Jeff's Pokemon Go Conspiracy Theory

Thursday, July 21st


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Sorry not before one okay turn it up. Shell although. It normally Jan. I'm not a conspiracy theory. Pretty level headed and believe things are on the surface. But I heard one the other day. And I can't staffing. It'd be conspiracy. It involves. Pokey man down. I'm gonna play both of these bags at the same time. We'll explain just enjoy the train wreck on the radio I. The X pokey time. Years. Here's my there. That's not mine I heard it read and the unit that probably trip. Pokemon now. Taking over the world to see that people walking around like sound. I did gathered there. Devices out they've kind of chasing their program and what is everybody. What's everybody do when they're honing his pictures of human right. Now there is app this game seems to have no restrictions. People are they've been asked to not play in. And Arlington national cemetery in the holocaust museum people smack in the area 51 and it just seems to be randomly. Generating locations. For where the Pokemon are hiding him and you have to find him. The theory it and hit his game created. By a foreign company. Is actually a way to collect images and data from American citizens. First some news for some undetermined reason. So who is the country who created became both Nintendo's Japanese country. But who knows me company so who knows what they're doing with the bat but remember when it first launched. You Vegas sign and we geared Google credentials and give. In the fine print. Give the company full access to all of you that. Right to just hear me out loudly. So you have to give. Full access to do that so bad it is a mind of infamy yet that's a Fort Knox inflow of debt that's. Ridiculous. That it happened and they have recruited. Hundreds of that millions of people to just walk around. And hold their phones and record information. All over the world. All over it's it's in what in what happens today that. Again what made you know maybe have watched too many episodes of house of cards maybe I've stated wife homeland when too many times and just saying. It is something to think about. It's really creepy and I I have a friend a guy who has a theory on Pokemon. OK a conspiracy theory necessarily. Conspiracy. Because that means somebody's up to no good that I mean he's. But her fear and she's a gamer in front nine she thinks. That Pokemon though is only a test market for virtual reality. This world for virtual reality and virtual reality games and virtual reality taking over. The war. And that this is a test market so threw everybody claim Pokemon doubt that collecting your data for future games and future things how we use this. It tests same ideas and their collecting the images and whatnot in using team. All year Smart game that Jeff's engine ship. Sucking the fun out of it. So now do you feel bad event. Potentially collecting information. For the enemy yeah. And that's gonna beat you with. Unsettling ties snag me a peek at GAO and then we'll talk about what the enemy might begin with the data but until then. I got work to another theory is just think about this too is is in a way to corral humans all into one place he saw what happened. Central par I have heard that often I have heard people concerned about. Large gatherings for the rare Pokemon being away for terrorists to lure people into one place and then plan some sort of awful attack on some. Which would be horrific horrific Lou I think we've ruined enough fun for today. I like that X-Files music. You know. We'll he's sweet he's on this not not. It's yeah enjoy yourself.