Jeff's Open Letter to Airport Walkers

Friday, July 8th


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Jen genre goes. On a scale of one to ten Jana how cowardly view the open letters that we do on the show make us. I'm pet goat attend. You hit it as if there is no way to vans and yell at segments of the population. Without fear of retaliation if you're not just you confront and one person you're saying it is general populous. Uncle is. Oh. I have an open letter today that I would like to share. Ready for this my open letter. Is to people. Who walks to load through the airport. Now is it only at the airport. Because this is tracking media. Is only the air for a would be like. And all iron. Other places where he needed just get around them. No aides just the air to figure out slow workers are slow walkers everywhere are knowing. But the airport is particularly in knowing that will be explained in my first line. My openly and OK if I am a good. And dollar the flowers you think you are. I. Dear fellow. Traveler. Do you know who is at the airport for a casual stroll. Oh who is using on ours is eight PCD. In now half. And either way you increase of it's that. Salt. Every single person. The airport because I have to be somewhere. And it's time for you'd go shop the airport gates. Maybe tag a person that likes to arrive four hours man. Most people. Maybe your diapers and who carefully schedules cent an hour ago so you can eat where Hartsfield Jackson as are most people. Oh. If you at the airport. Walk a brisk stride from your date to York enacting date or from York ate at the baggage cares. Y Yi who take a look at the beeping transport. Cards. Every time it comes up behind you like it that dinosaur. Or this patient you've seen it twelve times or why you re lat re. Why do you react we'd be hearing your lines in forties like it a year worth squirrel on the old. Hostile people maybe you wanna check the parking brake and your roller bag make sure that that is its engaged that would slowing you'd. How about this. How about we won again it's the baggage carousel a little bit faster than you do you could we actually Eric peoples the it. I'm home I wanna be home. I love you dealt I Levy Hartsfield Jackson but people. You know it is especially knowing me. What is the ultimate insult when it comes to quick pace through the airport. The F. Workers. Or taking errors week I'm. Wherever eight and a half ago. The only person who doesn't want to be wary. Of why ruin it. For the rest of bots. Sincerely. Jeffrey Jada. And George excellent. It's. My guide viewers Waltz through the air department. Not the final destination vacation. Hot well. And Jen and John reduce the.