Jeffs Honeymoon Massage

Friday, October 28th


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Your intake is a long and learn. Thousand lives and 11 this morning Scolari yeah I'm standing before we want to. I don't know sheriff you guys a story. An intelligence. I take advantage of while I was on my little mini honeymoon in the past few days. My wife and I decided Seagates. Massage it's perfect that's a nice romantic lack seen him. Great way to unwind from all the stress of the wedding the reason I'd hit it is we had to be out of our hotel room at like 1 o'clock. And our plane didn't leave until four or five and we are Key West of the airport as ten minutes from anyway. There and it's a tiny little airport that literally at Jesus or gates to the airport so. We. I'm. Didn't but with whom we didn't have rushed to the airport exit and there's nothing there so I said why don't we check at a hotel room. Coach to a please get a massage in injuries a shout their drafts and then from the year that's the big. So I'm all ready to. I would like to tell you if I could please my massage experience. I'm just a couple. Beside him bring it up yesterday. That goes a little bit. I'm okay. So I Kelly if you could please. I'm from in there hit this spot music and play that gently underneath you started this receipt of hand are hearing on this earth. And this is. Unanimous outreach and oh yeah they get a massage Kelly Julia again. So you know this is the music that plays in the background agreements. And implement. Ominously map beyond path. Noting. It's dimly lit usually too so the woman says. The the key element. Of massage therapist that. She says to me. We would have liked to offer you this massage outside and the peach. However. There's some construction going on and wind and but I'd like to bring the sounds of nature and Internet. Our suite. So during the you're spy if Iran treatment if I. Since you've tensing up or get to any spot tension I will play. The sounds of a whale. Okay. And she controls as I thought oh wow this is FAC whale right hand expect. And I was OK I find it highly doubt that aromatherapy you'd rub me with your rocks and eggs and whatever I don't. The gum aisle and that down with orca healing and so and now I need massage table of the lights in game in this music buying. She comes across there are. Like John honest to eat. About does not. Don't like my stomach and out and I have an effect Tucker it was just let's just enjoy it and I knew. I hung. But that's me trying to relax. Over this beautiful spot music. Men. I could tell that I. Media. Then her. Bob music playlist. Aides out. Bring this now on Marty there on music and it out now getting. Beef I'm. Notice she is I'm. Going. Through now. This is my spies. Silence and and. Well obviously. This causes me to tense up. On his house you. And I work. So I worked through it and I don't know what happened to her music but that's my music. And back a minute. You know like OK all is right in the world and then the spot music. Abruptly stopped. And this song came. Ominous. Are you getting tense because I did and that's when this happened. Once headed sword. In his sunglasses off. Pitches and allowed him yeah. Yeah. The end higher Aladdin song plane. Incident not that she found it relaxing. And this armies and her. And this by music faded out. How might our real. I mean I do love song. It sounds. Not a relaxing time. It's Tim McGraw from like two decades ago. Barbecue thing and it's great future. I'm OCD I'm not relaxing day as. I'm getting stretched. The whales. Demographics out. Tommy's engines and I am in my head now thinking. They did she think that this has saved some sort of episode of night. I'm going in my head I'm like that anybody from the jets intention I don't know. Where I was. Thank you okay obviously is there a message via. Though the spot music occasionally the whales. Music stops again mouth breathing. If it. Kid that looks like a wake snore. In an entire amount. And then. I swear in I swear every one of these sounds mr. and we started would this. Doing today. Then that's spy music fades out. This is the exact transition I earned. While she's digging in on the soles of my feet. Cali yeah. Experience for the boy he's written in this armament. So is here. So you can say any. Saying the whole time so. Well thanks to. Down. That is the mouth breathing. And it's. Were you hang it. At this point I'm trying not so laughter. And she things that I and speculation. And visions examiner thumbs and so tonight. It's always news. It's been playing me now my pops hey. Yeah. As me relaxant. I'm wondering is if it actually makes them. Plus there. Anyways that's died Saturday night minutes and a 140 dollars and I'll never. We should hotel besides those but that being nice and swanky and it's that its mouth breathing Bob whale calling yen its be Barney. I don't know which 1015 drowning. Lag in Dallas did. And it. Says I just thought I would share it with your mind you she need to relax. Apparently any when it is on one Latin. I'm. Now. You have an artist today look a piece I know noticed he's thought and pants look over you just enjoy the show starring eighty for a lot.