Jeff's Dumpster Emails

Tuesday, August 16th


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Star. I'm gonna share review. Pretty sort counties in the studio with me keep me company while G and steal with BAB reefs. I'm a mate share with you some emails that have gone back informed on him back for some emails that have come forth Jan or Kelly from. The present and the present the guy who is deemed himself. Police officer of the homeowners. You live in a place as nature away mom though I'm I'm still ranting here okay. That I under stand. Why I'm one of the few people like me who understand why homeowners associations. They're preventing you from spanning hundreds of thousands of dollars and a home. And having your next door neighbor paint their home paint and get a bunch of goats. Exceed create a homeowners' association. In the police things. But then sometimes things coach you like that they'll make a rule. That you can't leave your garbage can now. After nine. Picked up at seven game. Well. The reason for that rule is that that are rated. OK there's two ways to police that you can either. Attack the people. At 901 who's garbage cans are still out opens sticker on their door and new tablet human your garbage can however it's. Or you can just like that you know yeah and not having to deal. I deal with a guy. You know I like to go to Italy and yeah. Me immediately and as an average. Instead it has ams. You hate your bank trash. You the dumpsters. Which hurt and like little site next you. Community right. Said. There is a guy. Who has made himself. Supreme ruler. Of them. Either a younger people gonna pay review and I have compiled the emails that he has sent over the summer. About him stories net and he can and when they share these. And listening. To the progression of rage. From captain dumpster in his directly to you or no every this is a mass email and I mean and and hey man. Are here it is the morning they yell. Hope everyone had a fun weekend. Just wanted to throw out a quick friendly reminder that collapse all boxes before throwing them in the dumpster. It'll help from getting full team. Thank you. Not have them out about these now now we go password every one of these is just a couple weeks. Hello again. The first two weeks of the summer season are have packs. Still had a few issues with the dumpsters. Some people just need to be a little bit better about respecting all of the rules so we can still enjoy our shared them. Some of the items found there coal. An entire large box for a leisure activities wing back chair. Is a very large box from Wellington drop leaf table. And at least two completely inflated her daughter. And calling out and all you've calling out exactly what it technical. I don't know why you throw all perfectly good water rafts that they were in there inflate these tough out. That's sort of okay starting to be an issue here guys. From now on don't even put any boxes in there. None at all until after the dumpsters are empty and Tuesday. There are more on collapsed boxes in unbelievably. More fully inflated rafts. Why in the name of god are their rafts in there. Any signs it lately you know well Haley and the lucky. I would like to know why people are throwing as Elaine you know it explains itself a hole here at. Four days after that one. In all caps. What the hell every one. That boxes. Please stop window boxes. It is it is unfathomable. You wouldn't take a few minutes to collapse the baht collapsed the boxes for the betterment of the community. From now on household items a home no boxes at all. That also means no rafts. It is becoming clear to me it and someone is intentionally buying new routes at Wal-Mart. Inflating them and then throwing him into the dumpster just agitate me. Panel Hannity. My wife found a novelty pool swine in their last week. Carted out. Oh any matter of fact at home at the. You know. I hope everyone is happy. We now have to dumpster pick ups per week and an added expense to the entire community. Expect this to be passed along in your age are we fees next year. One of these who just beat it take care of the rafts inflatable animals. And one industrial sized weather balloon if somebody has the motivation but then. And another just for all the boxes meaning we don't have anywhere to put our real garbage. This is exactly how I wanna spend our money picking up your novelty practical joke garbage that is except all the space in these dumpsters. Hand in all caps. For the love of all that is holy collapse cheer boxes and the jokes are done. And that the last email the Ullman and I would need any mad about assigning these floats hello everyone. You may have noticed there's a padlock and the dumpster now and purchase that padlock in place that are on the dumpsters you'd like to throw something out please come see me. I can give you formed if a lot just kidding. But I would like to ask you to describe what piece of trash you wanna throw out. Is why you're discarding its size and weight maybe that would solve the problem that'll approve the trash you wanted to scarred in umi thrown out. Just kidding. But there is a padlock on the dumpster these MC me before you throw away no way. 44 hours. Is are brought to my attention at the locking of the dumpster could be illegal I have on lockdown after ivory move the chains they're free again now free to use. Free free to use as you wish which I assume is inappropriately. I've turned over the Dempster and disposal management duties to some and house now thank you for your time they will be and. Wow so have they been in touch have you gotten any more dumped her email. Now. I can even imagine how I found and so on all inflatable floater in the early acclimate them. Placing them one by one in everybody's yard this guy legitimately if he wasn't 65 years old I would explain to my trolling the this guy fully natural yeah hi our own neighborhood that somebody blew up this wanna put it down there. Think it's awesome it's all of them. And yeah. It's still aren't ready for a one.