Jeff's On the Case

Wednesday, June 14th

Did somebody torch our van? Jeff made a list of his top ten suspects.


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Who did not hear us discuss a cemetery yesterday we'll get a chance to speed by. If two. Vehicles promotional vehicles here at the radio station. One of them has a picture of Jen and I on it that was referred to by everybody in the building had as big good looking down. One of them does not have a picture of Jen and I out of everybody in the building for stood as the other brand. They're good looking man. Was torched. That day before or lack. Yeah. Can't let up in full plane that Monday night in our parking lots here's an article that Rodney ho outposts and I'm AJ CNET com about the inferno. He says as stunning pole and promotions and wind up in flames in the parking lot of the rainy season signings the front of the band now basically a hunk of grade tinged. Melted metal he's not hitting it got to see the pictures this you have not seen it. I mean it. It looks like it would be a van in the Middle East in the middle of a war torn country it's always. Mean it's it's really scary. Rodney continues in his AJC dot com articles someone really hates me in general just dollar morning cohost for the pop station on his since Rampage after snapping photos of the now useless ban. And heads up grammar police I know that acid gonna say to Jan and made it shut out. Why the fire started is not clear to the fire department said it might have been electrical and really is the engine said Mike Keller general manager for start. The band hadn't been driven all day to maintain it and in fact. Even 27. Hours. Since anybody at the station had used it. That alone makes him since patients might be. Palestinian radio business for more than thirty years and he's never. Seen anything like this happen. I've been doing some investigating. What we now hear that facts okay. The case okay are dangers certainly comment I have to now being driven for 278. And and what does that mean Sherlock dollar. A guy that's number it's clear number one we never took the other morning I came in and said there was somebody knows and around our parking lot. Remember Tim could number three we have a huge event this weekend jet engines brunch all night. An event that is surely to be a success. Unless there is sabotage. Who. This is coming on the heels of the biggest wolf's got that we have ever had forty almost 50000. Seen. People came to won't stop. If you were another media professional. In this market when you be intimidated by ask I gained. 50000. Or one event come. I'd be just intimidated by the size of your head and what they held. I'm lying if I am trying to help. I mean you're so Smart it's your brain that I'm talking about. I mean figuratively. I've I've got other clues are not gonna go into mathematically. But I had created a list here. Ten people who might be trying to seek. Mafia style revenge movie isn't good day for some reason they give us the lineup. Thank. Ten possible suspects in the torching. Of these stunning 41 fan. That's our faces and content. Number one yes these are no particular these are just the notes today and yesterday. Mental note and I will detect a note that. I'm number one Kim Jong-un. Lou everybody knows he needs at times. He hates anything fun except for Dennis Rodman I number two then Melissa Carter. He's just seen just how little sister she's just she's bored. Took her off the air keep an eye on the payroll over there should what I envision what that would with their new. I don't think she likes fire and she's definitely not violence now. Crash cart from eleven lives. His name is crash it's in looking for any excuse to use the phrase. Carbon Q. That actually is the highlight so far and this is a big cliff Luke tad morning shows him being an eight point five. Apparently he's pitching a reality TV show called tad being bad. Hence the hot iPhone is Chad being sad that he was being sandy would just been sitting in a cemetery. I knew how to I'll wait it was a tad being mad now he'd be breaking things. Had been rad but there's no sir no sir stuff right here in Georgia would you consider family and accidents name. Jason in Southside route 100 point five even though I think he considers outside a friend. He is just plan but do you Bailey to you but they're doozy just like to brown things. It and I did as kids. And things you know what they wouldn't do it themselves they'd send Randy. I called the Georgia Department of Transportation. I asked them if they might be involved they'd say no but left this comment. Photo. The big guy. And okay rich I was like what else and Jen are old BFF per lace from the Berkshire out. He has banned and he never got his face and a band we got one on the day we started. I can let that happen. Then envy. It's a vanity they. Clark Howard's teaching as a valuable lesson about insurance deductibles well. That's true but I don't know that he go to this kind of extremes. He wouldn't want to pay the price of the vandalism ticket. Number nine I'm analyst at ten suspects Jew via more in just a farmer who. It's a slow news day. Plus. I'm glad there are enough excitement 2017 are ready to wind up. OK. I don't. Yeah did you ever important. Yeah it did but I. That she's gonna kill us. Yeah yeah. I'm an employee suspect. Kevin Taylor from one of foreseen in the fish. Can be a nobody wants this and that's a good president went on the list I agree. And I called them and I think they did not tonight but they said if they didn't do it. They have already been for you now. So are in 941. I I miss the such an obvious one and some meat is treated to Kelly yes and the only thing arguments that the most obvious on I just went analyst of the top ten suspects of people who may have said are stationed van on fire yeah the Jensen gen mobile ads Kansas stationed fans got our faces on it. Somebody who stood the other night. And the investigation is underway in an attempt to help out the police officers I created a list of ten suspects apparently. Some went out. Brandon net spread that's that's next Andy wanted a story kickoff that yeah now we need to send it to me today yeah. How to between the weather. Was claiming that they remember wasn't that it was sun shiny. Pouring down and it was so strange so what a perfect day for bizarre weather for something so crazy to happen and has had its friendliness that is. I am not only is that Nance and that is a stretch. Yeah she jumped. I will keep you have today it is more suspects come to light that Brad. This film definitely catch and I and I got no chipped him. Again yeah I love theme music she got mixed up. All learn and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.