Jeff's Predicament Part 2

Friday, July 1st


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He's gonna show star and now before one that. I'm gonna take one last columnist. Yeah. OB that somebody better confrontation and you. Short version of the story is a dying accidentally or on purpose whatever he picked up a pair of glasses that were mine and denied it. Security camera footage proves him wrong in that you really took him. On the side they did. Check the pocketed your jacket and he says you got it about time. And it's nice calm I. Loved it like. I have dad and have family coming to town and you know footwork of record alleged after the show and it took a couple of these upcoming. Dude and then his response was. I mean as a may become an enemy and he said I love it he made a brilliant he will be a couple of weeks. And they just that aren't lucky. That the folks in terrible comfort. Coolio and tennis help me out. The morning which dollar pleas speaking. Year ago radio real quick hits record Julio and so let me tell you what you mean about it there's K as a real you. I we're about that Blair later. Worked out as a national. I saw that stalemate romance. I want something that you won't bring Mac alliances let. If you don't meet Brittany my record button to I mean I love what Julio welcome Elop I think that's what. We don't weren't prepared last. Week we'll bring you achieve but not all over mediator but you don't you know. We don't let don't you. Take matters into his own hands and I gave you that competition watch the. I just give you his number. That Cooley had gone. Things Julio entry appreciate you. These statements. And that's it not that. That did you tell the story a few minutes about the terrible the big disaster he's the restaurant. I can't yet to be the worst case him the worst first impression of a guy ever made one of those moments you Britain's going. I'd novel detail about it after Tim masters. Understand. Okay. You sound.