Jeff's Veteran Surprise Story

Monday, March 6th

Jenn loves to hear heartwarming stories about old people, and Jeff's weekend gave him the best story of all!

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And she I'll still are. Jenny you ready to cry. If it is an old person's story. About love or honor I probably will. I have to maintain MK I think I can make Jane cry here in the next two or three minutes we've had this story I am a tissues about aid. World War II veteran. That I was lucky enough to meet on Saturday night and my wife Kelly was lucky enough to me and Saturday night. And I'm gonna tell this story and I wanna give give props. To. A U arrest trial date you might be familiar with hazards in your older Jan. No locally now. OK so it's an Italian restaurant. Dean and the Virginia highland part of Atlanta. And that they it's it's it's. Such a unique place. Because it's half. Restaurant with such delicious. Decadent Italian food. That's everything's perfectly talk prepare for it but it's also like party spots like they've got a Disco ball hanging from the CEO laying. They've got they're still and like Valentine's Day mode so they've got like these raid. Paper I don't know what they think things are kind of pay pop open that have a late in the middle. Hanging from the ceiling interns and yet. It's episodes of parties by Bieber had dinner there I think still a long time ago yes Sosa take a place where you go when you have a bit you know. Even if you ever reservation you gotta weighed fifty minutes because that nobody wants to leave a recent entertain you all have a Wal-Mart glass of wine and need lemon cello at the end. Name. It like 8:30 or 9 o'clock in ninety start to turn that the music up and it goes from like the old school Italian restaurant. You know background Frank Sinatra he music all of a sudden you're like. Why. Lemon cello I am a big asset of silly ads every tenth. I can execute that's the type revive a case of that's the rest of six years. That's where Cali and I went for our date tonight and sat. Day ends. We're sitting at the bar and we're waiting for. Our table and the woman who owns the restaurant her name is gal she comes up to us. And says hey sorry about you know the extra weight. And just make small talk. She engages and every customer is one of those restaurant managers who can run for mayor ray nasal small talk and in the course of small talk she points out this man. Which he does this guy. Race here is 94 years old he is a World War II veteran. And he actually served. Scene Nazi Germany is in Germany for part of so the war and coming scrapes and he's there in the restaurant. These in the restaurant with four other Macs like guys and he's the page here you know and I mean so he's he's sitting there. And she's saying you didn't have dinner at 430 in the afternoon no he was out again and I use that lay up. Piano and late night so he's sitting there is of course distressed impeccable here on me like I'm wearing tonight. You know sweater that over shirt he's like and a suit and a trying to pocket square and there are delays are you at all. And you sit there are those people and she says I just heard the most fascinating story. That. He was in Germany. In May be rape is soon is. War and it is who's there's surrender happened or whatever he was in Germany and he was there for awhile. And the Nazi regime. Destroyed. Most forms of entertainment that they didn't agree with. All the propaganda and destroyed at all well they've found one record while he was there. And he's just telling the story I think me because they're playing like old school Frank Sinatra or something in the restaurant he's telling the story. To the unease that I really like your music and public lines she says and she hears this story. And he said. There is a song. That when I. Was in Germany it's that it's literally the only record I listened to a I've never heard it. Since then. And it's aside it's that I don't know the name of the album but that woman's name is and net hand char and shot. And he said it's the only record that survived. As American its English. It's an hour and Leo I'm an American. You know singer singing in English. So he found it when he was there. He and that's all they could listen to because everything else is destroying OK listen to over and over and over and over. And eyes she hears this or any guess I've never heard it since then but. Every time I year old music it's what I think. And this in particular this one song called white lies. Crane tells. So she is telling us that story and she says the Cali and I. We found it. They found the song on line. And she's he doesn't know it but weren't gonna play it during the party all my guys. Us. That is so Kelly sitting where she could see that guy OK I'm just sitting at the Booth like. You know thick piece in the the other way so it would there jam ended things the other way and. Ceylon. Lemon cello in the air and then why is bill day. Mr. Obama re able. Eight times. All right John. He or. Hi my name is then there. Tables didn't do it too like they're thrown an app get above their name everything. Right but I get the five seat yeah go balls where Helen. He'll let me get this so the wild and everybody's just dragging out your name up all of a sudden. Okay. Tell you can see that. And that's okay. Okay. Okay. Momo. Yeah I. Then I do. You know. Okay. Non big guys. Begins on. Only candidate back in his chair. Turns and looks around like can eyes are relying. And then biggest smile on his face. I catch it and trying to catch him. While. Cali and I other than the people who work at the restaurant like the only ones who know the story right so he can tell we're just staring. And him at least frying. A net and she guys played over the whole rest every salad and what is this and then he walks out and walks. Past the table and he he sees me watching him off by. And he grabs. My arm he leans way game and he said did you hear that song. That's the most beautiful song. And Kelly take a picture. How many guys. The greatest I have heard so beautiful. Any left the restaurant and then we're back to us. This week story. You can find anything and the Internet. He's not ninety's board this man looks so yeah. Thank you for your old world. Now entering. How incredible how long did it take him to realize that was his song well I think it was fairly quick because. You know you're in the restaurant. And win the vocal started I would gas because. To me all time he's on sound the same and it's our right yes started again yes so submit all the jams are playing in the group. And then all of a sudden. I don't lose. Ram a phone yeah I think it. Then. Okay. Okay. Okay. You know. Then you realize it's. Or Hillary I use. People are good. Non pain. These. I. Okay. And I credible how music touches your soul Alia and your memory. Once his print on their time there forever. What's most fascinating is they we have now played this on twice which means the state government and that hand shocked. It's gonna get a check for thirty seconds and I. And I don't know what world does this put the radio button used to buying the jug of milk for thirty cent a definite. On a radio station. And I played it twice I didn't believe you Japanese have you gonna making crap that you did it now the F. Alec. And you know. OK okay. Did you extend. This gentleman. It's so incredible. DeVon James showed. Hello hey. Hey hey dog it's ballot like they really area. Thank you so much that story that would beta my grandmother what does. She loves that spot really love that ball. So they eat. What was that sound like a hit record I don't know anything about it and never heard of that. Yeah I have no idea but I do that it does she had any doubt record that I thought that so it. I'll I forget the girl and I know are a bit I'd sit up prop it up when I was at war. The woman singing her name is and net and shot and believe it or not that some white lies by Annette hand tries available on iTunes. And Billy that that hearing that song take you right back to being your grandmother's house. A lot of bullet I would doubt she'd that's the way out you got out chicks and I took sharper slow while. East that and you are not ball or not eight by just. China good did a charity work. Well you know I do things that are remarkable one amber it's really cool that that's I was able to touch to people. And the same 48 hour period so that's called Billy and second volatile take a second and imagine that eighty years from right now. Some of radio station is gonna do the same exact segment but it's gonna be in nick humanize stock. And you can be crying about I don't know I don't know and I didn't do their bit and that's ultimately good for us but not. All like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.