Jeff's Idea on Curbing Cell Phone Use

Wednesday, May 25th


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Just give me even Nobel Peace Prize which already. I've got another brilliant idea that's gonna change the world. It has to do. Smart phone addiction. Because there's not one person that I know who is not on some level addicted to their Smart. Well we just talked about yesterday we start giving them to our kids average ages ten. And then there's a phone a Smartphone and everyone urologist and. And there's something in there about guy yesterday about it. When the most stressful situations has been your batteries on you gotta charge her from the member of the stories I guess anxiety I sat. So here's the deal one of the biggest time cents on. I'm a Smartphone a social media right sure especially in the basement in a Grand Slam champ. Twitter. Everything else that wanted Friday and we have all those sort of room so the problem is you can get it. Doubt vortex of using social media and not realize how much time. His past CU needs some way to measure the amount of time that you were mindlessly. Reading tweets. We've you know hash tag like now at our to a movie title Saturday is an indexing you know it's forty years later tonight. Near to your to your goldfish is our Internet. Is there a way to do this when you're at work because I think a lot of people get trapped into a network and you're like oh my gosh thirty minutes just went by and I've been looking at kids on placement. The only thing that you need in order article that's not my friends can't time. I mean either Cubans so so limited audience they can't do this but that probably two legged people listening at ten hears it she. If you are on your Smartphone and you were doing anything. It would be considered recreational so if you're taking a picture of arcade descended grandma and grandpa doesn't count if your answer in the working now. Doesn't count but it you're mindlessly. Watching. People didn't hit their privates on. These were ideas right over and over here's Richard. Your attic edit. That's an up and do it you know I stand I stand on its okay that's the one that I lost so simple Cain. Stand on one like. And no matter where you are what you're doing if you're using social media. Stand on one because nothing will make you more aware of the amount of time you're spending. Then having to do it while standing on one. It. Because when you put your foot down nearly out crap and you put your foot down in yet. And you have to. Get to sit down. You have to you have to balance while you're also looking at people's puppies. That that it's awful. Seriously supplements. It's. Proved. They. He sent off at some point it makes you aware of how much time you're spending using social media I think it's okay. Oh. Yeah. We have tropics for each saw him on the phone I was paying attention I happen. So anytime you go to social media argued it is too. Yeah. Liar I totally well don't lie a 100%. OK if you're mindlessly being social media you're going to be on one client and one like that sick I DC just out about an Atlanta. And he's my innocent looking at his phone is due in the Flamengo and during the filming you know anything different standard there. So thank you changing the world I think to get younger your welcome to. It's a significant others in news. Boyfriends girlfriends husbands wives it's down that that bad vortex. You're welcome the ticket children who are starving and hungry because mommy can't feed them because it's too busy looking at. Puppy pictures you are welcome to the employers. Who lose millions of dollars a year in revenue because of snapped chat. You are welcome. World. You are welcome Jeff. She now.