Jeff's Dream

Tuesday, May 10th


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One. The jet engine shop. Jana I had a dream last night and you about had a dream last night and I want to. I did view my dream told me a phase one of those streams where it felt so real you sort of have to take a second and shake it off go all cash. Felt like I was really happening or isn't one of those dreams we want the facts and keep them. Mickey can now it was a dream of some thing like I beat you realize something and and it was just. Do this on the radio but it was in that state where I was falling asleep. Right and it was just say that. I visualize something and I heard the words do this on the radio tomorrow. That's what I heard that. Something like that. So foggy strange pattern out it was probably a goat playing basketball who floated in on a cloud of cotton candy. Next who unicorn and whispered to me but it all made perfect sense right here's the deal so this morning. I woke up and remember it took a shower didn't remember it you think it hit me in the shower now that's cool I'm not drove to work. And I wasn't then and I am sometimes you welcome some time. It popped into my head. At and I had this stream and it before and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it says the only thing I can believe is that I was. So posted US OK he's what I visualized. Is a FaceBook post that actually made twice so far. I mean once at the end of April last year. And that popped up on somebody's feet in the senate Toomey and that he thinks proposed in this so re posted it one year later today that. Until last thing is has fallen asleep that he's opposed popped in my line and in the words do this on the radio. OK and just gonna read FaceBook well I hope you would because the only thing that has popped into my mind is you addition our claims and it honing their parents that it please claims that okay all right so. This. Might this this could be a waste of radio so apologies won't be the first time won't be last and definitely at the first time but this just. I just Yoakam OK and not self. Not sure. Who needs to know this rate now but. Hang in there it gets better. I know it seems overwhelming. And unbearably. Lonely but it won't be that way for ever. Believe it or not what you're going through now is making you a stronger better person. You'll be passed it all soon and the lessons you are learning will help you and help others in the future. Today. Is not for ever. I know what you're feeling you are not alone just stay strong and be patient. You've got this. I promise you got this. Let me just right. I don't remember. You were you coaching yourself on the us don't remember. It's one year but that happens to me every now and yet you would freak saying it but every now and again like I just get distracted by this dot. To post something on social media that. In my head is directed to one person and I had no idea it is. So weird that street TDs and for whatever reason. That happens. It's really can't. Really get somebody needed that's. Deals are atheists should say Jessie.