Jeff's Mother's Day Gift Emergency

Friday, May 6th


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Love the choices in the morning. We appreciate that. So sorry 941. The Mother's Day panic has washed over Jaffe is feverishly checking into your pocket again here gets to his mum on before Mother's Day. Gonna check in his second first I played a brand new Justin Timberlake is out can't stop the feeling his new son. Just released his plan and all morning we're gonna happen again for you coming up here in just fifteen minutes on started for a lot this is the most terrible. I do have an idea now I hate everybody right now are you on Amazon prime. Who called us who would people who called and suggested Amazon prime the level of hate I have for you right now and Matt Wise. It's fun and. So. Don't have anything yeah is this is everything sold I don't know that the problem didn't know what the problems you get your solution might. This is such a problem what it hits it. I just sent my mum a necklace says the word grandma on it. She's so excited. She's gonna think that's your announcement. By canceling his fifth. Abuse by minutes and that there's a week's news you're right yeah. I'd say he's trying to tell us something. It. That's entirely meant to get the one that said mom. Now oh this is Google Earth they. I just sent by him. A look of panic on your face. UK there's so give you second to get this figured out. I don't care what you do I have to go calling him as under the new phone number there's got to be a way to cancel it right before it goes authority on that drowned its and share. It's not an adrenaline is getting delivered real patent half of whom they're of that fast Tibet. I hit the button and I'll tell everybody that's coming up next. What hit him hit the bottom of the Hillary that's coming up next it's still ahead on the jet engine Shia. I'm marvel ideals have moms. As a landlord. In other seriously if you gotta cancel an order. I need you to call on me now or treat me or something and Kate Kara. If you are making this switch today Jesse.