Jeff's Tarot Card Reader Joins the Show

Thursday, March 17th


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Or one. 805 and shock to me yesterday by talking. About getting his tarot cards read not just actually going through it and doing it muscle leaning and going back over and over again from. But here's the thing it's in it's only because it was Kelly in welcoming us. Kelly is Kelly as a friend of mine right and I have known to Kelly's right. A few years ago three years ago maybe four years ago. You embraced the use this more. Wesley spiritually. Sound religions but it's not like spiritual happier in herself. Self awareness types that are right. So a few years ago she decided she was gonna happen. And it is like saying you know to Kelli you know of the Kelly before and Kelly right now before it's just deli select world. Game. And then all of a sudden now like superpower Kelly but she says I'm gonna send her to do that's so I used to make fun whereas I OK you know you may hippie friend because she would take. Class is I'm getting in touch with your energy and energy sources of people and all this out. So. IE being trying to be supportive friends with me on. Trying to be supportive. Like win the opportunity presented itself I would say. And so what are you doing what you in the go to your card sure monies here at the card says about this in I suggest. She just reminded me it probably three or four years ago back when I was playing. She said hey let me let me use the cards of these people that your date. And she looked at moms and Allen's and buying and me but this one. This cat person. She's going to be around for a way she is lifer like. Three years ago I hate being. I think when that happened. Cali and I were just friends. I think we were both the other people Q and he's like that when rate their cute and. And that now. We are local so I've got a million and one questions I mean we can just scrapped this shows scheduled for the guy I've got no questions like LA. But I think first of all like with reading tarot card that sort of thing. My question is what makes these cards so powerful with a history behind magical eyes reading it. Why would this over you know just a deck of playing cards tell you something about life for connect with someone's life more than. You know more than I just brought out my daughter's ABC flash cards right actually people DEA's playing cards efforts similar function OK there's different it's communication tool. I believe that everyone has an intuition and there's universal consciousness. A lot of information. And and eat at the intention of connecting to act we get it and then really all the cards are. Is it communication device that symbols. And there's different human experiences archetypes held in the cards. Ian it's just the way to communicate. Where he has of people it's meant that he should get a message that's not likely. But you can use this tool. Language and that some meat entry in the language very sues everybody trainer everybody who reads cars can be translated differently yes well there's that. Traditional meanings that are associated to each card and the beast. But on the more idea this is clicks into my personal intuition and my frame of reference the client's dream of reference. Car they're from and like. The fifteen and so now I try to read in the modern day. So that Siri it back in the day that area Tesla rape. How it starts to be cat there's these modern interpretations she kind of influence there and mussina. You've leaders would be a market. Ripe for modern terror cars instead of H area you can have it be like happened at Nissan leaf. And you instead of having it the. You know a lot in or something. Where. There's actually a pop culture Latin where key on you Reeves represents an arc tie. All in fictional characters. Here rat that debt settlement need to act now to its okay is this is really weird from Mina to be skeptical about it I'm out years is really does. But I just did and it's open to everything I. Think we had fully half. So I just wanna say to back it up the Rick this is nine. Like when there are times I was having meetings about this jobs specifically. That carry it looked at cards. And say. OK well the person you're meeting it has to talk to other people including one. They can make Agnelli right they these. Things that she would say that even make sense. In and it would realize after the fact that SC over company. This company. Is one. I didn't know it at the time but the cards said. He has a woman needs to sign. It won't be there was in any of the conversations. CEOs. Yeah you guys. So I I'm skeptical with myself. So now there's people listening on of course we have frank went on your own for so she's whenever. I over. The job with it for one again that the company with an. I just older is making your change in contemplating moving on to something else. It was in broadcast it could have been an. Accident yeah you gotta say she thought it was web based again mattered plotting something like yeah so skeptical jackets arguing with real jet real Japanese winning. Know that people. I lost my mind and I have to ask this question too because I feel. If your traditional. Religious parks. And and now. Sometimes people like this would be in direct contrast. To the air religious. Do you feel you have to pick one and the other. I still believe in Jesus and believe it yeah I just have to go there again and we don't just ignored because. It makes me a little bit uncomfortable to be open to other spiritual things because like. Quest it would somehow. The direct conflict with me raise rates if we'd take packed here it being communication right way you can be communicating. It. Currently your higher self early and the universe arts oh. It's really more as a tool of communication at. Every year higher power is and how your beliefs now in line at. The he captured on Sunday if we do. I hope I. Watch it every kind of I'm kinda. So that we're at we're not done this so so welcome. About the whole thing really is interesting and I want to the Internet and again that the 40474. 19400 if we have any questions IE in India and colleagues that we did you imagine. Now I'm telling you. Value would be talking about it if it did. In. Front of fire that it. And I and my. More rights aero car career. Things Armenia. Where in this area. Apparently there. How it would eat professionally. People OK. Okay. And you would give coach an intuitive. Because Huard. Read cards for me related professionals. Right and Hewitt odds though. What does that. Mean that these weird and she was saying. She's saying use the card information that he's providing it changed my approach. Situation. The issue. He's ours. And you approach. At home and she. I. I had. I know what I think it's about as is out integrity is and I don't know clearly and a man. Because typically Jeff is mr. skeptic on everything. On this is crap crap ever. And I'm usually the ones all well and I'm actually more skeptical in the area and he is wide open. Hey I just turn and got a logjam. My right out of my head I'm Aaron that aren't about people and you for a little while. Did that I get different maybe eluded your carrier you happen to like you know the person you're treatment heart for. Yeah you don't need to know the person at all sometimes. If I was at first of all the Jeff's situation is being deliberately vague because he was going through a sensitive transition and he wasn't able to share a lot of information. So hands. It bit skeptical (%expletive) also didn't winds. To share because like as I mentioned that last break. You identified a powerful woman influencing this decision right. I didn't want to think well if I told her that it was with an accountant right and cheeky Google and her comments he. That that CEO is a woman and throw that in the Max so I was being paid. Almost as a way to answer and stuff. Right. Yeah most of the people that I work went out seeing 95%. I've never met before. And I do a lot over the phone so I'm not even theme. You know their faces so you don't have to know the person I eat that deceit with the intention. And guidance they Lori in peachtree corners militia. Hi you. I this whole conversation that interesting I actually started listening yesterday. And I've been following and I had my card read about tenure. I was states that an opportunity professionally. To move from a high. He's who eat and relocate my company there to Atlanta. Or two trolley or her take a position with a different company and in Cleveland Ohio and hacked my cards red. He added that reader definitely that Atlanta would send it back in it for me and it has definitely turned into use back. And I don't act because the op in Raleigh area actually has been slowed. Africa comfort in numbers they got there. I think that's like Paul did you feel like it's coming you'd go back to and do over and over again. Me her but she's got he has to side and you're going back absolutely absolutely. I don't they have called recently everything's been delightful. Really and I've been really busy see I think that's the skeptic in me would come in and say if you are in elect transition going through tough time. You're in moments I always feeling in moments of my life it's been opened on whether I'm content or seeking. Seeking something new race hands. In those times have we you're seeking going through life changer aunts and certain. Those of the times I feel like people would come to you pray. I just would be interested to see if someone wasn't and that's it because I don't feel like I'm and is seeking stage of life. And I wonder if you read my cards if it. If that would be wise. That where you are effective liar and I some of declines to comment during times of transition and that other people at work list. They just are trying to understand different patterns of blocks or how they can see things or do things differently so there's always there's always a way it's a lack of. I and in fairness. We're gonna talk to Sharon in Peachtree City. She is a skeptic. Sharon. Rain Harry M. I plugged it I. Let her he's played the ethical catch heat. I I am both before and not having your hair card Brad and you'd think that a couple of things that I don't know that and I think it's something you'd it be okay it was saying. I think James only comfort the only reason gents tennis squirming. About being skeptical is because she usually when it's all buying into this I'm open ended just about everything I can bring I am the whiners like Patrick figure. I now I don't think gents I'm comfortable being skeptical I think she's uncomfortable in the role of being a skeptic that yeah. I'm uncomfortable on the role of the in the believer. It just slowly carefully they'll we have been in over a pair of Tony would be so proud.