Jeff's Text Message

Tuesday, June 13th

Jeff got a text from a woman at 3:30am, and it wasn't his wife...


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I got a text message at 3:40. In the morning. Early Sunday morning since late Saturday night from a woman. Flu. Is not my wife Kelly. Boot and Jenn hobby you get to translate this text message. They're about 36 I cannot wait to hear what they actually actually I had to text messages while we're at 341 at 350. Last is this is again and again I. We got to remind you we got money for your credit in your pocket at 720 and all you need is a birthday so listen to so many file one. Well give your birthday month as it's yours we can give you cash immediately. We've all been Aaron bright led we've all. Been out. And then you have a little bit later. And then you're out later than you'd probably should be out and you decide to send a text message to somebody you haven't talked to and one. Right revolver out there on your my. Should reach out and you might now who have been equivalent and is the perfect time to reach out in and the next day you go back through your phone and you read this text messages. Or you look at this maps or you mood watch your instant story you think almighty god why did they let that let them eat deli. But it is against the straight and you look down on the corner and you're like huh Liberal Party. I can't take it back. So. I was really think that's unhappy I was on the receiving end of a text message at 344. Sunday mornings a Saturday nights as a regular Saturday night Fred and talking about this rate now because I tried to get it translation from her. And she's like on entitlement and Samaria but Mitt meant nobody listens to ask you for seven so you're loses the ball this is a chance streak yet this is the VIP club okay. So Jen out just lets you read this okay Kelly I feel like you and I read it with some slurred I am okay do you got against Clark. You noted valley girl yeah I don't do valley girl slur yeah because DeVon about letting me do it. Getting it knows is they tell you could probably translate this and I'm guessing you've sent and received a lot of right 3:44 AM is the first and Bailey's beach bunker EF. Okay I'll try and land. And yeah. And moon you can display about that fact Andrea Lyon is score. One after despite sick interject it's between man and financial. Oh hey. I'm trying. But they can't it's a lot. I never read without hustler affect you need this Larry there's it just doesn't it's almost like I DK how. Good. You can display about the fact everyone is score. What after this bites to interject between may and financial. Hey. That's a done I'm trying but they can't stop what yeah. You know look I'm I'm frowned on a black out my my. Ever have I ever. I have thought what did I say. The term I would be able to translate this myself OK that's at 3:44 AM buried a 3511. And see if this involved. Gives a clue as to what the 3441 sentiments like seven minutes like sari. I was slightly angry about someone you've had on your show out. And Kauai home and I have. That had nothing to do with it. I apologize to. With the Tampa. I mean so the first when she gets fired an option that is a mess when she at least at the time to close wanna what does it mean yeah. Communication burden. While she's upset about some money that's on your show and that's about all I can take from him. Yes the first time and it passes tequila talking and Manning and Jimmy I'm really at first when she was in picking uber airlift and good commotion of the car. Was interfering with the texting Genesee and they didn't next minute she was there and can actually stand on one leg leaning on the wall yeah. 3:44 in the morning she can have been sitting on a curb in the motion of the current event and I'm hearing it believes are texting. Read it first or march and got me. I DK how. You can display about the fact everyone is schooler what after despite sinner Jack's between man financial OK. Fed took I. But they can't let hang. This is that it can't we as said that so let me close when I take a deep breath since the get through this image your response. Sorry I was slightly angry about someone you've had on your show and mom I have that had nothing to do that I apologize. Taken well at least you apologize I have benefits and their new leader on his. I've got the NC UIG. Is apologize. For. Sending three clear for these guys not even detects that Kelly is lending and a and then. Is she laughed hey and if Baghdad thanks for making this wedge to adjust and slow job on star not before one.