Jeff's Storytime: We Dine Together

Wednesday, March 15th

There's a group of students in Florida who have set out to make a great change for their fellow students

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Sorry not before one okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James shell hole now. Your member of V feeling at school tell you she's you may remember this one than you would you move around a bunch communicate right. So your first days and in news school. I'll man's special the last agencies are around nobody wanted to talk to me. Yet to find a place to sit as per line each. Because there are you in a classroom and it's whatever desk is open or maybe there's assigned seats but you go under lunchroom and like. I say it would these people are they in and out like me if I sit alone make going to be sitting alone the entire lunch period and. Do you think that because you moved around a lot that's what made you a people person because it forced integration friends everywhere Berkshire because I don't think you've ever met anybody. Who didn't feel like they've known you a long time in the first five minutes via hey I'm and you've never met a stranger yet and I went I was more like the weirdest close to so. But yeah the armor. Armory glitter genes. And my toe socks homeland raise awareness to school with shorts like pulled out. As the weirdest can't my mom's like Jack early you do you I have a bag of pages on my momma is so calm and that. So why can't why can weathered chose. Are you kidding. They're like this awesome colorful socks and normally when empty needs heat they had like everyone had to know. That even endeared shows it was like lake fingered gloves and a separate trial having dinner at bay Buccaneers then. Even wearing with blue blouse in the hunt and has added terrible decision and it's the best thing then ninety's and 2000 as aggregate in the world via. Second second sent a letter jeans yeah this actually. Well there's some people who learn is Tom wardrobe outgoing. And it's a little weird for. And that means that there and and in the lunchroom especially here in any school there in the land from a single owner may be you know you just met. What are called kids you know and you don't know where to sit in underwear ago it's a stressful time like. I'm feel pretty lucky because I went to a very small high schools so there wasn't a ton of bullying so I feel lake. And I didn't get. Bullied you know and I didn't hit but that wasn't a bully like everybody there wasn't enough kids have clicks right there 55 people I think sixty people and are graduating class wow that's so small. SO so is so tiny but I do you remember being stressed. When I would have to go into a different situation like a camper or something like that. In try to find the person who's gonna be my friend well in Boca Raton Florida there is an organization called. We dined together and this is a group of kids. Who have formed a club for the sole purpose of making sure nobody. Eats lunch. Alone. When the lunch bell rings that quote guy high in Boca Raton Florida 3400 kids spill into the courtyard and split into their social groups. But not everyone gets include your hopes up high and schools across the country someone always. Sits low. It's not a good feeling like you're by yourself. And that's something a lot more than you wouldn't want to. Dennis passed him on is Haitian immigrant when he came here and first grade he says he felt isolated. Especially at lunch. Now he's seen he's popular but he is not forgotten that first read feeling. To me it's like if we don't triangle make that change who's gonna do it. So with some friends Dennis started club called weak dying together. We've done today we dine yeah. We god yeah. Their mission is to go into the courtyard at lunchtime to make sure nobody's starving for company. It would take us come here for new kids especially the club is a godsend to those Gabriel. They might well since it started last fall at his birthday hundreds of friendship support. Some very unlikely. And probably meeting did you never will be on the football team ever been here candidate Jean Max Mary do actually quit the football team. Gave up all the perks come with it just so he could spend more time with this club out of item on nagging problems gosh this is who I really wanted to. Just imagine how different your teenage years would have bet. That man is the coolest kids in school all of the sudden decided. You bet it's nurtured a better. It obviously takes a lot of empathy to devote your lunch period to this yes you do that or firsthand experience. I went from coming from the school I always had friends so coming to us. Why nobody them. Club member Alley Sealy transferred two years ago she says with no one to sit next to lunch. Can be the most excruciating part of the day. Stay brilliant ferret. It's honestly an issue. Meaning someone who actually cares to listen listen to a trip to say really makes a difference. And that can happen out once I could have been other clubs it's going to be a different. And not just tear it broke up kind of Iran tomorrow morning Alessio humming. Dennis and his team are now trying to open chapters of we dined together at schools across the country. And maybe when they're done showing kids how to make outsiders feel accepted. They can teach us adults too are cool. Oh cool all that I assumed the mother actually every school needs a week dined together club. Is anybody here know somewhere and an education. Anyone KP any connections in the education world. Second grade teacher and yeah that's how my friends are like elementary school teachers that who could recall bronze and I found on loan. Well let's see if we have to look and rollodexes. Our heads together and find somebody who works in education just for that storage room I'll let us go some way and students have a Twitter account if you are weak it is. James has been is this superintendent of Marietta city schools so I'm guessing. Who begin attacks in the next ten minutes or. But beyond that if you are part of a school system you heard that they have a Twitter account that we dined together and as well the Jeff and Jack I just fear from the Jefferies and terror account so. Is it some you'd like to start her school kind of cost nothing man. And it doesn't take any time doesn't cost him up a penny. And they can certainly I changed the course of somebody's day or even their entire school year or so and by doing it changes the course of your day right. On the suburbs Umbria bad to be able so do you wannabes. You wanna feel better we can help you adapt to. All like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.