Jeff's Kentucky Derby Joke

Monday, May 8th

Jeff made a joke after the Kentucky Derby and the internet went a little nuts


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If you can open championship and Hermosillo where NATO and keeping them. Once stunning for want I tell you cheese is grabbing caller 25 born in January. That person's gonna get 500. Days. Dollars nice way to start the week she may be doubled to. Thousand and then a 100000 dollars in the running for a 100000 dollars. I got to tell this story broke quickly while Kelly goes in the last few calls parents. Can't deny you were adds Swanee town center for will stack and Saturday and were leaving about. Thirty minutes before the Kentucky Derby happened. So we went to a bar called park tavern sonic part to ask my part Cameron. They ands. And Cali was witness and we watched the Kentucky Derby but just. Fine right except something happened there it's never happened to me before and I think it's a good thing ever I ever experienced it either they do. Like I and like all his co worker right I've five and a month I obeyed the bars clap man and cheering and in many goes. Sign me he lined up like fifteen shots yeah ground on the bar and can it amount to everybody in the hands on my face was Oak Hill. I've posted a video on my hands to Graham account that it's pretty cool it's like I asked of the other bartender is written like he does go down the line of shot classes. And everybody's cheering it was really it was cool. I've never it's a never Bain in a place. That's done that before it's so fun by the way they have one of the best burgers and Arafat as religion always Hudson is so good so anyways. Hi exits and an happen and then I posted of what I thought was a funny post to social medium. About hatch who is the one eyed horse my horse got Jeff and a lot of trouble I. I it sounds like a joke. So look at toolbar there's a line or this this horse has won I had its out its last I got infected it was removed so this horse. Why is. Ran the race and he was a long shot but a lot of people were betting on him because he's a one night orders and how can you not love him. What a cool story that a white horse got far enough to get into the content so it's so he ends up coming in fourteenth place. So ice and I post and social media I'm Mike hey let's I'll make a pact. Because he's a one eyed horse he doesn't know that he didn't win let's all make a pact to be held see the winner to tell patch that he came in first. Right I named Walt let's I'll just let him believe they became and I've I've heard packed and people responded. Did say that's an easy children. Paes who's trying to. I'm joked just stand up comedian. Down now this is gonna miss bunny at the beginning you know Boris even knowing. Now. You can offend people. I have very quickly because I started. Where one days like the woman Kimberly who rode through that's not funny that's like making fun of a special needs person. Once it's. We can talk how the course is name is patch like I patched right yeah what I assumed yes his name is more insulting them use and now it's now it's insulting you know why it. Because it's a horse's. Because even though he was in a race if he doesn't know what are races. Israel and China we want this congress to showcase their for the oats. I really. You know it is good you know I really fast he gets three examples before bed tonight he hasn't notre raises. Late now view weirdos and or are they weren't done. With jet engines 100 now. Dollar every day. Are not people alive and making fun it's a horse. And somebody else there's another one. There's another. Thanks for continuing the negative connotation associated removing and animals painful unhealthy I put a hole and it's. I didn't really reference that he had one idea I did you just said we hope the so of course that came in what how many horses and here's another one. You're an idiot your fat. Let's not tell you maybe you won't realize obviously. Thanks for making this wedge it's indigestion Shenzhen one start now before one and it.