Jeffs RSVP Blues

Monday, September 12th


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In case you haven't heard it today we look down. And no I noticed colonies on enhancing will cover you. The Japanese jail it's Don and 841. I can't even get into this next break Janet wind out. Asking you first if you have seen our wedding invite. No I asked grant about it the other day but we're obviously not at home very much last week and he said we habit. And it's at home but I haven't seen as you did really did receive it I did arrive in the mail box and it's Monday keeping count. OK as long as it's physically in your home yes it is Cali mailed them a couple weeks ago when she last Majorly who's supposed to give them. Got them so why should I don't know is she's a girl that's what girls do I thought she was worried about that. US postal system yeah. I mean everything I just what concerns there yes I mean that would put him on the mentally and they're expansive. Ache every great success. So she just wanted to make sure everybody Christmas again and got them you know those pressure on question number two is. I the RSVPs. Have Saturday can mean. And if I'm being totally honest he. I'm saying had at the new shoes. Off. On the people we can't make yes even people that I don't know. Really all that well it makes you sad when they say no they can't attend yeah can take eye to. We did you guys do the will attend or will not attend or did you like I'm ballot that are. When you got to bank and in. There's three options okay option and whining is yes. But I will be there to help you celebrate love OK I've number two is yes. I will be there for open bar and unlimited cake here. An option three is no can't make it but please send me K. Q I. So they all can mean they started to command last week when she was out of town so stacked them all up and the kitchen tables and she came home. Yes the shoe box for yeses and she box for an exam officer Doug and then. I Saturday morning we started opening. It which is great you know why I'm terribly and every little president yeah it's been so we would open a mop and there are people who I knew. We're going to be knows because saying I knew that they had stuff going on this this weekend uttered the weekend of the wedding rather and and they wouldn't be able to make it I'm or lived said. All right guys were accurately when they got perceive the dates on my guy effort out of town. That weekend. Please send them an invite anyway because I knew that there close people in your life and you want them to know they were invite a gift and it's so. And I was. That's not a that is so. But it is they open a month ago opening absolutely the fifth. I've put out in it would be in the whole night. It's a picnic out praise I don't know why it makes me so sad because they feel like that. That term is in the cards can be a party a year is going to be agree part. And I think at the OK and he. I respect. Sometimes I felt like obligated to and by everybody that first got invited there some obligatory invites like. Friends of parents yourself like India where you like we have to invite them. Now I'm on right but when they said no conflict are cool it's and buying another line friends but that's kind of what I thought. That's right thought I would be feeling yeah makers can Cali used to work in music says she has a lot of clients who are professional. Musicians in band and we know. It may have a show on our wedding. But like being like I opened one of them and I start as early on that maybe cans which. I knew we want. Well dreamland all the about planning a wedding is it is it does live in your fantasy lives in your imagination and I are planning and it's in a plane for so long as your imagination. Does surgical wild about it and then as you get closer and closer which you guys are what went five weeks five weeks out. Then it starts to become not a fantasy event it's reality. And I think it once again it really really close to a intellect I'll just enjoy it. For what is via not for what you imagined and it was going to be and nappy sandalwood shirts to march on our. Jerks think just people lives. Well I should be the center of that life. And I can have it a few minutes look like it's your only time. I Jana are you prepared to judge that this skills. I'm Friday April the rat then it we're gonna do this in 3 minutes the Monday morning rap battle it's JP. Rapping about eggs Geneen crabbing about target. Kelly she's rapping about noisy heaters. And I am going to be grabbing about losing your keys and you get to pick the winner Jan let's do this the Monday morning rap battle happens in three minutes and the jet engines start a 41. It's.