Jeff's Christmas Confession

Monday, December 18th

Jeff's been holding onto a Christmas secret for two decades, and Jenn and Kelly are NOT letting him get away with it. 


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shelf full net. General need an agent bashing this and weighing on my hard for two years related to Christmas. Two years of the 22 decades twenty years. What year this is all the way back when I was working and the radio and Tucson Arizona. Was this one in your very first radio jocks in ways yeah it was. Yeah it was one of the first this in my first. I don't know this fellow and my first real job. Okay so like I can I have your ring he gave ray a bunch of part time ridge and they had an array you'd agree adapt. They had hired to go to to Boston for a year and a half and that is a good yeah that was. Fine right it was a good job or whatever. But the good my first where I was making enough money to really live on my own. You can pay the rent paid as I am a candidate all that staff that was still wrote which is an important part of this or. Send. Broke you're working in Tucson Arizona and you have not told anybody this story for one year note. Okay. Suggest to really chair or who'll get. The down. OK so the radio station that I was working at and I'd tease I'm just this and many radius usually just like us are ready for one here in Atlanta. Very very. Community minded. Right very very. In touch with the needs of the city that it served okay you Sam and Seth. In the lobby of the radio station at this time of the year where a couple of different but boxes there. I toys and Toys for Tots tied for the drivers and when bonds and I think another box was. Food you know what they say into that homeless shelters or whatever. And guys that toy box and it's a Dachshund and a lot. And so do you remember that part of the series began when I said that I was making money but I was still kind of growth. I don't broke her broke out so I was the first person in the building every ten K. So a lot of times what we do is look in their food box now. Just to see what had been dropped off low. And then I would aid. Just pick parenthood you know my dinner now are you serious. Why did you pull out of there whatever. They. Rom and plenty more bees to. Minute rice whatever. That was your dinner yet is I think it was rated thing where if you brought a toy or you brought a bag of food. You get like concerts and you know attack with a gets how they show or something so people it was constantly being filled out. And sound just look through an analogy tees and his things his TJ thanks. We won't be for dinner that night and then the other would go on in my I cabinet. And then you bring one Mac a solid informed and an air make it look like you're down meaning treasured terrible person and. I didn't have to mile an understanding does happen at 4 in the morning icing on the don't. There before security cameras in my back in the day so. Did anybody ever known did you did now. Uses EC dole canned goods. I can't even drive. In my coworker modes or didn't now. And now we didn't know because one day he walked in. While I had food in my hand over the oxen as. Soon as Osama that are walking and I tossed the food in the box and and walked through the security door with them. And then I'm so he thought you were putting the food into the donation yet is when we are talking about it and the Aaron how how the food bank and met its goal. Motors and even if ingested it doesn't make a lot of money at all. On and two things important in the. Yelled in May pure gold. On home. So he was on the air bragging about how you're making food donations into the box that you had actually been stealing from you that is broke. All time yes employer Indian side pockets and certainly not even saying anything I don't feel the record for the record that night I probably went hungry against Iran and. No he's still don't know. And protects your right now. They would pay isn't right now is the one who used to tell mode GO. And he was taken prisoner in Iraq it doesn't have to committed to have made difference now. Difference now. You feel badly about Obama no I feel better and additives that. You shouldn't just confessing it doesn't make it right you've got to make Iraq eight times do I'm times staff. People. What explosion goes on the air every single year. And tells the story of his broke broke producer Jeff dollar who. Dave from his heart in yeah food bank donation that's what if it's his go to story. Well guess what you gotta correct that's all right how many people divine inspired when he broke people and I inspired. To steal no data and ice all they had a game. But you didn't and manner. If this is it true Christmas confessions nothing you have to make it right now go to Costco and I. They only can you all call. I can tell him they get right that's right and how to make you cry when you go to confession Jane you don't give your compassion and they get harassed by the three cents. So I need GS apple. Does give you like Hal hail Mary's and set to do I'm not Catholic and I know what you get. Told to do but he does give these things that you do have to do. So just I mean somehow marry some of them now 4042630941. Is our number if you'd like to dole out that what type a hail marys Jeff past due hurt that I just was confessing heads. They throw back. Let you failed and let's let's get you some forgiveness and make you feel where it was forty years ago. There have been his own people since then I think the first thing we can do making comments first term. Okay NHL all star. If you weren't just seven minutes of just content show this morning Jess just made it Christmas confession that he's been holding onto for twenty years when he was broke broke and is very first radio job. Out there in Tucson Arizona. Org with a guy named mode Joseph he was taken food out of the food donation box. One dates. It's boss walks in as he's got including his hand and so he puts it in the box. And moto proceeds go on the air brag about even the broken some broke people give to the food bank including. His producer at the time just now. So we think it just needs to make it right. Confess it's motel what else is he need to do to make it right 404263209. Floral Lionel we are taking you're sick it's twenty years they have as I mean I am donations and stuff. Since then and those 200 people things review. A lot of them with all you have to make this one writes. Amber in Stockbridge welcome to the show. At all. I'm. I bet you're really eat and you're very clean and now you're donating but I you know a couple of other people who. Obviously. I I was just saving the administrative costs. I'm that it would involved in the transport costs of getting you the food bank plan and I'm going to hold. IE and human. Error Hamburg I really condone what he did. O Robert. The amber is praising him for donating any didn't think I was taken bit and you guys Sudanese or they're backing and. Thank you manner I love you both are crying I Katie welcomed this Dow. Hey good morning Jeff I'm on your I thank the way I hallows happen. You're just not yet they need it or not you're at Ford I only need it in the you're right it is going to be short. Are you yeah. Okay here's shelves today and taken to the Atlanta. Community food bank I've done the I didn't stop AZ SP dot org and try to get credit card outlets are. There isn't saying it's like. I don't think it just I just feel bad that now he won't put in my ear that would huge though. Revenues in me as an example for decades. Laugh every single year egos on the hand so this wonderful story about his or produce sir. Who's scraped together to donate to food bank but what if that inspired other people that donate to. I many for shin. Across country your machine could use also hungry people I'm not a thieves like that much the lame this guy took a junior. His name that was not her whatever. I yeah. That's what I'd like gamma of revolutionary. Term. Gnawing noticing that it hurts people Lisa is gonna set you straight. Bailey says. Lisa did to sit here wishing she could crawl through the radio again get I'm so sorry. You are hungry and they're on you. Taking it that you aren't in I. All calls Sachs. Wasn't hungry. I'm glad his eyes to see yeah yeah he would agree to not eat it to include. Joking it was a series to she is trying dine out this you better confessed certain. There are complicit I was. We can see a little space when he's on the story thank you Lisa. I. How excited and it does ha. Email woman cry because video I had made her cry you year a salt and that hungry people thought we were judging you for being in Hungary. We really that hungry are. And William in ways great and at and over here. Gene and Lawrenceville. He Wear. Green live the lady current thinking it pay it forward and. By an inalienable could make the portrait just a couple of months ago or your didn't carry you apart come about argument handicaps are you eight or ten years ago. There you know I hope I think you Gina thank you on contracts concert because of the higher. And how we're gonna do everything you're gonna make that rain it's. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.