Jeff's Letter to a Friend

Tuesday, July 26th


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Follow. So. Yeah I do waved our share OJ is to keep everything like finding cool and laid hardy had in mind. Cool the write positive and everything. Some negative mood departure from heavy stuff here and after it was later in the day you may already have been dealing with just. Ticket line element that's right. So I have something that I would say go out falls under the category of a little bit heavier. And I've been struggling with whether or not to do anything with peak it's. Itself. But I also think part of our show is about being personal attack about sharing our lives and sharing we're going through. It was about me you've been cheaper than therapy right. And I think that. If it's something that's weighing on your heart or mind sharing it here can be a place where it either a strikes accord with someone else and maybe. They can offer you some support or whatever you disease offering someone's support is loosening so here's what it. I hear is a written a letter to a friend of mine's. But I can't give it to you. For many trees can't give that letter directly to. Bites. I. Almost like don't they I think it can be helpful to a lot of people so I'm counting this off I'm but it selfishly I just wanna read it humor and makes cents. So there's a confusing. Using my couldn't give it to hurt directly. Around that hour. Afraid to give it to her directly afraid of I'd read. News and read it and I can't explain at the beginning why it decided to use on the radio verses eight. Or wide to say you. May tenth and is there is a letter that I can put to hear this a letter that there are two different. Adam Putnam. Dear friend. We. Dear friend. In my out of line for doing things. And are now. I'm about to go in on something really really person something so intimate that I have never discussed it with anyone before. I feel like I have to. I have thought about you every single day recently and I feel like I need to trust my god. If I'm being honest. I'm greener. Not really sure if saying something is the right answer. But I know not saying something is definitely the wrong answer. So here we. I know he hits the. And I know he hits you more than you have admitted to me or any of your friends. You want people to like him in you'd don't want people that you love to think that you are weak or broken. And that you would stay with somebody who hurts she. Do you keep this secret and you hope people change. But everybody. And I think you should know a few things because knowledge is power. First. I don't think he's going to change any times. And I think you need to get away from him is seen as you can. I know he regrets what. I know that he's really sorry and I know he promises that will never ever happen again. I have to know that you love him and if you and I out and I also know that you love him. And I know you feel like we're just a little more time you can fix him. And out of there oppressor and expert or anything like that but I don't think you can. I think this is who he is right now I think you need to get away from. Second. You didn't do anything to make him hate. Firm may be made him mad maybe you did something cause rage. Mean do you even hit him first. That that does not give him permission to hurt you. I'm sure he's gotten mad in traffic I mean who hasn't and if he's really mad. You probably smacks the steering wheel and curses out loud at the cars around and even if he's in the car by himself. But he doesn't rammed the car in front of him even though he's probably fantasize about it. Why not because he has control. He can manage his rate. That they give it this way. He thinks more of that stranger's car. And he thinks if you. Third I know it only happens when he's drunk when he's hot. But he still gets struck and hot and it happens so this is still a problem. I think men who abuse are doing it out of rage they're doing it because they want control. And why they wanna control because they know you don't deserve. They know you're better and it. So they play game with love and punishment in the year and uncertainty and desperation and anger and forgiveness. So that your always on your tail of the year so busy monitoring him and his feelings toward you you're unable to see what's really have. Unable to understand that not only here they bruising you on the outside but they're also tearing you down on the inside. Making that much weaker. That much more likely if that. So I know you feel weak broken scared confused. When you are. You are strong and you are a lot. People care about you but they don't wanna say anything because they're worried that he will hurt you if you find out the talk. If his control turn on your friendship and that'll make you even more isolated. Your friends remained quiet and hopeful that he'll realize the severity of the situation and your own and the deals somehow escaped his. I know you love him I know you want him to be good I know you want him to prove you right but the two of urine of vicious born Texan that. You keep harming U is a way to gain more control you'll keep forgiving in hopes that the last time really will be the last time. And that whole eventually become the man you. That's not gonna have you have to break the cycle the only way in to instigate. The only way to instigate change is actually change. So please reach out to the people that. Alvin you're scared Alvin you need they don't want to see you hurt they will hope. You need some space to realize that those feelings of love art for the man he is a for the man you want and hope for him to be. Maybe that man doesn't exist despite all of your prayers and wishes and hopes that the only way to truly see that is from afar that Buick today. Now there's three war I need. You know who will help you you thought of someone as soon as I said those words. That's the person you reach out right now. Most powerful weapons for the truth in your ways both take courage. I hope this letter helps you find that. I'm really sorry you're in this it's really awful heat it so much for you and I hope you're able to change its him. Oh please note that I care about you and I respect you what ever your circumstance. I just want you to be safe and free and that's why ticket chance and I hope it doesn't change her friendship. You say and in. So so clear from the outside looking in a moment I had an Indian people are cloudy when year in or if if you're the person. It gives me a letter to our resonate with you it's so unclear cloudy from those of us on the outside looking in it's so simple. And I think you hit it it. It's so isolating. Because I've never really dealt with. Venus and on this level but Everly net I'd I'd never. And somebody in mice or will be dealing witness that I knew it absolutes there and absolutely no doubt. And it's just say it just seems like such an isolating circled. It starts spinning around and he is nobody wants the same things you say something. And the person who's being abused as embarrassed of their abuse so they're gonna retreat. Or the person who's abusing them it's gonna force them to retreat when we honor you wanna hang out those people anymore they don't like me. Writes well and your line I need. That is something that people feel weak statement may. Actually strongest statement you can make and that's all night out in its so in our. Outside of something this severe wounds that those three words I need months ago. The weakening just think it's shameful thing into the embarrassing thing to say it's not embarrassing to say it's actually. The strongest most confident things that you can do. It's put. At that period and mark and and ask for. It you. KP did you put that song and errors that just a coincidence coincidence. All right. It's if there's ever a sign that something as an entity that was that if you've never listen to the words of this Sean and it's on. Are you better now's a good time to do that we're gonna take your phone calls next. Any forward.