Jeff;s Wedding Hashtag Decision

Friday, April 22nd


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PM the show should really be called the jazz and chanting you shall. Does he can't do it without you yeah. Lots of World War II 719400. His story now before wind. I got to discuss something his six months from today Jan six months from from day me. Married I was so excited for your wedding today for you and Kelly to be unmarried couple it's been so exciting. And we even array talked about that there's so many things we have to doubt about Janice and grooms woman in my wedding that she's standing up on my side we've such an honor that. I'll complicated with wardrobe but it's such an honor and I have never say so that's happening and just that there's a lot of wedding stuff that we're gonna be. The room next six months and on my while it's really it's gonna happen because and we picked the date it was ads over a year away. Now it's like less than half a year away you're gonna blink and you're gonna be there and she's in the locker numbing I'll writes so. Says so there's some that we got to take care of today we talked about it. Earlier this week. I need a wedding hash tag and you law had been so great sending me sell any ideas. Everybody's so creative and really got into the brainstorming process that fifth leg I felt the passion is that everybody is going to. We can I think he's not getting the best one ever because her last name is regs and yeah same as dollar soap typically wedding hash cut hash tags include both of those right. Or somehow a play on the words or play on. A feeling about a wedding are a song or something where it's clever. Right ands. So that. I mean I would say hundreds of suggestions came in in different. Plays and different ones and if you have come on we acted we dismiss straightaway just for length. But the first when that was suggest it was dollar dollar rigs the all which is great sent here. But as somebody who I like social media uses hobby and you know whatever and and just would bother me hash tag now. To lock in and it would make retreats difficult I really liked another day another dollar I like that into an asset like Family Dollar. Yes but it's been accused of play on the store right yeah otter is so we'd we discuss it we re edit. A family meeting county united. And in the dogs were there in that leniency in me I'll talk to suggest that there are some people who incorporated the dogs. Really picked two dollars to dog's cute and have. So appreciate all of the suggestions we narrowed it down you did yes we headed down to dollar dollar rigs the Al. K. Rigs. Got a dollar. OK got a dollar Riggs got a dollar. Making a dollar. Or two dollars. Those are those of the four that we narrowed it down to. And we dismiss dollar dollar rig geologist as it was the longest one and house are concerned about that so dollar gallery yells out for that reason okay. Riggs got a dollar. We light but when you see it visually. It's it's tough to read your leg Riggs is it you can read it read it is like ray eggs go. Tia dollar. Right to have some words get so religious yeah and the hashed I don't really go very well together so we we I dismissed that one and then so that left it between two dollars and making a dollar. And we diet. That making a dollar would be better when we have babies rights are making a dollar. Ands so we've decided from all. They were gonna sound effect game and there. The hash tag for the Jeff dollar Kelley Riggs nuptials. Happening. Six months from today. Hash take two dollars. Now is to the number or that TW GW TW yeah dollars. Isn't yet simple. Short easy remember. And it's now down to back it printed on things I'm not sure in my life that to you today you pop the wedding planner and Kelly giving you today as the deadline yeah why we had to talk about it today to decide digs I'm guessing. That's immediate printed on a whole bunch of napkins. All or some thing I have any of it like during cocktail hour. That people will know with a hatchet somehow your reception we're gonna know to use that passion I have an issue printed cams. I don't mind I'd say yes we can see why would you spend money on something here wipe your face oh don't be such a curmudgeon its way to get your marketing message out there Jeff I'm not marketing our god coyote I bought the product earnings Cali could. This is just the that's a heck yeah this is just the party to celebrate. Proud that that is gonna. And so the hash tag thank you Audrey out hash tag two dollars it's official now we can proceed with wedding planning.