Jeff's Smell Test

Monday, May 16th


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Or one. Body odors are connected to humans that sexual attraction right now. This the way somebody smell all that there Farrah moans. And subconsciously. Apparently your subconscious thinking your potential mates by the way that peoples and so that's in Ames that's the theory behind like. Men who swept like that fresh sweat smell can be like we're really turn off. A really turn on. And worst for men and women similarly so we stumbled across this story of smelled dating and matchmaking service that pairs people up based on their odor. You don't know what anybody looks like I ache or what any idea that Asia what they do relating to read it like an enterprise or anything. Is it in there isn't an in person thing like where you hang out in a dark room we just want browns now oh how exactly execute let's. I think it's from I was in the they bottled up but actually it's the odor from dirty teacher it's it's from Warren T shirt blouse that was a vision and some blood dating type situation where you're in a dark room and it's a good dog park. Do you just go from. But to butt sniffing each want to. There's no I'm Hal as. Reality show that our friend Michael checked it was on with the masks. That's the concept behind that Hannah. And then you wouldn't see anybody you're dating practice. Anyway so we decided that we were going to put jets nose to the test of producer Kelly cheese is in here with me yet and we're going to present tense. These different T shirts and Jeff and he's gonna rank them whether he thinks they smell really really good a gimmick ten. Or if they're really really battled him one. Animal I don't know whose T shirt. It is that he is smelling and seeing them perfect where parents work out and I am wearing a blindfold so that I camps the yeah you don't really see what the shirts are and producer Kelly has got all of them and numbered bags that look exactly the same so. You'll anonymously. V smelling needs. You gonna set up here so I can do Sudanese and face acquired via I think Lucia and better. And because of saying that there sacked chemical signals. That you know create these things that go off and your brain when you like the smell of someone or if you don't. That this in Nate wade. Subconscious that we don't even know what we're doing right. Do you have out with grant the feel like you cannot light his must kind of thing I think so yeah my first boyfriend ever always smelled like grass inside that he played football. So and high school after the boulevard and at around 9 AM and I just love the smell of his ex lady grassy. What I love about it. Primal about an inherent like that smell and they have Smart I may find at today's more of a woman Pena unidentified. But. I think you are simply sat out. Congratulations and timing blindfolded that's me. If it actually goes your bag yeah. Gossip. I have you blindfolded. I am and gotten back okay. And Kelly's going to give them a magnetized and we'll see that lower there's a staggered bags in the corner of the room yes and there are once T shirts now we asked the people that wore the shirts to Wear them for at least a day or asleep at them overnight so they would have there. Natural. You know body odor what are the shirts what category of people that would have it turns out that I'm. I'm political dynamic fun OK what if it turns out that I event. Deep sexual attraction to Mike Fowler hits. Well we'll just have to find that out radio how great you embarrass me a few minutes out. Okay that's score sheet here at I mean I which bag is this. Bag number one I was at an ammunition yet and you're gonna you're gonna smell assured and give it a school are. One being the least. They like at least intending the best now is some pretty. Okay. Would you score that between one inch and woody give that one. Does is alienate Ed K. It's an eight yeah okay and that's it that's a pretty persons shirts and carry on bag number soup. I keep putting my hands outreach to the teacher an infringement. Credit plotters. Dozens Canon. Doesn't. And we have a smile and tag it doesn't have a dome even a laundry detergent now learning things never thinking that over powers. Every little weird too much perfume. I get that but it three that was a three a tank I want more of that person rooms for a look at it. Put that has done that and I like LA that's our hello this is bag number three. Jeff is about to smell it now. It's blindfolded and testing out your fair amounts. He imagined this meeting with one without consultants. I use the idea here is headed out of and just love how does not yet again. We're gonna smell stuff. For one entire it worked with that Osama again like this. Should it. Mine ranked fifth on this is and a mystery to me that in morning we had to get through these quickly that is not good. Oh really. Okay and what's the what's the story of Alan. Well it's this one's different different places we've just got to pick up. You're an insurrection is not dead heat ill understand what he get it. That when that it is okay I'm an average okay. That's I get five BK is a five F first which Baghdad thank MI it rape and and a pit in case. RA and then that it's now late big Greg cinnamon them and we act. The fireball. Hit. This is number of people work. That some. Disarray it. That's at nine AK and I'm always saying nine in case and excellence and hey Alan you know you already know knows that he unicorn part. Talk about a month yeah. That's a boy. Okay. So we get it. I don't know but that's it boy used to lower the car loan. That's not like every fraternity basement party I ended up. Daisy giving out of one gap that hit by Sammy as a bad but it's just. I knew you weren't sneaking them. Boy in a campaign season. There's whose childhood food. Wouldn't that somebody ranked no legitimate he's making me hungry Huff. This is a food this is the spice okay. What you rank and then. This Kabila can eat at cat and he had a nine. OK so here's eminent tell you whose bags where it was in the bags can then when we come back we're gonna tell you. I blew it got you re one of the highest sentiment I thought yup. If you tell me that one of these this contrast underwear. Yeah. And it now underwear but I will tell you oh we had several women in the sample into guys. OK you know. There was a shared mine. There was a shirt and Emily in sales and there was a certain callies your fiance Hank there was a shared a producer Dave yeah. Thank. Tony are Bostick big bows Sony. I'm doesn't Tony is that the current one play at last season ai has an intense one guy and your comedy friendlies. Cat we come back let's say could you rank clock kind of diet and exercise and these are all people he knows. About Kenneth Lay sense have to be the best smiling on me and I can never go home and exactly I never hang out with lay some friends or their boyfriend failed to do you think Jeff. Shall. Or one.