Jeff's Drama

Thursday, April 27th

Is he just being paranoid?


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Okay Terna Nande. The Japanese yen shell ol' ball listen to this round. Girl drama that I think I'm involved in an idea Natalie Dylan fans guessing he started I didn't start it's how things are you sure. And that's a good idea that things let me explain to you. Way his happened. In my situation. What had happened was right OK it's so. Last week. Cali my wife. Casually mentions. That a mutual friend of ours she's she says this is where I think I'm being that girl even more so than Cali right Cali says god am I gonna give argue mere two girls team. Susan Susan Edmund OK so Kelly says about this woman Susan who's a mutual friend of ours oppose a friend. That Cali really Demi but we're all friends I'm friends with her boyfriend and everything so we're all. Friends say is that I hope I didn't do something to upset Suzanne. Because. She's been pretty low low key lately. And she points out that. And gee I go to be sent some tour about it is a disaster of major in school. And she says yeah I've just been really busy but but social media indicates otherwise maybe she's you know. She's busy but she's still living her life so Kelly just casually mention me guy over I didn't. You sound upset. To offend her upset Herm chart not wanna beef as it happens which is a thought that anyone of us would have that's not a girl problems right that. I would do you Alex there's somebody Ryan Hall who Armisen fellow was avoiding me or something diabetic eye opener and who's on the upset that guy. Whatever. Now it's in my head. And so. Suzanne his not responded to the last three or four attacks that I have sent both individual texts per. War. Let a group text that included her wave. Has not responded I. So maybe Kelly didn't offend her a huge. But wary units so if I offended that means and the counties felt the distance to. So I did something or maybe she just this distant with Cali because of Yale right. That's the girl problem now what do we do move. And you haven't passed season if anything's wrong I can accurately because I met a girl. All the right thing to do would be to just go straight to Susan and say hey that ain't doing things by the gross things to do it be to get all of your mutual friends and guys paid it's a. And what it's done right you know we. You know there's this segment on the jets intention that can help you called ghost hunt. Oh. The only good and just kind of spears and Florida a year ago. And actually got a contact information yet just I'm not a woman but I do know that its US season if everything's fine and she's yeah everything's fine everything's not fine let LA she uses the word fine. And I know. Are you it's like. Does light into why it was a road worries though how would I simply don't know about putting an Kilmeny. Remember John understand I can ask her right. Wanna pitcher gonna ask her sit her face or even on a phone call you're gonna just Texan so he's a problem oh jeez you name I kid who's IMO bold way and she's a girl. It's so complicated being a girl you guys. Maybe he's just real learning he should treat it like a ghost hunting that may not actually do it goes on into the night hey it's jets and then things now like. Jeff and and show that. You know like play now like you're doing again signing in your head and maybe it would be easy. But maybe have you visited is it possible that I'm just reading too much into that how long has she been ignoring you guys. I'd I don't know I don't know with. But that does is questioning your body movement and but every Lesnar on listening would be able to hope that. That was just me being processing. Did you ask her like she. Are you up late. I normally could you do on behalf of Cali Nellie did you do something wrong will like hey telling us is you would you wanna like lovers some thing. I think that's and then when he's well I got up maybe I don't yeah I guess it's still an army and out of this that's so weird though like. How it's you can't now. Right. I think you show it I think you guys ask them to do something this weekend and see if you even get a reply. Or if you get a reply really fast that this our we're too busy. And something that is it possible. That I'm just reading too much into play is upon us and a. Now I did this I did days beef. You've got out in thinks Jeff so do you think you something's wrong on the probably is yeah act has Cali thinks something's up anything something's up and he said through air force text messages about a response violent it was just a lot it was one text message putt I'll. Well then maybe she just have a life but now speak but I also like you commented on her answer Graham in the her for her posts and stuff. A guy that's funny in like senator messages Alia. Yeah. That's a teenager. Who is hurting me. I think so at all and he should ask. If this goes something a bigger resound for one more week and may consider a ghost hunting and may make you call I'll do it and you can color up and be like I would love tale. I think they'll be a lot of fun. It's if Alan nothing's wrong I'll just blame your ultimate social paranoia. If you have social turn I am and I walk into a room and like look around and the people who are looking back to me I'm doing is going to be awful nobody can deduct all right. Do in the corner I'm just gonna pretend like I'm really his image on right now. Star in 941.