Jeff's Christmas Cards

Tuesday, November 21st

Jeff's an only child, and he has NO idea what he's about to get into...

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell all now tonight I am an only child looks good so I know. Already venom we its. Thank you just comes with the territory clumsily this area. I need your help though. In not being awkward when I'm traveling we is my wife's family this Thanksgiving. Tanked because everybody in this room has siblings. I've been fast. Do something. Or Thanksgiving that I have never been asked to do before. And it's in my head and we earning me. This involves interacting with other people kind of. Okay. While we're in it New Mexico now. Myself and my wife Kelly her sister Kristen. And her lovely parents. Reagan and we posing. I'll flurry family Christmas cards. Matching outfit and he'll white light serves on the beach matching outfits. Okay. Please tell me it's my Hanson denim shirts and I'm just instantly get a maps and telling his can point to New Mexico Ari I have in the beads. IA air in New Mexico. Yeah wow. Well does not earn. He was your matching outfit require what's the harm own dying and hanging out at. Derek jeans and his legends are and shirt. When a caller yeah I am not an experiment about a tray when I think we're all doings if other solid Sinatra telling and I have to. You in Cali have to match don't you know you're supposed to match you're married you're supposed to match. As glorious day of my life. So that's about it this Mexican abounded not matching prisons to jam us but that's coming now beaten ray this is the Thanksgiving. You know the Christmas jam is coming next they're like testing the waters with Jeff on the matching up that they have all of our address is a Leone's Christmas cards yes. I was thinking you're then I'll make sure it. Selling out. I've never became a part of this before earth like this family portrait paying. Yeah I think grow up and a family portrait family. They. Again I don't know what to do yeah I don't know how to stand. Certificate smile. Is anybody have a cash you can hold in the half. Or like a tiny little Twilley teacup dog. I would be so lost some edited of prom plans. That is them says waiting a while as a stand behind her like you're spinning they thinning hair arms around her. She just like tosses her head back smiling together how to open a little guys may change yet at an assistant. You guys are making and shows like this is ironic it's not it's legit you are going to be the failing in the picture frame. You know when you go to did you it is hard hitters yeah I can't in all the picture frames and there's the still you know the photography the tardy America that's going to be you guys. So excited. I am delight shave really get for an have good hair day hey Sam. See I totally get it and about ten years ago. I didn't I didn't I hit a goal and we are given it every year I. Expect capital where they are. There adult now and like mom really yep because you have to overcome that you've got bit. A single kid can do it. Sam was it about though we ran the your kids scrubbing get married are you gonna recruit the other people there in that sense the spouses are. Oh yeah. Christmas cards are every year it didn't join me and Arnie started it. Yes I'm so excited. Did ya my Christmas. Art to that station that your target player. Please DO NN and easy DL. And I'm will make sure it's a shared Jeff's new family's Christmas card on our FaceBook page to make it hatter. I. Guess he's got it you got this this room is not the nest of comfort I expected it to be this week you guys now. You know you're not allowed to hold your phone while everybody's posing for the picture. You know that ranks. In knowledge have your nose in and Twitter. Kim is there anyone now feeling how can someone cough on me. I think Jeff honestly gallery and do this mean like alone all that talk orange hair on more like task opera this is so amazing. Is. My favorite thing that's happened this holiday yeah. I have now. Cannot wait desert and terrible and means. Kelly's already picked out as an outburst earned that she's packed his clothes and her suitcase and he doesn't know it yet. Her magic mountain down I do pretty soon you're gonna have a monogram stocking can hear you. I. Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jeff congestion. One star not before one and it.