Jeff's Show and Tell

Thursday, April 21st


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It's done maybe 41. Sorry lungs David. Feel great depth. Just maybe Internet in my car because I realized I forgot my separate challenge. Nice little morning workouts began gimmicky. Yes I. And it's so many people. Figures all the time deal radio show go home with Mikey and you're stuck at the station alpha. And I are around you people so this will be show and tell this is all stuff that I have purchased. Over the past couple weeks. For summary I look at and all the show. It's literally been an axiomatic pathfinder's there impulse buys yeah I see is getting you target bags seat target for something else yet walked by this and you're like and I have stupid target. It just doesn't just take my money Terry. The first thing is a team called utter nonsense. Suitable for ages eighteen enough. So. Here's how this that is returning it here's how this game works according to the box. Utter nonsense is a card game where players combined stereotypical. Accents. We've outrageous phrases. To create sayings. That are just plain ridiculous. Yeah and sounds fine case here's. We're so good accents on the well that's what we get to the right now the whole thing's going to be British. Just badly British and that's oh but left open don't look at it they're gonna play quick game came. To only take one of those cards. After. Just take one yeah I took it again and they don't look data yet hey there. Maria Eddie ought to play thirtieth as I'm gonna observed. I don't imagine that marinas in another program so we can't hand them hired to do and I can assure them there through glass and then. All you do is. One of these okay just pick one and that's it and David and an interest. And the plague them. There. You take it to Maria. Yeah. All right. There's a David what is according to your yellow card what is your accent accent is. Higher tyrants. I made eight Ivy League who wouldn't give us your phrase in your rest tyrant accents. Have to Kitts Nevis pulled him then maybe pick a different rates. I know we can't leave yet I keep getting stared at. By that bartender. Apparently an error. And error we got marina my goodness I slowly went yellow card the other part of your accent. Must buy yellow card is redneck OK I. Asked. And I and I have to say this race the act in a redneck accent yes. Wow distances that that's. A Yankee from New York. Oh boy loosely here. It. Said water to children in Africa. Wait want I want to send water to children and Africa. And I don't know other favorite band news. David brand I don't know the favorite brand in its. I just look like for redneck he just got louder hey I'm back yeah that's what happens in this that he's hit the normally. Radio is really open for new Yorker. Yeah yeah opposite against that and I asked the venerable Boston. You don't that you can I Mac. Yeah I've ballet girls hope. Let us on today's sober and I can't. A might not how to pull these together is Zetterberg advocates. My I deals Friday night is taking that perfect picture of it on us Ryan and totally opposing on things that. I don't think it was so good when the plane with the effect that's. How thankful. That Lindsay beyond perfect I wonder if we were accent and yeah I wonder if we're supposed to like gas with the accent was. Little girls they probably yeah because otherwise he's just reading the cards and moving up and to that. It's evening guess this accent and kind of phrase. Can't say those words you can. You have to guess CX attacked. She bad error dog in the old. All. Are you atop. The marathoner. Who are you a constipated. Person who took off Baja. Guys. Pick on me and tiny and. It. I think you're right. Constipated marathon runner. Oh giving birth house. Giving birth and actually. I thought all right so I had show and tell exhibit one do we keep it. Yes that's in my mind and I think it is yeah I won't get screened through the crossword one season. Eyes and then the other way and that embodies the board game version. Never have I ever the drinking game all of time. Skiing those poor life decision yes I like that. It's actually dangerous and I don't know why did this. But I bought these on Amazon at Penn. We drinking at the time of purchase. Or on Ambien for about ten of them. Look I don't have a lot of this is like six pretty you know. You know I never had to play when you know when I've never played a recorder. Your chance. I don't know how you as a show me where your fingers I totally outplayed at once and for. Wait now. Can you just feel of San Anglo.