Jeffs Parking Lot Revenge

Wednesday, September 7th


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Dominated for a one. Hi this is gonna be confession that sounded very rose that I did and I'm not gonna lie I'm proud of myself. Not embarrassed by this. It's thinking. I've actually probably might. Can be totally on it. I think this man deserved. What I did. They paint the scene. The grocery store front of a grocery store. And a car pulled up and I was behind in its you know that the front of the grocery stores where there's like the cross walks. People across and go to their pars and everybody has to go around them and people stop to a degree she's in your head. Part year. Our league it reveals that in them and it's always it's always crowded in traffic jam right there. So I pull up. Behind a car that stopped it and go around are coming in right and organic RIC. This will eat. Adorable. Evil old woman. Wearing the Toro and and the that passenger side. Door opens and guy comes around and I think it's I'm guessing it's probably her son. He comes around helper person yet and he comes around and he held the old woman if out of the car that she controversy yet if she drove to the store as a grave and and he. A ban on and he takes her by the army like the way you'd idled people guides her main thing and I watched all thing happened in the what's Europeans arts. Writes. In an off she goes. And he. Comes around he gets in the driver's seat of the car he pulls up to put on these attorneys ago. So in my here's the story in my head this is a young man. Who is he is elderly mom to the groceries or clinging to her independence. Which she can't. She's a fall race that you watch this battle scenes. That's so now that she shouldn't you already like Sheikh child as as she bit. She she goes down she's gonna break locally well so. He's got to take everybody's let her drive. Those guys both. Guy pulls up behind me. Right in a big goal. Jack. I pick up. And all he sees is the young guy come out of the store and get their driver's seat in. Well he doesn't use the old urged and he starts laying in on his war. And eat whatever and in the guy makes it earned and I years to pick up truck. I yell at the other dude something to the effect it journal world and work at eleven and it. Something I'm not close. I think when they themselves out for people like sweet so I park. Go into the store I and I was only going in for you things have both of them very quickly Angop packet that. Here at the car seat pickup truck actually part one. But row over. At an angle to take up or spot yours. That sort of monster. I hate that so and writing any bit so minds. And the windows her guard down like both might sound like a third of the way in the guys know nowhere to be. And so. Acting like it's his world and the rest of us urges Clinton and that takes up or park and why well because I had the thought of yelling at him as tight ass. But he wasn't in the truck which I saw with the windows down some partly animal he's not really part aromatic it's in the engine he's not there so I'm. This is this is way it happened. This has emerged as the wheels start to hurt my hand I'm not. Because everybody has an air rage when you see that car park like that you're like. Iceland's entire litany on notice and there are windows in half and rolled down like it's happening next. Okay. I don't you think that I'm so jacked up in the head. That I might psychopath. But I kind of that way but I already there but I was I was mad at the truck. And the guy driving. And I couldn't really. Think of anything. To you would be negative. Now. Harmful. So on the cute things. That I bought at the store. Were. Contact lens re wedding drops out there were contacts and and times eyes can try and the same thing analyzes it and really connect up a there's been a bailout on the second thing that I bought that desperately. We ask yes yeah and any American epic I had. I counties with the thing in the land. The what I wanna go to food. I don't know AP would you guess gorilla glue and I'm going AG. Damn thing you like some kind of a deli kind of is like an ice cream. The guys stop America. Second item I buy his I was in desperate need isn't such a need I Yancy Alley. I was in it and then I went railway news story gay com. Toenail clippers. It in them. About it. So. So I can I wanted to do you sum mean. That ties so. I just issues coming toenails. In the frenzy like iron. And and you ain't that thing in Baghdad and in my abdomen and and I drove. Drove from where I was part of next news truck. Like I was echoes and maybe Robin's you know. Delicately. And a credit check to make sure he wasn't around Japan might IR. Reached out through my toenails in the front Stevens are coming out and says. So. That I drove away and at. If somebody watched from a distance of my gotten by I thought this driving home if I got busted op rate in the police officer. Saw what happened in the rate you would have thought that I firebombed the guy's truck right in and the top report them and oh. I would bet on the ground right I would have gotten aids. Definitely handcuffed maybe zip tied that you would have been a million there was no way I was acting it was like a grenade in their argument that when I came to. What did you that. I can probably figure like Hank senior brand that you're doing that would total stranger. Who yell at another totals. Me and I highly original. The whole thing started to play out of my mind like OK let's say that it's like opted stamp news the toenails right pickup pulls me over okay and he says. Okay well I get a seat is balanced the press charges and then he's gonna go back and we'd have a guy in the effective commander he is viewed through and toenails. And it got to go to aggression and at this surveillance video. And what happened at UN senior VP. I think putting I tell gallery and. So he. So I mean if they present is you can't. Just let's play attitudes natural conclusion you'd go and odds that they go to jail for that. Then the question comes out woody and four. Toenails with a toenail clipping didn't. All with a deadly whom am I. Now I'm not proud of habit yep that's what happened. It happened you know that's the old people I'm my lodge. Is as I will throw my groom and scrap three that you Vatican sent a marketing handicaps that you might end up with. Your waged a wide. Or one like that you know things and show.