs and a definite view it and be telling answer around two hours down 79. So that's exactly what happened I got I was all site all day late and it is them that would go out of that extra people and our people were going to be cool. And then Saturday at world you know and he. So I'm at my house alone is is Cali is she's out of town for a few days so I'm at my house Imus. I am upstairs in my dad. And it's raid at the top of the stairs. You come up this date that you mean the front door. You go to the left to go down a halt liquid it in the living room dining room and in an or you can just a limit to the right in your immediately go upstairs. There's orbit. If your lying on the bed in the bedroom. The words are open. And doors at night and that there's some big doorway. You can see. The whole lane and it. And you know I got eighty. Four years old. As in it and after about any incentives say she's talented she's curled up and one quarter. And then I've got Lilly who is that six months ago poppy. Gives an F about everything. Right she's like. Lunatic who barks jumps yet everything a puppy. Oh. They're in the both of those I'm on the back. Opposite you know and and scrolling through from. Act movement. And. Does sign it says. I'm alone in my house. I I look to the landing on staying. Standing. Looking. Looking human soul. Now I'm all cash out veered back. And door to my house in a window woods closed. But then there is that. Staring at me and. Well. I'll horrifying. Banning. The only money in the house. Is the low of. My iPhone on nightly. You really should have a song playing on Hewlett and I just saw that picture that. And you really only see the shadow of the cap Angela depth as it all right so. I have my phone in my hands I just slowly turn. And I pointed. Right picture. In vain I quietly. Yeah. And I start to get up out of that. And as soon as I stared at. Poppy Italy and loses. It's. So why they can now here's the dog. Move it up and act out and I run action Beijing behind. I run downstairs and we found every door and window closed practice. They leave the dog locked upstairs right. Now and in my house I'd note that which you know if I'm home with nobody. The first floor in the garage and there's a lot of room a huge mansion and it and that well it's not big. It's normal. So where is this cat so I can look at and coaches. I'm looking under I'm. Out the chair committees and they reviewed the storage and it's there's. Six inches of room for bush and now. I go I my aunt adorable little office that it annual X I'd room Albany users in office. The doors that are close look in the ways. And he hit him at the Kennedy there now Anglican against them now and I think. In the garage in mining and ride them or maybe if I'm so that. Gone are ran downstairs. Range directly into the port of Al. Limited as I wouldn't enable big picture. I don't make you cry meaning animals. Again so I look seriously look all over the place. Campaign cats Obama while I. Am elected I am Ayers oh. The dog out. Answers they don't care where's in the planet terrible agony like analysts. Why it's eighties like injury. Why you. You might Ambien and oh that the dogs. There's no smell no trees that bring it out. Back upstairs and and everybody is now answered posting. He's. Like it. I'm looking for come. Out. Of England cat because you obviously shouldn't count. Out of known she was at that each wrong if we ever girlfriends acting like. Outside a wife by cell phone with an and a I like your comfort zone Zain and I'm able I would if I would've invited thirty people over last week and a great party. The dogs can't nine eighths at all. So I look look and then we go back and somebody suggest leaving the bull. The issue of action. Some you know putting it somewhere in and your window need to. Be at. You know it reaches. You've got all day. And eighty rooms three at least 88. So you can say that put a little treats and on the windowsill where CD can't really get them more because tuna in it and on the price but I let the dogs upstairs you left upstairs. I don't want them dealing with a look at these. That game is. Upstate tuna fish downstairs. Further night and I go to. Right ankle and may have been fully dressed including shoes and I'm may have had a night. So I got to. Wake up next answers expecting the magnitude of this incident. So. I elected you know dogs now run a sniff there on the back there's little tiny town that. You were. 80 and if not nothing alarming notable that at this point in time. The last sighting of the cat was it rained down the stairs in my house no doors or windows open not seen it since. I have so many questions and I am. Gas now get in the house here's my only time. Add in the house because sometimes I leave the back door open right of the dogs can go in and out in Kenya is especially when Sonny like line and that. Both man and reality it's so apparent in the human lot. The read I'm I'm thinking that maybe they can add and when it was open. And then was like under the counter nomination. You know points and an aunt and in the house she'll that the problem and an issue and know where I am aware that I'm winner Melanie. It who aren't aware of my pregnancy. It I think the ghost cat that may be heard some of the cap songs that are vying. I am an ex wife at some point really wanna make out song and it has been lying directed to you because you know spirits find that the missile this. Here attack half. At this defensive end. Who's seriously guys this is an army units I areas either act act in my house race. And the mess and everything into hang out. Or exemption wine or option to do there's a pet knows how to do it in and out of my house and a way that I am not. A bizarre you know why I'm totally freaks me out and I don't hate. What I hate. It is sitting at a drive and all of a sudden it adds the year. We'll look at the pictures the pictures or native country and I am gonna try to forget it that that music and any. So there you send me this music JP this or this stuff. That you know. Those 3 AM. Yeah yeah. I'm gonna upgrade he a pretty vehement that means that music. She didn't judge how to Arnold and.