Jeff's Questions for Jenn

Thursday, March 31st


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Just read a letter should myself feeling a little owner of all right now we were inspired by Jay peak summer afternoon showed checks cashed in single stick your little let himself hung on the fridge as motivation so. We thought it was a great idea and Jeff and I have taken on the township you know ourselves Jeff read his lays it out and an I just read mind come to amp. I have questions for a yes sir I'm so. First of all question number one. So you referenced. Like his plan and guide in the air flaky it has I've noticed you of the past few years you have a little bit more religious. Overtown then you have in the past is that new or is mine noticing. The question. Brown fat. I have always had faith and I think my faith has grown stronger since we have worked together every day. Dear to me like there's the separation of who are working together how etc. I thought you meant by that time of night since March 3. A couple and their current cup and a lot of faith. Tell us through if I regular Jeff well he's driven me to god I pray every day now I think having children and starting my family. Has may be. I don't know just. Turned my attention to that because it there I remember more time with that like. When I was I'm staying at home with our youngest recent it's going to like mom's group Bible study group which I've never done before the bank and stuff like that so I think having children. As navy. Made that faith more strong I've always had it. But it's just been more present in my life since the kids to Iraq. Outlet when I knew you previously or job near three or four years ago. You weren't back then you're going to church every weekend warrior every Sunday and every Sunday it was more like sporadically can I go through when you learn Hannover fair. How can I just hope it isn't that might going and then I'm not going but now I feel like it's more consistent. Are you you re use the phrase reformed people pleaser. Are you truly reformed or you work in progress a work in progress OK are there connected to that I think you said you wanna make others uncomfortable. Or not be afraid to make others uncomfortable with the your own convictions. Well this is something that I've thought of when I've watched Ellen DeGeneres actually OK because Ellen is so. You know exactly who she is right she's she's fun she's funny and he's. Really EE just wanna hang out there better be around her that way where that WW ED bracelet all the time or challenge it back I said. No but. I also think that she combines that with very strong convictions you know exactly. What her opinions are on things that count for car and so. On her show shall dedicate a whole segment to. You know protecting men. Animals in Africa. You know what I mean like where it's probably not the most entertaining thing it's certainly not a funny thing. But she believes so strongly that we have to protect wildlife in Africa that she will dedicate a whole segment on her show to it. And she will stand up and say that she thinks that the Mountain Lion hundred I was a bad guy in. She thinks that animal coaching should be stopped and she's not afraid to share her opinion even though there's portion of her audience that may like to go hunting sharks you know and she's not the type of person that would go well. I got there right you know like that like oh well I can't. I can't talk about my passion for that animals in Africa because people. Who watch my show who likes to go hunting might not ever watch me and she's like this is my opinion I stand strong convictions and this is who I am so I wanna be able to do sound shallow. Without being worried that people aren't gonna like me so people might tune out of people might Allison I have a strong opinion on something got a they Hosni coaching myself to do. And semi final question is a new one the major tear out that questions about leaving your daughters and I back to work. That fear. This sadness that always that you have and that everybody it's called in to support you coming back to work in and had that. That feeling that sadness it's around. Leaving your family to come back to work that's that seems so hard leaving him for the day comeback tour right. Right okay is that a is that a fear that they're gonna forget who you are is that a year that you're gonna miss. Milestones. Or is that of the year that you are being the wrong type of role model for what is that what we it is this sadness come forum. Think just sadness is missing and missing the time with them and I and I would say the second one like feeling like you're gonna miss moments and yes because they grow so fast and there's so much happening especially when their little all yeah. And try to get through this and now it's OK. And really chatted get through what I want to show this match you. This matter at this moment will make you happy. I just got a text message from. Your baby sitter and Reese woke up this morning on our own made herself and I'm. Not want to candidate Herman got the newspaper show and I can. So what is it again today. But she's a loneliness I think just missing that you know you just wanna be around him. All the time but I do feel like coming back to work makes me a better mom and the moments that I'm with them. Because. And I simulate more myself you know when I was just home with them all the time all day long I got fatigued by that because. You know being around kids all day long like it's. Exhausting yet so I don't feel like I was as good in those moments and I was with them now and I am with immaculate and a better version of me totally get asthma. That was outside but it's so sad. You need a hard he musing Charlie fifty again you have to yes place.