Jeff's Honeymoon Dilemma

Friday, September 9th


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He is gone and done. All over its yeah. Just Inge and Shia on selling people look at. I got something wedding related causing me anxiety. It's not the fact that I haven't gotten my grooms woman dressed yet and is it magnified and take in my team my fault the other athletes. You're totally fine. But did you see it as an appointment I thought dresses perfect fix it not about you having an ice on it I'm Kelly was counting on it did you write notes and pictures. There. And I listen to you I'm sending into your bride. So here's what's causing you anxiety I'd be hiding in a honeymoon for the after. After your hash tag two dollars. Then your head down on amendment books ready to go can't wait. And it's complete surprise idled. No I love it says so much that Cali just in a packed for the temperature yet it'll tell her what temperatures. That will teller a week before. The winning weekend easily. That's probably will be Thursday a packages and bridesmaids lunches and dinners and then whenever we have one week before I will tell her what the forecast to we've heard and she can just Deepak tomato when you gonna reveal where you go. Probably at the wedding date plan. Okay. And just second. I'm hooked global IR AI he would be com. For whatever reason in certain. Areas of my life. Less. More indecisive. OK so I've become more indices began last us. So I have had a harder time making decisions it's something that happens. Fairly recently. Why do you think that is I don't now. Ands and yeah I think I'm usually pretty good at making decisions that you it and it but I came second guessing. The honeymoon destination that I picked out. Even now in its. Is it because there are so many options like did you spend too much time online looking at all the different options then once you decide on media should depict all these other beautiful places to go or here's what I it because there's too much information available. I don't think that's it because I I think in my opinion I have the perfect option lake there's so many. Rate. There's a great option we are going. Like there's an every single laugh at him and give away. Clues could they really told not a soul but every single level. It's great. It's great and you have a great and were gonna have a great time. But then that there's doubts creeping in my mind maybe you know maybe shortly about that are maybe media should distance standard mediation. And it's driving me nuts that I have is that. Driving because seeing is that because you did not run it by your bass man that about by any friend got me lol I think it's. I mean how random value and you can be the only person in his ten mile stuff like that but. I think maybe it's because they. I just want and Wear it when it comes to like experiences and staff know wanted to be perfect. And you only get one chance to go on a honeymoon and I wanted to be perfect for. Her. And it's. Because I'm not telling her what if it doesn't meet her expectations on my. Way and man what if that's it when it doesn't meet your expectations. I don't think there's any way it could be disappointing she is so happy to marry you or she's so excited and the you guys are going to be married in an epic wedding to be so much fun with all your friends and then finally to be alone together somewhere magical. There's no way she's going to be disappointed there's no way it will be for it wouldn't matter where you are now truly. I really believe that it would not matter where you took Cali she would be. Head over heels about time because it's the two of you and you'll be mr. and mrs. dollar write it will be too. List and so she's not going to sects there's no way part. So unless you take her somewhere where it's knowing you didn't go anywhere or it's going to be snowing knows that's ridiculous. The only thing I do you have to check estimation there's a hole in the tent. So that's. That would be really really awkward. Attempts. And Helio. I think you in mad about is if she packed around I think she is there right close their shoes are. Whatever like. Just make sure your real clear on climate and activities. I made running by you OK okay so that it would make me mad is if I showed up and I didn't feel like I had in like. If you're going somewhere ANC and the only thing she has is like. Flip flops and a so wrong for the beach but you're taking urges overnight some restaurant on one of the nights or if you're going like. I don't know what's it probably is it like zip line through the jungle and she's only got. Iranian yeah that's only antimatter as if I was a properly packed. In my way items that line I'm not a vaguely similar this attention. All I like and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook search sawing people want it.