Jeff's Wedding Dilemma

Wednesday, August 24th


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And Jen shall we go. Getting need help with eight sticky. Wedding guest list. Situation. I when Jeff says is the alama we need your advice for 0474019400. Help them out if he's playing in the big day. We're two months of we're close. So here's the deal so they get the gas lizard. It's done their best candidates have gone out the invites are going out on our our special stamps. In mean they all have little. Trees on the Emerson and but he just can't go to the post I was apparently get by the American flag for that you've got to have a special stamp yes it is on wedding invitations especially heavier. You know it's a different wait than those those are going out. And I have a friend of mine and a friend of mine for a very long time. Who visited difference. And he is coming in for the way. And another friend email. Lives in that seems I am they know each other roomy. I am looser and am. Because we have been friends for a very long. Her and word blows. Her arm period of time. When we're both able to be close. With really no strings attached relaying the hinges by. And friends with shore. And then right. Got Elliot and we go right several ways that I never. Needed never. Word in relief. Act right. Why it. It crossed the punch line at a time I mean it actually didn't like oh we just knew. There was something. We just we were able why make you aghast why can't it just out I better not another and I don't know the right way to say it like. She. We both. Light pizza. So we would have pizza all the pack but there is nothing beyond that we didn't listen we have eats we were an M heats of anybody else. We've reduced. I have a right out I think that we recorded at the time. Cool and we Eleanor several well we're not print rat friend or not. I wish or having Brooke Ann Arbor and and weld as he's going to. Them. As his V. No hook 000. Is he doesn't know. I actually think he does. Not cool all right are you sure he knows and Cali. And so the question in is. Due IE. Knows seeking Mathieu I. She's not invited analyst at our guests his guests right correct she's not getting an invitation would not have got an added if even if we didn't have it and you know how he's been the one who wanted to give everybody a plus want I want it. Posted this proves her point that people should not. So do I call him up in today. And can't hurt it. Because they've already encountered each other right as they rain and each other he's you know they were at him and people and he says the unit and Manny I asked me for my formal you know name and address in it. If there's a woman's name entrepreneur and the invite her issues and music so I get aghast. When you think backed plan. It only and be great. Did you find out about it he told me. I mean a text message because that's irony in the last item on my dad. Utilities. And rage. As a toss them eat or better yet knew we caught up about it. She's. Own. I know now. The whole. Much is Cali this likeness of the slugger all. Mean I was at the time. So there's some damage that it disliked thing it's just that it's like. And yeah it's that it won't be like twits. Like if you see year yeah well and in light of Cali sees all I. And being completely honest. I don't think there would be wish that there it didn't and negatively in whatever. But I just as fair even in nature of what our relationship like in the background wealth in all now. Yeah. I just don't teach an old could have no idea what you mean destiny is calling us from McDonough she's got obvious OK destiny. Now. Because of how you're already talking about it you feel uncomfortable about her Miami if you don't want Ella are coming. You shouldn't let her and make more big day. So how does he handle do I just come out about eight. All other. But and create high. I don't panic at the conversation embankment. And I don't yeah. Picking and you know I you know it's not that kind of rated you mean now only if you break there had been building really come all in my day today. I want you to be there that you have to bring her. And he doesn't play he can he incomes so Lowrie can find. Mean he does it aides are the reason I asked if it's say if there's a name are aghast because he's kind of like a serial Boehner and his one of those dudes he's about he's Ernie. He has a girlfriend for six months and then anyone for another six months. Yet three this month overlap. Yes in Alley and tennis side. I can't and I need to ask if you line and you can tell your body like. Hey it might be operated by. I mean my personal opinion on it my husband has an ex girlfriend that. Came to the wedding and it you guys ready and maybe you're trying to unleash them right. A minute there's nothing there anymore I wouldn't even worry about it I mean I tell your camp they like yet on how to ain't it. Now that they are not there's not knowing that really are out but. I mean kidnapping mayhem in your marrying darker greens than there's. The other girl selling apps in the Indy on your mind and what indignity that bit the and I and I think about it. I am and it might just from a different. I don't think I could be as relaxed as 404741. In 9400 that's the phone number my concern is accused Kelly knows about this girl knows all about her that that's that's fine guys like whatever. They got married in the air like geez that's kind of her attitude that we're both gonna have that. But his feelings and guys if that happened between it and a girl it pops into the guy's minds right. It's a fraction of a second but it pops in an eye on the hearing and sight seeing that there. Really that's. If that is happened she thinks that. The earth. Alive and I not always be good at Emory puff puff puff a 40% in Garland added four united. Love that they get from houses in the bay rays got a brilliant solution titled happily implement. 10. Jesse James shall.