Jeff's Spousal Performance Review

Friday, July 15th


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They Jesse James show. The guy and read it came up with the idea that you news follows a performer entry. Genius yet if his vows say. Piece of paper. Where she can rate him in certain areas and the every error. In certain areas and and they would compare notes and they would they would find opportunities for improvement just like happens in corporate America all the time to. There are. Some of the categories that honesty productivity. Enthusiasm. And we thought and it's our ninth on island dot com writes he can go and you download. You do you share with your spouse or significant. Entertainment choices meals. Communication skills overall quality of spousal relations which where. He means grown up time. And then got to the bottom it says performance improvement plan for years. In and you can use the back and he anything additional pages that needed. So energetic guy took these home these blank form I gave one that you might answer right now. And I came onto my husband grant they know about. Seal the red envelopes and we brought a man. And instead of opening our own we've exchanged it will open each other and we did nothing means now now grant is an eight sealed envelope yeah it's and it's and it says he labeled envelope. Opportunities for. If it. Lately and I Kelly in the years just eat out. And related energy Lockhart. Users can be. An agent so who's who read your first human reader's first and share. We've been mail all edit out. Yeah why. You use it it's an opening. On the back. Probably didn't. Because I am going to order a few minutes again. You write off eyes that she sketched out spousal and fiance fiance for her arm and three years asked Jeff to. Department love. A law. Regular Cali. Just you know I'm so happy that we're doing this. That she felt this out before the winter when they heard the last rate and Anderson went crap. That's. Oh man and she really loves you okay. So and honesty excellent productivity X. Work qualities she scratched out and met gratitude and then checked the read checks and the excellent fox. I told her she asked me about that she is what we're calling. Sherbet. If you wanna change may mean you can go for it. Think she did she scratched out and technical skills and make that partnership and did fore check marks an excellent. Over check yet. Choice she just checked good and then Astor seed below. Which will be its equipment and everything else was excellent. Affection and support consistency she sent a faction. Enthusiasm operation at its initiative quality special relations. Just checking on a couple of check marks and that department and gratitude and technical skills sports X. One Jacqui dependability that checks. Creativity punctuality meals communications skills all checks in the pocketbook and under other punctuality and. Footer. And. Underneath others she wrote breakfast making check. Under excellent sweet notes checked. And performance improvement plan for your 2070. She says Astrid more movies. What does that mean. You don't wanna go to actual theater it is it urges Washington home. We watch movies and now we have kids and for both of those falsely in the first is that big move these guys. And some. So excited drop which you do right. And then Ford Tony seventeen she put heart and marriage and heart exe honey. Plan B engrossed. The accident left. Bottom out this year and I answered. Six years I mean I'm well I'm not gonna readers these guys are running out of. Army jurors on Monday but let's. I packed this place like that okay all right and you re review after the weekend may have be really nice is. Now let them tell you. As I open it right and who's gonna read the words that I can say okay because he used the back of the page and had these words that I can say. That car. No. Garage dot dot OK he's three separate lines outlined the car. Middle line garage got got that. In the bottom line OK thank. Toenails. Hype train day. And play. Be it all day and height weight and I have to re sealed this isn't. He has lectured me its own son's well stalling before one.