Jeff's Groomsman Weighs In on the Bachelor Party

Friday, July 8th


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Jen genre goes. I'd visiting as great now one of my very best frames. His name is Ed Rowland and if you recognize the name it's because he is the lead singer of collective soul. I heard them muttered to collect personal. They've been for a he's got a brand new band called sweet he project. That band is actually why he's here today. Because this arm Cali and I will Albanians to add our wedding. Was written by one of the guys in the band Ed role in the sweet he pride they're gonna performing live. In just a few minutes. Before we get to that. We need to debate my bachelor party. Ed obviously a part of that which I think that I should be able to as I of floated that by some of the fellow grooms and it is not been met with a lot of well little way as we ever got. Yours and haven't made your points points here this I'm guessing you're going to be part of the planning committee. For the match the censure. Like that they've gotten to a. Everything's really George George will be doing on I would kick. I pitchers a couple of arguments one thing is all the events leading 20. It's. All things. Everybody in the wedding party and incomes it's his first introduction. Like. Should you already know everybody. And you know as well and we don't want you there. I count at all there's all those things like have you bond and the wedding weekend is even more heavily ethnically fund because everybody's main memory do you. So that's one and two is I'm gonna do everything on the grooms side of the so I feel like I should be you can ask me to be in your wedding party in the excluded from your wedding party. It just dawned on me and with Ed here you can you can and can you go back this up. Jen do you think that a bachelor party is similar to a bachelorette party. Going to be like binding in hugging and crying and stories about well being and tenth grade together and then pillow fight. Out. Exactly how you describe which use and it's going to be really nice to have great state right off. And for that and it's going to be really good line up his body George George is in line who likes line more than me right. And my wife and she's gone on and arson. And it's traditional it is not in right part. What about oh here isn't that what we can do is we can have coffee. Now inhabit that and in the line yet that you go home. I applied for the guard yeah is going to be a long flight home from meg has been. The long way to go fertilize one state. You guys in just plot near Atlantic it's. Her return to the bullet. And I. Problem. This seemingly. I fingering her over here remind leaders that a little bit longer with actually ends on second thought I think. In the traditional bachelor party activities of light. Go out from Bart Barnett and girls painting. About whatever. I think having girls in the group would be good ringer when needed wing element situation. As saying the girls state. They wouldn't feel like it was all that she's bright. So you'll be like jump kinda just showed me bachelor parties I. Could be seen the informant because Kelly would not hesitate for two seconds to calm me and ask what happened at the bachelor party but she's not on it. Rightly callies and content. I think she's pretty comfortable. At this point it would you send errors yes. You said adding wreck like that she would call. It wouldn't say anything in appropriate I wouldn't answer the phone right now yeah. Announcer. A. Jab at the main reason I think. I said I'm reverend agreement and act now while you can you can protect I think I should grow. A bachelor. Party in Atlanta yes everybody. And what do you think we invite listeners that we throw it down here in Atlanta you think your oyster. But we have one right here meet guys girls all notice nailed it and it's definitely there's a plan to jab there's democracy right there work. I Jay and John we go so.