Jeff's Wedding Gift Dilemma

Tuesday, May 9th

Jeff needs our help. He tried to help ease his wife's workload but ended up making things worse. 


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Czar not before one that I way is trying so hard it is to be as good a good husband and so I screwed something up. Holds no hard here in trouble already saved is even know we miss you guys can help me out if there's a way to fix this. Where have I just got to let it go I'll explain here's the site. The issue involves mean. Trying to take care of business. But also mean you being a little ADB. And. Always trying to multitask. And always trying to move quickly. To couples. Wine. Cali and I know very very well and wine in Cali and I know. Not really so as a matter of fact. I don't even know that I've met both members of the other couple but. They both got married within the past year and we had to send a wedding gift about. So one of them. Got a very very very. Nice. Like Williams-Sonoma. Registry. Gift because they gave us a really may scared and Franzen in on time and very close and ice and expensive. And then the other line at a smaller Hayes sorrow we can make it's your wedding but here and l.'s off registered. Yeah saying until I took in Giffords is lovely yes. That was. Doing those at the same time. And narrow. Way. No no no no no no no no no. So now I don't know what to do because they blames. To that opposite people. Yeah because they couldn't figure out what you're supposed to be able that Zaid bin you know and go. Rates through the registry. But again winning through like when I am log I couldn't going through the registry on that one went and the leafs norms it's they just wrote the item number down and then I just ordered him both separately and I think it. So he says use sent some. Testes some close friends of yours. Hand towels that said sorry we couldn't make your wedding day pride and I didn't put anything and the card is CO best wishes for a happy forever and oppress them. You know like it was just a little. Paying and I think it also came with like as specialists that what they get you. That couple yeah. It's antique coupled something evil bad like I mean what they had registered four was like this. This crock pot thing that you can take review that has a timer on it. Over a hundred bucks yeah I mean that's equivalent I what they brought us super nice really cool what they got instead were like. Three little wooden handle specialists and some towels. What I'm paying for your wedding that couple got use something really something equivalent invades in the crock pot. And then the other side of the coin is here to these people that we don't know very well who out of nowhere and on and off registry crock pot. As I now know. It's not that kind of money I know but that's messed up is on is on you and so. They just got a really nice Kitna like wow Jeff and cal yeah like yeah yeah. I've been Cali. What it tallies day. Nothing yet this is you guys gotta help me get out that's just a phone that you and at all. All I'll. He's such a husband is you can rally like assignment help. I'm ashamed to come in and say this don't you worry about it honey you've taken off your list because I got this at. Thousand examiners now. Yeah I'm sorry I couldn't make your wedding couple what do you Tareq. Then nice gift back from them how. Powell well you take both gives back in exchange and so you'd the sorry I couldn't make your wedding completely denies it the way from them all right let's re enact this phone call I'll be that couple and you need a hole. And they all just crack adding some things never crept up before. She read what they do for you and. Hey this is Jeff from. Ever so well this cry out against it and it's. Shouldn't what's up you know how sometimes in ninety make boom boom I make a global anymore in my craw why you can't remember everything I. Yeah. As a seeing is is that Krakow post for another couple and I messed up and my wife is mad at me. That's so funny you say man I love you. You're doing a show on the radio. And all right I've got to go still sky and a quick. And I think that's so look. Ma'am add a way I made different sound like that and I would hate them if they did wash my best again has advanced thousands them. Robbers bachelors or whatever has drawn some and I'd. What Wisconsin called the day now that is so bro logic yea chanting I thought enough. No you cannot take those. Yeah it's made him a priority is ill or even if it shows up and then you call it that's like so the health and then you. Into the gift that he RD games or game two it's sort of one gift yes that's my suggestion in assists and and other gifts. So just I and that's kind of where in the direction I'm headed the edges and I'll be obligated to sand the crock pots. Saying to the couple it was originally many market to crack cited okay this seat to leave that's just one thing you can order after registries they're gonna know. That you ordered. The towels and correctly etheridge street and he just went back to the registry what it actually to tell one that tells weren't on their registries they both got stuff off their different registries they cannot random towels yes and factual to say you didn't need in order until then you need to cinema art cars do let me finish. What I'm saying is the next gift has to be something personalized which would. Mean it took longer to produce beginning graves crackpots know. Like I'm playing with a picture from their wedding day something with their new names now as a wedding couple. You're gonna have to go where they get more personalized. To make up for the fact that you royally screwed this when I get him a crock happened I have that covered the crap out laser etched with their faces from the wedding. I like that banks thinks of a way that they Debian Norcross welcome to the show. Hey thank. I ate my first let that you need an utter crock pot idea I had you know I. I think it immediately begins to either waiting a little Mac and. Very happy and it happened in my car. Both happened last fall. So we didn't you when he gets timed his legacy of years and yeah Paris and the air war so that gives everybody can in my wedding about five and a half months so. So you have a year apparently to send a wedding gift and eggs. So I was just trying to take this off. Your screen we'll probably understand now and you may have made him. We get three that. I love and and as the out of the I was looking. They Justin Jan Shia that's where I'm gonna spin it to Cali and her. I just made us a new really good friends and that millionaire writers over for Chile this. They started at 6 AM and be ready about 8 PM. Alicia. She's going to be somatic. Oh thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion job on star now before want to.