Jeff's Predicament Pt 1

Friday, July 1st


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Jeffrey didn't show it show Vizio. Conversation at 404741. Now before Andre and also I know I need more water. I'm not great if confrontation. Lester doing it on the radio and the years to. A microphone between me and the person that I'm confronting. Mecca that they think eighth or personal relationships are tougher I need somebody who's really getting confrontation to walk me through. A situation 94047419400. I'll tell you that story here and. And as a big thing student northside hospital imaging center hey guys we know you listen and and office today. Hope desert have a great morning and thank you so much for checking out Jeff intention on Amazon work is so cool. I here's here's the deal and that's the most bizarre stories you'll hear it right. So. I am at. A bar restaurant slash bar with friends. And another mutual friend and he's got a group France. And more and more friendly or were buddies. He's one of my best friends that I would never call on the way you wanna go hang out. But it I'd seen him at a bar scene at a restaurant I'll say. Coming up right. And it was very obvious that he had been out for awhile before they used during games you know. Little tipsy over there over homered get a ride around whatever but he was definitely feeling no pain using. Key. In his friends come barreling in. Restaurant. From over an hour one big. K everybody combined thing to everybody combine. And it one point IE excused myself ago the and realize. As highways. Walking to the bathroom and I take it off my eye glasses not sunglasses like reading. You know prescription glasses glasses. I'd taken them off because there's sitting at the table with people had left them on the table and I walked to the bathroom and then realize that. Things focuses they should be gamut. Of a dozen people. I can back to the table Miami. Front friend and his friends him. And so. They're not there. And I oh I wouldn't have and I know I had the mine at the table one point and Nellie took them off and put them. On the table at another point. Gain. I like the bathroom I can Mac. And gone. So it's OB I assume he's propensity probably picked him up okay. Accidentally. The next day. I human. And it's a Texan that night but he followed up the next day with the second text message is I hated. Did you manage it prepared glasses when he left the so. And he rate act AG is the second text you sent me about this on us. Okay. So I called the restaurant in nicely to them is they returned an apparent last. And nobody is turned in a pair of glasses but we can easily. Look back called within days so they can look back at that the security and disease and immunity with them off that he low earth may drop more. Whenever. Who literally I'm the digital camera footage they saw. They described what he was wearing and where he was standing in relation to me him pick up the glasses he was leaving and put them in his inside. Pocket. Right it is Jack Anderson in the UC encoder and in this. It. And he left with the youth of your when he told you know because I just assume that he was hammer. It and he probably came on through the jacket and a hundred degrees you know where and the jacket again probably forever after. Right in through the jacket is probably at my house over the back pitchers. Caught up next. That hey I finally followed with a base you've put my glasses in your. Paula if Ollie and that there I have them I had it. And okay. And then with the no apology he actually said the sentence somebody put somebody must give me your asses. I didn't even argue with them I even say aided nobody gave me glasses. DD classes that audiences you'd. That's. Tammy there. Night. Grand am and you guys about ready for the confrontation mart. And confrontation. Yeah. You guys a lot I enjoyed our guys you need to walk me through how to handle so then he says to me. I will leave your glasses in my office. You can come get them. Anytime. You're. At any time at the office and to which I respond. Well I am pretty swamped and I got family coming to town in vintages really disease though. Is an option and he'd say news. Well if you would if you need me to bring them to you it's going to be at least a couple weeks I got stepped on and so here's. The fact he picked up my glasses drug or not he picked them up and put them in his pocket. He took them to his house and he's going to bring them to stop its two week from meat company a mop. He never apologized. Want to. I. Asked. Eyes act. Is that accurate Greg and I am. Okay right here and I I said all right I'll let you know in golf. And it just so you guys know I eat it. I'm itself and that. While I don't mean apology and that we needed to bring in much as soon as they. I know how to write do that I don't like confront what's my next. They did. Unless you walk I talked I talked about it on the radio Beijing that this morning unless you want to upload that video from the restaurant beacon wanna bring those things. The next day. Here's this is mine non confrontational head. I'm thinking that he's gonna. These guys. So for a while trying to glasses on yeah. And it. I can't wait. I'd I'd I'd I honestly can't they how much. Not a bad guy is here in the right OK I've got a ball walk a little. And rich people meeting it we're short on the bottom line. Everybody knows this guys in the wall. And maybe it isn't like doing more trouble cares to a collectors people like you. Words still live buy a path I am what do you think I am. So what about negotiation he talent. Let your son or your lack of DUI. Accurate that it. How might light. Yeah. In many cities like you played huge week for him to be in the mail all right thank you need to s.'s. I context and seven time but he needs right now like over the weekend and since. They would be of any cuts different than. Yes volatile and what. I think that have been you could. But quote its front is but yeah so it. That's a associates a great words used in this let me go to another person like professional and nice and have to ask about each other's family. But. And again. Oh yeah. Back. All of that I got an apology or do you just because your radius. Yeah nice and apologized this guy that. I always like. Arbitrary that the the first one on YouTube and you might ask them you know you're going to welcome governor although I don't you know the arm bands these. But I so I propose about it I can propose that he's like. Think too busy for that guy is that if you gotta wait for me to come brilliant it's going to be weaker today. But that's LeBron because it was me. Right if I'm out if if I'm running and it Marino I was his fiancee and I picked up his whatever it's an am able. I and it's Saturday right on Acxiom. I'll drive to his house no matter where. All my Kimberly I'm so so sorry Al drive there and I'll probably buy him a drink and the way I drive it. Six agony here. I. You're kind of negative classes and now you I'm now your gonna hit yourself the whole way there and the whole way around and do. It. Threats. Couples the championship and shelves aren't 84. We don't set limits we surpassed them our most aggressive pricing available now at Georgia Tech to reduce dot com experience the new twins sixteen in DX. Dynamic luxury aggressively and finance offers exceed your expectations and Georgia accurate you lose dot com if you are Smart you're gonna kick off its.