Jeff's New Idea for Emily from Love at First Kiss

Wednesday, August 10th


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They Jesse James shell. So our. Type thing. Women are frustrated you're eating in Atlanta to be his main it feel like they have all the power. So we had guys switch that around and I got a genius plans to do that. And it involves can our brains friends family who we met last week during the love at first kiss segment. Oswego Emily came in here looking gorgeous ready to go ready to kiss somebody in the first mold of meeting them. And all the guys they hold so she was here by yourself with nobody accused at first sight so. We weren't like that camp with so and around dating is not good for her if she. Not whole my whole Lotta luck on the dating scene I Amelie welcome back to the show. And then think I need act. I have got a brilliant idea Amelie because I was really. Thrown by what you are saying about eating in Atlanta. You are talking about how oats arable. That guy he's war. I woke up. And Jeff thinks that every idea that he has these days is brilliant so I'm just warning you like taking the. Will it ever Emily says since our meeting you've been on my heart. And here's why I realized. I single guy. Dating in Atlanta retains. The majority of the power. Because eyes for a guy where so much is dependent on the Beijing rule where we can we all agree. Think guys are probably more instantly visual element. They're I'd. Women are more visual to add first impression but we allow that first impressions you simmer for a little while longer before we make a final decision. Guys are good and yeah a dynamite treats. Dating late window shopping so Amelie. You're beautiful woman and I'm sure your very charming if you and I around and a date together but if I was a single guy. I might come home from that date hop on tender hop on my humble hop on my friends' FaceBook pages. And scroll through to see what else is out there in even though you're beautiful you're charming somebody else might catch my high and because. Comedy that I might be like to go that flight looks like. So you think dating apps have made it too easy for guys just to think the grass is greener on the other side and keep swiping and I think so yeah. Yeah I need to. I'd like that not acting like how well they're a big better on the other one or II. Think they typically get back. Okay now I've I've got Amelie a brilliant idea and you're at the center. And if you would be willing. I think. I have created a way it changed the game. People are here at. Here's what I think we need to do normally you have to creates. You or I deal man for rate now this isn't the guy that you're gonna marry and who's gonna bother your children and you're going to be on a rocking. In a rocking chair on the front porch wave. You know in fifty years this is whatever. You want right now because this is all about Amelie is all about yeah. So in a town that I am in your case you need to think of it. The perfect dumb man you want and then come back to odds in describe him to I ski. Now what I was explaining this in our and our meeting yet. Eyed and use the example of athletics. So racquets yet read from Agassi he's an athletic. Right you would say I want a guy who plays on the weekends or are you would say I want somebody who works out or goes for a jog. But not somebody who runs marathons and his training for 5 hours every Saturday morning so. You can get more specific about what type of guy you're looking for. Meg very specific Michael we say you know yes good girl. Why what ages. She would go out way in geez I between five to 35. If you're ideal man is 3132 or 33 that's used to. If you're visualizing it guy who's exactly sixty tol. Any shorter than that it's too short any and all that you say exactly six feet now. I love but buddy we're gonna go out into the universe you're perfect man to date. So you take a day if your into this idea and why wouldn't you because it's brilliant. That I didn't. You take it the next day hurts you think of that man that perfect demand for you for right now. And rated detailed description them. And then come play will present that all of us together present that on the radio. In somebody listening will be that man or one note that. Yeah I think they're good Kenya and totally downpour at. I'm sorry ages. I'm sorry your funk and you think it's why. And care. And the next few weeks and I married. I do us a favor I'd take the next couple days and think of your perfect man. And when you are ready get back in touch with us and we'll have you back and Gary can command and hang out of that again. Or you can and I'd just call us whatever easier for you and present a grown man that it jet engine show family and someone will have. A person and their life matches that description if that means not parity that's. But never brilliantly yet I'm totally about then I get are what are you guys been an. Your family and pay out at all like heard about the blood light at the end not all night saying what I art radar now are public I don't. We will see him that we're gonna put your name on the list and we will we will see you there are weak your new man probably. Horry Horry can make it a girls night when everyone does your. Parents on an. Eight. And sell sell off.