Jeff's Corporate Email Response

Friday, August 5th


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Loving mind and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook. Search star in 941 Atlanta sell. Our bonds. Known me. I cannot laughing and hide it don't let it. A the rest of the show today. We're in Allentown the phone down. I'm hundred. So Tony is Arab bias here it very and he sends the victorious. Emails that are filled with corporate speak you set one so bad. Last week that I had to raid backed him and say is this the real email or you'd joking I think it was four lines long in the four lines used by different. Phrase circle back. In the loop and drilled down and elect and Lou love yet. Over the past couple days ya all everybody knew this and vote. And saying and lots of suggestions to create. An email response back and we have put these suggestions into an order that somewhat makes cents. So. Why don't you can you grab that bell JP. And because there's so many of them in this email so Jen will you keep track of the number of battles that JP rings OK and JP you doing it as. We. And read through email and this do you think he's gonna child on us it's impossible once we write this to him do you think the response actually be even impossible. You won't be able to be witty here you won't be able to beat it. Email back as the corporate speak and we're gonna you know what actually we will put this whole thing up on line because will let people hate. Music is you can just plug in a couple of means a couple of things here and there copy and paste it in and you incentive active pitcher than people in your office and you'd drown you in. Steve in. Emails that are now. What it ended up being. You promote. It a. Email back Tony. You're ready JP and I are ready Davies got the belt. Did he are stretched stretch your bell ringing finger. Area. Tony. Just wanted to buzz the tower. About our back and forth earlier this week cricket and then to the agenda. But I wanted to put on your radar. Before we circled back. Had a quick how loud Fowler he's Ollie and that god puts the wild and Powell. We're visualizing. The close of this quarter and I think we're all on the same page. Some small concerns about the lack of synergy. But nothing we are willing to wrap our heads around and tighten up. A lot of the loop back around is something that came up last meeting our idea board seems to be getting filled with a opinion instead of ideas. And I don't want that to negatively impact. The chemistry of the team at the end of the day it's so why should. But I just don't wanna burn everywhere now spending our time trying to cram circle bags and a square hole. Are we on the same page. You need to peel the onion. Let's got to Lamy air and stay there we're reaching a point where the truck is supporting the branches. But we need to make sure people know if their truck or if there branches. Both crucial parts of our operation but the difference. I needed to give my two sand when we are spit balling at the collaboration. In all honesty I was off line trying to turn the tanker around. I know it's a sinking ship I needed to try. My thoughts. Without hard dad I'm. We're basically just reading tea leaf were hoping the sky clears forest. Until we get Baghdad let's just put this in the parking lot and revisit it when we're Albright right. Can you take the lead on. Putting a pin and it. Let's just take that next Wednesday's think tank off site. New environment can sometimes. Get the juices flow and let's talk with the team. About expectations. As we go forward. But this won't work and as we all dream day what game and execute a master plan. At the end of the day it's all about deliverables. I know this is kind of the elephant in the room for good Jan is morally burning the candle at both men said. She is a team player but nominees a reminder that aren't Arnold recharge those batteries. And showed command the next weeks brainstorming. Ready to go home. That a close the loop on this. Go and I'll answer the nods. We need to make a robust. Plan emphasizing audio visual static in motion. You know I'm a straight shooter. And I like to cut the BS and just keep moving forward. Efficiency. Is the name of the game and I they were almost that Pete reforming. Remember this is a game of inches. And we have the ball. Let's just keep playing our fans. We don't have to focus on defense. The goal line is inside. Does that to keep getting first downs putting those points on the war. This is a marathon team out of spring. More you learn is Jeff. Now if I can't. Say I've. Looked like index finger and. I don't know what you play James bay next 75. But we are IE. I don't yeah I own a couple. I was running out of space might hit our. There will put this on line so you have these people. Nine elderly and your office. You have these people bay in taking advantage of this. Year. And injustice in shells. Suns are now before one.