Jeff's Temper Tantrum

Tuesday, June 7th


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Sarah Michelle should really be called the jazz and chanting you shall 'cause we can't do it without yeah. Lots of World War II 719400. Is still in 941 it well I'm temper tantrum camp. Full. And that toddlers thou meltdown. In this grown ass man. It plays out and say I'm surprised. Since feign surprise at. Good morning herald and Lacey. Hi good morning they think we'll see you tomorrow at the ocean way and on a Thursday that it. Was it Thursday at the ocean Voyager virgin branded and CD and CE. UN observes near and that agents take ideas from Voyager. Analyze data at some info from him we will idea that again 11 o'clock this morning the I'm sorry Cali. I'm sorry about Sunday afternoon. Lets you duke. She says I have word drove just more for yet. What is this more fi means is that is that it might use that word right his body just more fear. What often leads to eating disorders where you think your body looks different than it really does OK you look healthy you look in shape. But you think that you. Aren't in shape so you either work out the theme to use starve yourself and make use of second minute develops and these horrible. Diseases OK I decided on. That over the weekend that I hate all of my close hate the way. Okay what went right to this decision I don't I just decided I need you at all hormonal completely I don't know I just had day. I just maybe he. It's time month. But I just decided that I hated everything so I have heard I have had those moments before accurately I think anytime you seem funny closet like. I'm wanna know me switch the pants and then you switch the pants that working and surgeons and mark and he switched the shirt. Nearly really like selling this at this isn't a comfortable coming eating goes through it and once you've gone through like two or three or four. Then you're just completely frustrated and you hate. That's what I don't know and I just decided that I wanted to dress differently wanted to spare his when you work mean. Radio broadcasting you see the same half dozen people everyday you get nobody to impress. So I just I'm where I'm jeans and T shirts that's my comfortable goes to whatever and I just end buyer we give up with three more we get invited me. The ability to put out a nice outfits. So and I get the same rotation of lake T shirt and I just decided so and so we went to them the I'll carry it around and it and so we're at the mall and I just decided I wanted to get some news staff made you just look but I didn't know what I want it. She kept saying when you have something like that. And it went from that point literally. It went from so that we fought her way through the mall with me in it was a fight users trying to be helpful. I think we have things. Seems like a ray of sunshine and he did on it and it's great beyond our. Back at yeah. We have she is perfectly which this year it's our job. That's literally had so I don't let it finally ended with it's driving. Teague Teague go to dinner injured. Going to Smyrna line. That night and driving and toddler written in decides. That the goldfish that the goldfish crackers yeah right no longer watch the goldfish crackers watched. Cheese yeah. And literally. It wouldn't matter what she said you just. Reaction to your temper tantrums. Ski areas that you guys decide that you're gonna want them I'll get married for ever what she and you know I think you'd probably. Since it text message and play console. That's that's who. I'm sorry. If there. NJ and she always goes.