Jeff's Hypothetical Question

Monday, April 16th

If you knew you were going to get into a horrible car accident, would you want to know the exact day? If could 'save' your dreams, would you? Even if they might be published on social media? These are the questions Jeff has this morning!

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NHL all star. For just hypothetical question is gonna get your brain a work in early this morning. Get a figure your answers to these puzzling questions. There really is no. Rate answered no. Wrong answers just it's I think now what would you. And ever butted into way to geared them juices juices phone is Jim dollar what is said. And tomorrow morning at this time. We've got the bridesmaids that believe lion. Because wedding season brings with it all kinds of frustrations they don't take it out on the wedding party ticket out on our voicemail. I like puzzle really close hasn't. One coming up on you person that you're gonna have to cut your hair because it looks terrible I. Hung around like Lou right over. Thanks. Seven and 95 the bride is the number put in your time for when you need at this wedding season. And we'll have more of the best messages at this time tomorrow morning on a jet engine joke but right now you your brain going right it's a Monday so. This somebody isn't band made it the dream machine okay this is a device. It allows you to record. An entire night's worth of dreams. Which can then watch backyard leisure. So at least head there's streams and golf my guy you're almost mad the U woke up. Break as the dream is so good. Or are. Ever do this you wake up and you remember the great train that almighty god that was so great I have friends and I. Querying a hot air balloon and we were eating nasty crash fires in it was good. In the past had childhood in the world is being served as I Butler named Andre. And now I'd ever lived until it gets to the greatest carnival you better Ben do. Then and staying and then like four hours later you're like. Think there's a donkey it. Had to. In those moments right when you wake up you have all the detail. And have you ever figured out something really complex in your dream there when you wake up elect I think I'm Smart enough to actually have that dream I was having. Yeah out exactly what sort of mystery I was solving my dream Helen are so realist like. I dream and did that have had an eye on him and it's also nice you could replayed so I would say yes sadness. Up and had done a damn there's a condition Jan I'm. Randomly. This dream machine has a flaw and randomly. It will take a minute or two. Of one of your dreams you have no control you know what minute it's going to be. And it posts it to your aims to Graham account and you have no power ever taken down. So everybody can see your most and our thoughts from your journey so be X the exchange. Is sure you get to replay your dreams. But. No C so no control. Portions of them we've posted publicly. The world to watch how often as opposed publicly they get when I wrote the question Heidi and I are about one out like 10%. Oh OK I want that is. I think I'd still do it I would definitely cells say yes because I was going to back Acxiom Ebert at the risk of everybody else seeing seeing parties are getting I would did tell. I share. Should record javy ain't no nope. I am a naked crime fighter in many. Yeah. Entry in my hand I go I like crime everybody loves me and then all of a sudden they go hey where your pants. It is a superhero called the little man. I don't remember a lot of my dreams so I thank subway where it weighty wrestling the webs from. Kind of like this Italian government. And who have. Yeah oh yeah I don't remember a lot of time and I think you'd be kind of interesting I think am I really regret it at some point plan I would definitely say yes it. I I and I think achilles' haven't ramadi dreamed. I know about as automatic. As much including an. Amazing night. I thought about this way too long. Because iced IUI wanted to know if if everybody gets this dream machine guns and everybody gets it. Then it kind of becomes just a thing that happens you are a name like you've got dream machine and and net. But if you if if only select people haven't then your gonna be like you're going to be watching your tabs he. What comes up just everybody had a dream machines and an Indiana Jones and what if you've got and what have you had a dream where if you're married and you had a dream about somebody else. Right what if Kelly geez you're free you're so quick answer. What have you are happily in a relationship with Captain Crunch and everything's gave you drink in a martian copying your heaviest really is. And you have a dream about this naked crime fighter that you work with him. I don't know I. I how would your answer China manage it's instead of just posting it publicly. If instead. It jazz posted privately. But it tagged everybody who appeared in the hello. Well up yeah. Exhibit appeared publicly may be some Tebow just missed it right. That he worse it appears here I think my answer would be no if that was the case a bit geared privately bad randomly tag your fourth grade boyfriend. Yank one hole I thought about that game forever and you think. Got a agent from Jed abbey now my answers now and I case. A question about Allen. What is it had a monster if your brain knew that that monster was like your ex wife or something and it tag your ex boyfriend like total that monster and you dream is is. You're exposed to any planes that. As. He has have is a really bad storm and is then grandma I just I am now. Dad's a hard no for me it's an attack people I. Around yeah. They're tag zags things get opry debut still now still no super. Okay turn and I. And Justin Jan shell all now. Well just burst had another hypothetical question for you get your brain donor early on Monday. This comes out quick and service in about you on that. Jimmy questioned whether and I answer is right I'm a psychic friend of yours knows there's going to be a horrific accident involving an automobile on a certain day. You will be in a terrible. Automobile related rack certain date has been written there is nothing you can do to change it. It cannot be avoided if you will not die. But will be horrific acts Lou. Do you wanna know what that day it is. Or do you wanna be police blissfully ignorant until it happens pretty surgeon dean. Conan will. You do want to know JP. Had no I don't wanna know Kelly geez no way no way. I'm my kids in the car litany. I don't know his and donate your psychic friends let's say no for the Oden though it then no I don't you don't want and I don't wanna. How are they going to know either so Geneen parred to his only free because you're the only when he does one and out of do you wanna spend most of that day outside of a car or inside of a car. Give all the safety features instead of a car it would be a typical car accident you're outside of a car and engine probably gonna get him back. All I want to hang. Understood the whole day at the Toffler skyscraper because I'll make an awesome news story that it's an automobile accident somehow a car has to get to that floor. I potentially all over the top of the skyscraper planned Anaconda. And I'm still in critical news story. Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jeff congestion. One stone not before one and. Jim you said this is such an easy I emailed us everybody in the show last night in Jack goes I do wanna talk about that it's such an easy answer from me I can't believe anybody would have a different answer. If I'm though if on the morning of your wedding. Kelly imagine this if on the morning of your wedding. To Captain Crunch candy grind nicer bear flag covered and actually. I'm happy I already. Serving some movies everybody's. A little things your family's there you're wearing matching linen dresses and flower crowned I'll. A little crunch in the then. Yeah my little bite size crunch a I gave on the morning of your wedding you trying to message that your partner wrote to an axe just a few days after you got in aid he didn't. Okay yeah and this letter that he wrote to his acts said look I just got engaged but I think. You and I might have a cosmic connection. UN I might be soul mates you wanna explore that before I go too far down this this wedding road. The messages written. But it was never sent. You find it on the morning of her wedding. Do you still get married no way. JPD don't get married. Yes but there's a conversation happens before hand. That helped the awkward at all. And producer Jamie do you still get married you know. No way I say no seriously. Their job I would just pretend it never saw his foot putt I made the answered all problems it is are. All right very consistent. And downtown there's probably somebody else. You would not get married no way. Ill experience in the mayor's department and it's tough to get out of someone's Syriana. No I'm gonna tell you thanks guys and I'm as this one more time because delisting and Eric are you listening at work in I know you're gonna wanna. I'm sorry significant other's feet and ask your seemed that we and other investment discuss with her coworkers is ready. If you the morning of your wedding found a letter that was written. I your significant other to an X obvious significant others saying I think you and I are soul mates and I went explore that. Before we go down this marriage avenue I go to on this marriage avenue with this other person. They wrote that never sent it. You. View. In view the women went on not get married and a way knowing would you. I would just think it's an emotional time. You Syriana's thinks now. And JP US Soviet Mary do how many times have you gone on to have pizza for lunch today and they don't know what Chinese know what should it go into. Now totally differently you're getting married this they are Wyeth like pizza that sentiment thing like when this is your life. Yeah and Arlen down with the food analogies to be with Allen was terrible. I had to eat that okay now I guess this'll just be. Or JP so you said yes I mean what if you win if she sends it. And then the person responded with audio mine there's no cosmic connection on my end and then she was like oh okay do you still get married. Now the only reason I got shut down is because. Other burn had to the shut it down. I'm good I mean if I have the conversation. And that's what happened what conversation do you love someone else right. I would rather like instead of like ran around someone's diagnosed and finding notes I'd rather have a conversation with the person. And then if that's what the cases I'd say no. I think they can hinder him in hand right. But what do you mind. Why would you pay as you said you suggests. Say it's an emotional time and he was so get married if letters never set if that was sent rejected by the acts would you then I would Coughlin attacked. In imply actress ever to have you really wanna have fun you really want a tortured here fellas ladies knew I am plot this press number two that is. When the two of them actually meet in think that maybe it went on and then mutually decided it wasn't a rule. Absolutely no of course you weigh in Mexico then got all that went OK and. Yeah no way my little different. But my. Well early the first sort of been ever since it which means that in their head for the rest of our lives second one you're right it could have been a super emotional time. And they were totally off b.s and then he knows for sure that there isn't a connection and it's not in their head for the rest of our mayors. So it's mode more likely that you would say. Yes give married to plot twist number two they met in explore the option and plot to December. Zero where he never even sent an. I think I group forgive that one easier. While we. Remiss in Florida at shouted down and then there's no question moving forward he knows for sure that it's it's not a thing and our marriage can be better I mean actually the way Daniel and explained Jack coming get her went Yahoo!. But then your second best bands like wire line to explore that even though I've proposed CU only during gauged. I still wanna know America ticks Florida's option and how she said yes I would have left Cuba Patricia didn't. And it's not just the first option if they both said yes and then they both realized there wasn't any chemistry but they said yes after he already got engaged you. The first option he never even reached out he never sent a letter is she sending option. Not only did they reach out they communicated they got together than they realize that and many comes back to you and your second best now the united second mezzanine U verse. Well I always think you got Riley. Did she swayed you or you change your vote now I'm back he owns. The mind of a woman it. I don't I thought I should never known to ask questions like that's still. On social debut line to ask your significant and now later that's out there there are now tonight that's not fair demand yeah. You know certain companies that. All loan reform share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.