Jeff's Gift Card Drama

Tuesday, March 6th

Jeff was called a vile, selfish criminal. Is Jeff in the wrong or was it the other guy's mistake?

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Star in 94 best singled up and some thank you give it drew rom. Somebody called you hi all. A bio selfish criminal jewel a humor ice faith what is your. I. Adolph yeah it's. And I am get a count. And every one who can hear my voice rate at a tell me if I'm in the wrong work he has in the wrong. Okay that there's if there's one thing you know about me as I have no problem admitting what am I wrong. Yeah I'm very easy for you to jail Israel is part of my only child upbringing. Jerry are so easy to be married tails we pray for Kelly every day. Hash tag for if Catholic I prefer Jesse Kelly had should've been in my wedding at a printout onto napkins that your reception. I thought. Past I'd like Alley because they only child has agreed for Kelly so they tell it. I'll tell the story in pain you Colleen and if I'm wrong and just tell me I'll take it like a man and can't. I would is. The recipients. Of a thank you gift it was comprised of a stack of ten dollar gift cards. OK I says somebody amount in the stack matter. And entertainment. Ten dollar gift and I. Okay so the I'd gentleman who gave it to me worry is saying thank you for. Something I did for him he gave me an. I'd note. And an envelope and in the envelope released and ten dollar gift and I was liberal that is very nice okay. IE in turn it Tug they'll lose 1010 dollar gift cards. And I gave them to other people you re gifted them. I won't I didn't re gift them because at this point their mind so wagers gifted. Okay. We really eerie gifted and David they're gifted. And then re gift a gift and undermined. I gave damage I ate basically took his. 100 dollar thank you gift split it up and gave it out as five smaller thank you gifts of twenty dollars. So that all haven't. Fast forward a few days. Guy tells me it's the envelope he gave me was a mistake and he didn't means those gift cards were for somebody else. And his wife. Messed up and sent the wrong paying on the table and probably in a scheme that. And he didn't mean to give me that instead he gave me. Another. 45 dollar gift certificate to a completely different. And I say. Of the 25 dollar gives it it is meant review. The 1010 dollar gift certificates were meant for somebody else he just swap the envelopes. I said to ham alright guys I'm so sorry I've already given. Away. Are the gift cards are already gone he always finds we have like a laugh like I'm joking I explained that I'm serious. He responds with how to marry BI and I just gave them to Leo I've respond that I've given them to set our like I use them to give them to somebody else he responds with you didn't even use them yourself ice it down low. And it's starting to get we'd heard. I doubt this is a whole weird exchanged. And he's like why I need you to reimburse me for those and I said that doesn't even make any sense you're asking me to pay you back for a gift and I didn't even. What's well again now I'm starting be confused in my blood and he's like you. I did not mean to get this was yours. That was not that was excessive you shouldn't have accepted it and you certainly shouldn't have given awaited other people all. It's only been a few days I want them back so he's Manny you've earned not only accepting the wrong gifts but re gifting them. I guess so I responded with no I don't have to give these back would you gave them to me without. No conditions attached. And at that point he said I can't believe your being like this and I said like quiet and he said a vital selfish rim and. And then I left dead in the body was joking when he was 100% not joking. This is some serious drama. So. Any good looking normal. Guy. But he's not yet. I don't know him that well but he's not like that crazy man. He's not typically in a rational person you know well did you give them too can I ask that. I didn't have some people have that in my house. Okay so like as I and grit as early be yours yeah. Exactly they were working yeah as millions of mark on your house 100% and you were like oh thank you so much gas okay. And that's typically a service you would tip for. I think so. I don't know I always get confused when you have somebody come over on the work an area air conditioner like feature TV area install your its key cable yeah I don't know. Do you tip though. Guys I don't know. I don't know ice offer like now offer so. Jenna our great answers week smash. Like a moving company deathly tip movers right but I get confused in my opinion or comes overnight you write the pain or check for the pain related. But if you have a plethora of ten dollar gift cards. That's like a nice little extra thing they didn't cause me any thing then that's a no brainer. So is this guy is 4042630941. Is this guy. Right sheet MIE. Wrong them for giving away what I felt was mine. Or. And irate in this guy's a lunatic. And you want you to pay him back still. Still today he wanted him yes he wants me to think what he's the one you think about it. And I agreed to as I don't know why is he had just talked to them later today and I said I don't have anything that they about. He gave them to me I gave them one end of story. I think that your completely and I actually. How can I could possibly be in the wrong you think I'm you think I'm a vital selfish criminal. Well I wouldn't go that by the selfish part yeah. But I would hope the file well the panel he had this pins on the day but I wouldn't go. During a steel swords and. Yeah I'd I think you're Enron how can Powell. Powell. Czar not before want to. Should you be required to give back a gift that was mistakenly given to you especially if you already re gifted it. Guy gives me a stack of ten dollar gift cards. To a restaurant as a thank you for for helping him that was something I turn around and give those gift cards out. Do people who helped me out with some saying now he's mad at me because his original gift to me was an accident. And he actually had a smaller gift certificate from Maybin is way screwed up the envelopes I ended up with a gift cards he wants them back. I see he's ridiculous Dana and pioneers says he's ridiculous. Totally like New York. So all right eight and that he gave you what's happening at your light and how freaking out on and why have you done so. I hate schematic and they've made and getting Blackberry whatever and act out your credit they have the lake. Do you freak out there like a breaking we really. I did a while don't go anywhere because Jenn hobby claims in each insurance no I still think you're in Iraq and Jenn hobby claims that I am in the wrong. And that she has the right answer to this Gretchen and Atlanta before he talked to Jan what he has done. Is that right and it inappropriate for him do you think you in the first place you need to get eat at rock and. To say it was a mistake do it I'd buy it. I don't think and it allows him to go back in that my that. It ego and greed and not accept it would have been great Errol I think Gary. It's the equivalent yearly thing about this Jan before he argued hazing Gretchen backed me up if I took somebody. A plate of brownies okay night and then they ate all the brownies and that there are back to them instead. Are hey those brownies are actually for Kelly cheese onion back. Like pretty but what can you go John like it was the I wrapped right that was the original card with Jack name on it never gets tired and it could you do what do you order. Sidney thank you veterans Sydney and Logan held always respected. Around. Us. That's great analogy to sit in Sydney and London. Yeah I don't know are right. Argued in the why should yet you get it back and then let them say. It and you know it. Thank you I Jenn let's hear you I attempts. To argue the other side of this now when we during the break ends and you can apply this to bed so easily be yet stirring up trouble. It's you or your just during a lab because you're just about justice but obviously this person in the sky. Is friends enough ways to use the you've done something nice for him that he's given you a thank you gift for you know him and his wife. So if you're gonna improve reserved the relationship. Could be the ultimate goal if you want these people still in your life. Which I'm assuming is yes boys and that he's normal he's eminently he's a neighbor so yeah okay well that is even more reason to not worry about justice as much as you worry about the relationship and the long term effects of it. So my thing is you read gifted big gift cards to people you were giving it like an extra bonus. Gratuity to our next yeah I yeah as a tent right well if you're gonna tip them anyway why not use that money to just give it back to him. And then the whole thing boom goes away. I mean you're not super strapped for cash or anything you were gonna tip them. Out of your budget anyway probably because that's not the point. The point is the principle of it but you can't insist and giving a gift back. But I think if you want to. If you wanna make it right and not just stir up all this drama and trouble with a neighbor who you're gonna see again it's not like this person can disappear out of her life. Ingests. I think gift cards and and move on April and it ran a welcomed a nonsense radio and Jenna happy I'm fed. View our hello Ali great like he's back at Indian giver support in the jet but they let out there we regret that the it sounds but that isn't it didn't go at its peak your day I tried it out like it may yet where you keep it I didn't they have quarter. I expect. I don't think that you and I really like you are okay it great that there are. Ironically it was quite thick year I don't think. Eilat. Yeah but don't you think it just it was still have to live no nearer. Right are interact we had this wife and husband he called me a final selfish grammar elitists that deserve my guard me. We gonna be a little. Option every count as a critic and probably at tech also how quickly go away. Right guard situation at it'd be OK Margaret. Well thanks April back from behind it in April it's gonna be OK long reign as Jeff just gives it back to a change in what did you split the difference. Why should IE. Because I'm just saying and this guy is gonna be in your life this goes on the time he's a bully do you. Want to be the only child through out your life. In every single situation this or am I right. This is nothing to do it badly and only child. Kelly a ton of your voice to us. I don't want to ask me would have I don't wanna agree with you but Jan I'm sorry I got you know. It's true though like what Jenin saying you wanna preserve the relationship however. This person gave Jeff these gift card saying it was that they are mistake and it was there makes up and if he got locked away out of the house out of the property wherever was. And then a day or two later it doesn't have its five hours later just could've been on planes. Or wherever and I want to gift cards back. Don't you have to turn the other cheek but I imagine that's a lesson no violence turn the other cheek and now make you feel happier in your heart out turn I'll reserve the relationship rather than to be righty. I'll turn all sorts of she sizing region in my pocket. Maria and that Lawrence pillars that Marla I'm sorry in Lawrenceville welcome to Kelly's temple of wisdom. Well I'm sorry I believe here. Is why we. Here is deemed a. And the low pull a cart track yes and. I'm sorry they want me I want to question now why Larry Keating ID cards and a lot of my neighbor. Well this attention. They are just bend com. They are ten dollars each or might it judge somebody else's generosity. I mean I don't know you don't you think you what I did one get card would equivalent amount. How old you think it's what you think that her she's Smart welcome marvell you'd think the pastor at the church is looking into the gift basket on. Because somebody dropped in its money golf sure you meant to do that's. I know we dump you and I both done this before because you're our friend George. Gave us some gift cards as a thank you for Ted's Montana grill yeah they were very generous yes. Like several fifty dollar gift cards in their gas and both of us went back to georgians it was this on purpose did you mean to give this to. Now you asked me and I was like role that Jan and I told dry them but I never read yeah it was a steady give go to. It's give guards so as I'm sitting in my belly. Dawn Leslie gives me food bank donate usually meant to do that. Come on now I doesn't always the debate will rage on the ground based it's not even is that the ages of thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. OnStar not before one.