Jeff's Important Reminder For You

Tuesday, September 20th


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Well thanks for early enough when Jeff and Oscars 2012. And the ran raced my rant by can swim my track on there. Yeah it's my husband and I went to California is surprised Jeff and be out there and chairman and has for strap on. It was actually last Saturday at three days goes the actual anniversary day am I was in Las Vegas. And I decided to win it they show started that because one of the lessons I learned in the trap line it was something that literally. It mean it was a moment in time it changed my life. Think it's cool about it too because everybody has those moments. When someone says something sticks with you or you haven't experienced that changes your life or it could be spiritual experience or something. You have to follow through with. We have to recognize that moment and it happens and then you have to remind yourself of that moment over and over and over again. And I wanna commend you for that because you could've taken out of the moment and really hit you over the head out most powerful in the moved up and just continued being the same person. Really changed you for ever and why and that takes a daily reminder that takes a conscious intentional effort. And part of the reminder that you say early hours after our first of all it's something that I always come back and always like whenever I'd you'll. That's join in or out of sorts whatever I always come back to the phrase keep moving forward. And I'd the last. Time that we did they show from angles. Two weeks ago we you know. I was walking to my car in a woman's now. And she had memorable like I I youth and jewelry. Yeah it's like you moving forward lie and she had a necklace one of my necklace. And she came up to me and and sad and try it out. That's stupid but she came out to me instead. I win you do. I just was just diagnosed with cancer. Wayne you heave that he moving forward on the on the race. And those three words. Me through that she's suffering. It didn't earn what I'd years and it's a year here she's cancer Farina and for a couple of years and that when you're considered a survivor. Right so she's she's mentioned works if she were to Eric Cantor house across from Adelson. That Emery went right there when chip. Yeah so. Those reminders always bring you back to it's I just wanted to tell this story and it if you've. Heard it before. Thank you for listening and and if you haven't heard it may beetles beat you and that's in ways of me. But I did this triathlon. We've bunch of folks from CNN and they covered it factored into a group that. I did attract these first 140. Birthday and then it became annual program. And they all that nation and fit nation in the looked for people who needed to panic Ctrl+Alt+Del. I'd maybe David struggle and lose weight maybe Dave and bombed out some and smear anyone and only reason. People need to reset that I've read you this track elected me to be our. They selected me in the apartment you guys. I had. Was actually in minutes. Going through a divorce. And it has as well and it plays. Like I remember. A time when I was living in this little Condo in Buckhead where would literally order Chinese food on Monday. And pizza on Tuesday. In and they would both leave in my refrigerator for an entire week and that's the only thing. From like I didn't feel like social I don't know I would anyone run returning phone calls a friend though vision Bly was just that. And it was just a funky crappy place and so I I got to do this this track line and that was like a pick me out by. We were a couple months in and we were on this training trip with the entire group. And I hadn't really stepped up and started training. Because I felt like I and it. Races trapped in a swim a mile in the ocean or however long was and write a plate. Thirty miles and then run five hit into any that I wasn't. Taking it seriously and then we're on this trip. And my coach I coach April was talking about transition. Transition in triathlon. Is the time when you go between the swim in the bike and the bike in the she said there are few ways you can do you transit. She said you can fly through it. And you know out of wanna get on to bite quickly you can. Op or you can take your time in mile. Down at energy Bart Bryant the ransom. Comfortable socks. In your son back is whatever and water are allowed. By. The I'm the point is you don't ever stop. He is when you stop you're no longer race. That you always have to eat moving for. And shared his words in and she followed it up where it doesn't matter how low Ugoh. As long as you keep moving forward you are still in. You only dropout of the race when you stock moved. And it was like this we you're. Tunnel vision in ocean waves around saying where it just it me or rock. That wasn't just about the race that it was about life. And you know keep moving forward news it's in if three simple words. April's not the first person to speak and probably not the first time I've ever heard them. But it and that moment in time. And at second. Of my life was exactly what any year and everything is different from that went for it. Every I mean keep moving forward means if you're trying to run five K or trapped and were a marathon. If you. In Q&A physical fitness yesterday and you go for a five minute walk today you move before. That's what it means if you're trying to quit smoking you smoked when he cigarette today and tomorrow you spoke nineteen. You movie for. I keep moving forward after a C section yeah I ever told. But one of my friends encouragement to do something that I felt it was brave every day right and it was keep moving forward because. It's really you can't do at all I mean get overwhelmed. But it was like every day within myself keep moving forward. And then do you want one additional thing so it could be transition after something health could be transitioned between relationships. In getting through break for getting through. You know leaving jobs that was important to mean so many transitions are happening in everybody's life all the time. And I think it's such a great reminder in such a good little much you can see over and over down in your mind. And I think the I think that transition part of it is important. Because. That's when it's easiest stop. That's when it's easiest of reason and that's when it's easiest locked up is when you're transitioning. When you've broken up with someone. And you have met somebody else. Wayne you've tried to quit smoking five times and I have worked news. When you are at a new boss at work in your future is uncertain. Those are the times when it's easy to lock up and trees and there's also times where it's. Most important you remembered. It literally. Low lit. People's. Race Ryan. To have America and the next year and literate late. And Sochi that literally one step at a time. When I started running first run and I covered it with my coat. She may be run from like one minute and I thought it was. And thirties and I think a year later you don't have gotten it yet. In the EU literally do it I'm and it. Lauren welcome to the show. The morning I'm Jeff I learned that consider the fact accurate mostly by EU and fired me in my expert race track on the week and not. Oh I have you back. Mark class at key lending rate by. Four years of making. But also elect transition though I doubt blocks true yes life. On the most certainly lectured at trainer earlier this year. And reached out angry that I would be shocked that I'd be on the market cheered but I would remember your story and remember your compress it. And import cheap you know why. He ended or any other in the cool one let you know check yet one cargo at a time. And I am I'm excited and and really yet. Thank you thank you for the infection expiration through that kind of cramming your lie. It's hearing that it it it hacked me into it and actually in the practical thinking oh. You welcome an odd that you version and about Eden in the air. Out and thought it. And it. Now well now higher now now now not now not cocky about it. So anyways I just made the decision that I. On the anniversary of the triathlon at the end picture of that story is it literally. I mean four years later on many. Occasions that he Alan and I trying to decide what offered in one. I don't I can make any. Well well I appreciate your reminder and I mean I am right now in a transition that we're and in its your journey that we're going on it's been helpful for assume hasn't always moving forward. All the time mrs. favorite teacher right now in India bulky changing it is nice reminder already got him back on Aaron just terrible things back into that. Face an ass and now there's something you. It's yeah I did a very prominent C. It's really fun I spot downtown Allentown I thought about running on the other down as Rhode Island and I don't I. I girl I'm running in one near my house and that was it the same thing in Atlanta you in if her out a window. And. And jumpstart. It before one.